How to Get A Japanese Tourist Visa in 24 Hours

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We get a lot (a lot!!!) of comments on our Japan visa posts, especially from prospective Philippine travelers who can’t seem to get their heads wrapped around the concept that it is possible to get a visa in three to four business days.

How to Get A Japanese Tourist Visa in 24 Hours

However, this was many moons ago, and things have progressed since. Get this: we managed to secure a tourist visa to Japan in just 24 hours. Sounds unbelievable? Certainly not!

Step One: Prepare your documents.

Having successfully applied for Japanese tourist visas previously, we had a good handle on the basic documents needed: passport, signed application form, ID pictures sized to Japan visa specifications, BIR Form 2316 photocopy, and original Certificates of Deposit from the bank. You can download all the necessary templates from the Embassy of Japan in the Philippines website.

Step Two: Submit your documents to the travel agent.

Purely for investigative purposes, we skipped our old reliable agencies Universal Holidays, Raja Tours, and Reli Tours (my employer’s agent of choice), and went with as yet untried Attic Tours — located at Unit 203 COKO Building, 2550 Roxas Boulevard, Pasay City (right next to the Embassy of Japan!). It turned out to be a fantastic decision, as you will see later. After accepting the documents, they charged us a PhP 1680 processing fee and sent us on our way.

Step Three: The travel agent submits your documents to the Embassy.

We submitted the documents on a Saturday morning, so the agency advised us that they will be forwarded to the Embassy of Japan in the Philippines first thing Monday morning — which implies that had we decided to submit the application early Monday morning, Attic Tours would’ve submitted it to the Japanese Embassy for evaluation that same day. How’s that for speed?

Step Four: The Embassy evaluates your application.

Upon receipt from Attic Tours, the Embassy of Japan does its usual voodoo and decides whether your visa application is accepted or declined based on the quality of the documents supplied. THERE IS NO 100% GUARANTEE THAT YOUR VISA WILL BE GRANTED EVEN IF YOU FOLLOW OUR GUIDES AND HOW-TOS. The Embassy always has the last say, and they will never divulge the reasons for accepting or declining your application.

Step Five: Your travel agent contacts you with your application results.

We received a text message on Tuesday afternoon saying that the passport was ready for pick-up. Passport pick-ups are scheduled on weekdays from 3PM to 6PM and Saturdays from 1PM to 3PM so if your schedule is clear you can claim your passport on the same day the text message arrived! Attic Tours did not say outright if the application was accepted or denied, as per company policy.

Lo and behold — Japan visa get! It took less than 24 hours from submission by the travel agent to the Japanese Embassy to get the application approved, and a little over 24 hours from the minute we handed over the documents to the minute we claimed the passport with the visa attached if you didn’t include Sunday hols in the count. It’s not impossible people, as long as you do it right!

Please note that this is a summary of our experience in applying for a Japanese visa. Mileage may vary with each individual. For more tips, you can also read How to Get A Japanese Tourist Visa in 24 Hours, How to Get a Japan Visa in Three Days, Getting a Japan Tourist Visa: An FAQ for Filipinos, and Tips on Obtaining a Japan Tourist Visa.

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134 Responses to How to Get A Japanese Tourist Visa in 24 Hours

  1. Kat says:

    “…the Embassy of Japan does its usual voodoo and decides whether your visa application is accepted or declined based on the quality of the documents supplied…” —> Visions of monks or priestesses offering passports & documents to a deity and praying for guidance on whether or not they should be given a visa. Hehe.

    Thanks for the update!

  2. Pao says:

    Is it possible for me to get a visa even thought I’m planning on going alone and I’m still just a college student. I do have a bank account with a sizeable amount (good enough for a 15 day stay if you get my drift) but I don’t have a BIR Form 2316…

  3. Cazzy David says:

    Whoa! Hopefully we can apply now since they granted our country with multiple entry visa! :) I kinda regret that I didn’t pursue my career at DFA. LOL.

  4. Mon Pineda says:

    inquiry re application of japan multiple visa

  5. toni says:

    hi i just want to ask if i can apply tourist with guarantor of the japanese married man? he is my friend here in phils before so he wants me to visit japan for a tour. we have picture and proof of our friendship. but his martial status is married. it can effect to my application?

  6. Rui says:

    Hello! I was looking through the application form and I was wondering what the: “ID no. issued to you by your government” means? is that any government ID like the TIN ID or postal ID one? :) also wondering if it was okay that I had booked a flight through Cathay first? I got a little over excited. ;A; (which i made sure I can reroute if ever ;;A;;) /i have always alwaaaaays wanted to watch a band i liked for several years and started saving as soon I started to work.

    Thanks in advance! :)

    • Technically any government ID will do, but I always put in my passport number because it’s the easiest to verify (after all, they already have your passport with them when they process your visa application).

      • Rui says:

        Thanks for the quick reply! Is this okay even if you have to enter your passport number on a different field on the form? :) /sorry i ask a lot of questions. Im actually nervous. xD

        • Yup should be no problem — although yeah, come to think of it I *DO* use my SSS number in that box, and then my passport number in the other box… (ӦωӦ)

          • Rui says:

            *w* Maybe I should use my SSS number in the other box too. Thanks so much! You’ve been a great help!

  7. Arthur Nielsen says:

    Hi! Thanks again for this very helpful post. Keep them coming!

    Anyway, I plan to go to Japan with my mother, and we might only stay there for a day (she’ll just accompany me to an event and we’ll also fly out immediately due to work commitments). Do we both each have to present the BIR form 2316? I have one, but my mother, who is a plain housewife/senior citizen, doesn’t have one (the last time she worked was back in the ’70s). My question also applies to the bank certificate. Do we both each have to present a bank certificate? Or will one bank certificate for the two of us be enough?

    Thanks in advance!

    • You can omit the BIR Form 2316 for your mom by putting together a Letter of Support, basically stating that you are taking care of all of her expenses related to the trip as she has no income of her own.

      As for the bank certificate, you can also present just one for the both of you, provided that you indicate in the certificate that it is for visa applications under your and her name, as well as make sure that the amount is enough to cover two people.

      Good luck!

  8. elaine says:

    Hi! Good day!! I just want to ask… imposible ba na makakuha ng tourist visa (going to japan) yung mga 1st timers na lalabas ng pinas?? mga ilang percent yung chance na ma-approve yung visa kung ganun yung sitwasyon??? thanks =)

    • It’s not impossible, but it is very, very hard. The only applicants who manage to get a visa 100% of the time despite their blank passports are students who land scholarship grants to Japan.

      • Violy yala says:

        Hi magneticrose ask ko lang poh ung m invite s akin ate ko s japan guarantor asawa niya ung birthcertificate poh nmin dlawa umg mother namin mgkaiba ng middle name ung nklgay ok lng poh b yun

  9. Travel Buddy says:

    Wow, I’ve heard so much about how difficult it is to obtain a Japanese visa, this blog really surprised me.

  10. Nik says:

    I’m just a minor, so I’m going to live in a friend’s house in Japan but I’m going to shoulder all my expenses. Will my friend still be considered as a guarantor? ^^
    Thank you!

  11. adrian says:


    I am an overseas worker here in Oman. Im planning to visit Japan next year January 2014 to have a tour and visit friends in 10 days. Some of my friends advise me get visa here in oman and some told me to get a visa in phillippines since i will have my yearly vacation this Dec. Im planning to go to Philippines and to Japan. Which is much easier where to apply? Here in Oman? or in Phils? and What are the requirements I need to provide in order to get Japan visa?

    Thank you.

    • Hi Adrian!

      If you are a Philippine passport holder you need to apply for a Japan tourist visa in the Philippines.

      The good news is it’s now easier to apply for a Japan visa here in Manila. And if your submitted requirements are complete the Japanese Embassy may give you a visa in as little as three days.

      Good luck!

      • adrian says:

        Thank you for the reply.

        Do i need to provide BIR 2316 or ITR since i am an overseas worker? And do i need to have invitation letter? or guarantor? since i will be tourist for sight seeing and secondly just to visit a friend. Can i put myself as guarantor because i will be the one to cover all my expenses.

        Sorry i have a lot of questions. God Bless

        • You can supply a copy of your contract that shows how much your compensation is and for how long your contract will last. Pair that with a certificate of deposit from your bank and you will no longer need a guarantor — since you are covering your own expenses. Hope that helps!

  12. Hima says:

    Hello po. I came across your blog while searching for Japan visa requirements since I will be visiting Japan for the first time in April to visit an online friend and to watch a concert with her. I have a few questions, I hope you can help me. I apologize in advance because this is really going to be a long post and I have a lot of worries, especially because I have already booked my flight to Nagoya.

    My friend is going to be my guarantor but I plan to finance myself (because I don’t want to burden her that much). If all goes well, I will be staying with her for three days and will be in a hotel for the remaining two days of my 5-day Japan trip.

    Problem is, she’s still going to reach her first year of working in Japan this April, so she’s a little bit worried about getting some of the documents because they might require her to have stayed in Japan for a year. In case she can’t qualify to be my guarantor, I’ll have to handle everything myself. My questions are as follows:

    1. I’m currently employed as a university faculty while working on my thesis for graduate school, hopefully I can graduate this March. I have an ITR but I haven’t saved that much because most of my income has gone to my graduate school expenses. My parents had expressed their willingness to help me in the expenses but they can’t come with me. Is it necessary that the bank certificate have to be my own and not theirs?

    2. I have a CHED scholarship contract that stipulates I have to render service to my mother institution (teaching in return) for a semester after I graduate. So if I graduate on March, I have to stay in the country til October. Can I use that as back up proof that I will return to the Philippines?

    3. It’s recent, but my university’s certificate of employment has changed and now indicates that our work is contractual (semestral basis) but I have been teaching for five years now. If I submit the COE, will this affect my application?

    And if my friend CAN qualify to be my guarantor, here are my questions:

    4. My friend is an online friend so I cannot provide pictures of us together, but I can provide screenshots of letters/cards and online conversations. But I plan to visit my Japanese students in Aichi Toho University and I have pictures with them. Can I include those too?

    And a general question:

    5. This is my first time travelling ANYWHERE. So I have a really blank passport. But then again, I’m a university instructor and I’ve read that being a university faculty (full-time) is eligible for multiple entry. Do you think I have a chance of being approved?

    I apologize for the long post! I’ll appreciate any input you can provide. I’m really scared of jeopardizing anything. I’m not sure if I should consult the travel agency (Friendship Tours) because they might divulge those information to the embassy and get me denied.

    • Hi there! Let’s discuss your concerns point by point:

      My parents had expressed their willingness to help me in the expenses but they can’t come with me. Is it necessary that the bank certificate have to be my own and not theirs?

      Your parents can issue a Letter of Support stating that they are paying for some of your expenses, as well as a Certificate of Deposit from their bank.

      Can I use that as back up proof that I will return to the Philippines?

      If CHED is willing to give you a letter or any form of certification to prove your scholarship status, that can calso help.

      It’s recent, but my university’s certificate of employment has changed and now indicates that our work is contractual (semestral basis) but I have been teaching for five years now. If I submit the COE, will this affect my application?

      Ask them if it’s possible to indicate that your date of emplyment was five years ago, and not the specific start date of your contract six months ago.

      My friend is an online friend so I cannot provide pictures of us together, but I can provide screenshots of letters/cards and online conversations. But I plan to visit my Japanese students in Aichi Toho University and I have pictures with them. Can I include those too?

      Sceenshots of IMs and emails do not carry a lot of weight I’m afraid. Just show the physical cards/letter and the the photos of you and your Japanese students instead.

      This is my first time travelling ANYWHERE. So I have a really blank passport.

      This is a legitimate concern since blank passports are one of the red flags of denied applications. I always recommend that applicants travel elsewhere beforehand — a quick trip to Hong Kong or Singapore can do wonders for your visa application.

      But then again, I’m a university instructor and I’ve read that being a university faculty (full-time) is eligible for multiple entry. Do you think I have a chance of being approved?

      This is still on a case to case basis and does not automatically mean that your status as a fulltime university professor will garner a multiple entry visa.

      Hope that helps. Good luck!

  13. Key says:

    Hi, I want to say this is a very helpful post for people like me who have interest in applying for a visa. I will apply soon and I would like to ask if I have higher chances of getting accepted or declined based on my nationality. I am a Filipino citizen but my father is Japanese so that makes me half Japanese. I had always hated my father because he didn’t had the time to submit my birth certificate in Japan before he died. What are the odds of getting accepted? This is my first time visiting a country especially it’s my different hometown. I am 18 years old anyway and I have a valid reason why I will be going to Japan. Hoping for your reply! Thank you very much!

    • Hi! Let’s discuss your concerns point by point:

      1) Because you cannot prove your Japanese ancestry, the consulate might consider you as full-blooded Filipino and treat your application as such.

      2) If it’s your first time abroad, it will be a legitimate issue with regards to your Japanese visa application. I always advise first timers to travel to a different country first to get more stamps on their passport. Each stamp from a foreign country is another plus for your Japan visa application.

      3) Your “valid” reason may not appear “valid” to the consulate, so I advise you to supply as many of the required documents as possible to support your visa application.

      Good luck!

      • Key says:

        Hi, thank you for replying! It really helps. I have documents to prove that I am half Japanese. It’s written in my birth certificate that my father is a Japanese citizen. I will try to bring as many documents as I can to get the visa. Thank you again! :)

  14. clueless says:

    good evening wht isthe difference between a tourist visa/visitfriends/visitrelative?.
    + applied for a Visit relative visa last time and planning to apply a tourist visa anytime this week is it posible? For me to apply for a tourist visa? If my last application for a visiting relative visa was declined?.thanks

  15. Anna says:

    If you’re going to apply with tourist visa you’ll not need to have a invitation letter from guarantor, but if its to visit friends or relatives you’ll need it.

  16. whiteadamas says:

    Hi, I’ve been reading all your article about Japan Visa, Me and my friend would like to travel there next month for 4 days only, I am working and have a resident visa in the middle east and we don’t have taxes here. What other document should I supply in exchange for my ITR, and is it possible for me to be the guarantor of my friend for getting us both a tourist visa. I have all the requirements needed but my problem is my friend could not provide a certificate of employment and ITR. Am I eligible to be her guarantor?

    • You can supply a copy of your employment contract that shows how much your compensation is and pair that with a Certificate of Deposit from your bank. As for your friend, you can supply a Letter of Support stating that you are paying for all of his or her expenses. Hope that helps!

      • whiteadamas says:

        Thanks for the info, We were also planning to try Attic tours, Once I get to the Philippines next week I will start to submit the requirements, hope everything will turn out fine. Japan here we come!

  17. bernard kaw says:

    Hi! can you enlighten me on the NSO birth certificate requirement… I got the original NSO birth certificate about 15 years ago when they were still using the paper with the blue background. Would the Japan embassy still accept this? Or do I need to procure a new NSO copy? thanks a lot…

    • You need to acquire a new NSO certificate printed on yellow security paper. The Japanese embassy will not accept copies of your birth certificate that is older than six months (check the bottom of the form for the generation date).

  18. Dianne says:

    Hi magnetic_rose! First of all I’d like to thank you for sharing this informative page of yours. By the way, my concern here is about the Long Term Visa which my husband (who is a Nikkejin and also a Long Term Resident holder) applied for me last month (May 2014). My documents are completely submitted there (Embassy of Japan). How long do I have to wait for the result of their evaluation? I’m confused if it is 3 or 6 months.
    My next concern is my 2nd option (to be with my husband as soon as possible) which is to pay an agency to arrange a tour for me in Japan for 15 days preferably by June or July.
    My husband and I were so eager and longing for each other. He’s alone in our apartment and waiting for me. By the way we were married for a year and 2 months.

    Should I wait for my Long Term Visa or pay an agency for a 15days tour/visit while my other application is pending? Is it possible? pls answer..pls pls.. Thank u in advance po!

    • Hi Dianne — I am sorry but I am unable to help you with your concern as I can only answer question about short-term tourist visas with a certain degree of authority. You should consult an immigration expert instead. Thanks.

  19. Jenn says:

    Hi! Were leaving for Japan on the 12th of this month but unfortunately we havent applied for a Japanese visa yet, the agency told us we are already short of time. Is it possible that we can get the visa in just 3 working days?

    • Hi! If this is your first time then yes — unfortunately, you may be a little short on time as first time applications take longer to process than repeat applications. However, if all your documents are complete and in good order, you may still be granted a visa.

    • Erica says:

      Hello! I think it is possible, our application was approved 2 days after we passed it to an accredited agency :) just make sure your docs are complete.

  20. whiteadamas says:

    hI i have one more question, does a flight and hotel bookings needed for the application of visa? is it also a requirement to submit the bookings?

  21. Mari says:

    Hi! Foremost, i’d like to say that your blog is very helpful… I resigned and got married last year and gave birth early this year. I (unemployed), my mom (businesswoman), my friend (employed), my cousin (housewife) and her husband (lawyer) just planned a trip to Japan for next year. Since I am unemployed I don’t have an ITR to present. Can i present my husband’s ITR instead? Also, I have been to UK for a year 2009-2010 (first passport), then i have been to HK, MACAU, SINGAPORE AND MALAYSIA (2nd passport). Now, i need to renew my passport before this trip so it means it will be blank. haha! Will they know I have been abroad? or do I have to present all the passport. Thanks a lot!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Hi Mari — unfortunately you can’t present your husband’s documents. He can, however, make a Letter of Support saying that he is paying for your expenses.

      As for your passports, just staple all of your existing passports together when you make your application. History of travel plays an important part of your visa application approval.

      Hope that helps!

  22. yogiboo12 says:

    hi just want to ask about my concern about my travel to japan.
    my fiancee has plan to go to japan for 3-5 days.
    my question is i dont have ITR or any BANK STATEMENTS.
    My fiancee is american and he dont have any documents also he bring only his ATM visa card,money and passport.
    can we just go and have our iterinary return tickets and he will shoulder all our expenses if we get there.

    what should i do about this.please need your answer.
    thank u

    • Your fiancee, as a citizen of the US, can enter Japan with only his passport in hand. You, as a Filipino citizen, have to apply for a visa. You can ask your fiancee to provide a Letter of Support saying that he will handle your expenses, as well as supporting documents such as his income tax return and certificates of deposit from his bank — you can then submit these alongside your visa application.

  23. Hi, Your blog is very helpful, I decided to take Attic tours na rin because katabi lang nila ang Japanese Embassy so I went yesterday to submit my requirements and ipapasa nila kinabukasan yun sa Embassy, ok naman yung mga papers na sinabmit ko wala namang ibang kulang na hiningi and sabi nung lalaki na nasa window is to wait 7 days. Ganun ba talaga katagal kasi sabi nya usually 7 days ang processing kinabahan nman ako akala ko kc 2-3 days lang….1st day p lang naman ngayon so wait ko na lng ang result kung ilang araw nga sana di naman umabot ng ganun katagal, sana nga 24 hrs din kagaya ng sa yo at sana ma approve ang visa.

    • Hi! Wednesday po kasi today so walang submission sa Embassy (sarado sila every Wednesday), so bukas pa ang submission ng Attic sa kanila.

      Kung OK lahat baka Friday may result na po, otherwise baka sa Monday niyo na po malalaman yung results. Good luck!

      • Didn’t know sarado pla sila ng wednesday, malas ko naman, yung branch kc ng BDO ko sarado pag sat kaya monday na ko nk request kaya tuesday ko na naipasa. Sana nga magdilang anghel ka at makatangap ako ng text sa monday o kung seswertihin sana sa friday.

      • mukang bukas ata sila ng wednesday kc nag text na sila ng thurs at kaninang umaga nakuha ko na yung results APRUB!!!!! sobrang saya grabe nakatulong talaga tong blog mo ng malaki, maraming salamat!!!

  24. Dianne says:

    Hi Magnetic Rose! I really spent time reading lot of posts in this site. You’re such an Angel for us who have lot of questions regarding on obtaining a Japanese Visa!

    Anyway, may I ask if how many percent of chance will I get to be rejected (for the second time) for applying a long term visa? Sabi kc ng husband ko i-aapply nya ako ulit ng long term visa and this time madali na lng daw ma-approve (estimate of 1 month). Ganun rin daw ang nangyari sa kapatid nya nung una na-reject pero inapply ulit nila ng father-in-law ko doon. Sa ngayon nandun na ung sister nya, it took 6 months bago sya mkapunta doon.

  25. Ai03 says:

    Hi Magnetic Rose! I’m so happy that you have blogs regarding visa application. My Auntie who is now residing to Tokyo invited me and married po sya sa japanese,, and if ever po, eto yung unang labas ko sa pilipinas, ilang percent kaya ang chances nun since wala naman po ko travel out of the country. at saka ask ko din po kung may interview po ba sa japan emabssy via phone? or magaantay lang ng release ng visa? thanks po ng madami. by the way, sobrang helpful po ng mga nababasa ko dito. :) thanks po ulit

  26. Mimimee says:

    Hi po miss Magnetic rose…. May balak po ang mom mag tour sa Japan seniors citizen na po sya(66) na sya this coming July 18 ask ko Lang po mahihirapan ba syang mag apply ng tourist visa or madali na ba yung paglakad ny mga documents nya???

  27. G.P says:

    HI PO!

  28. Liz says:

    I was just wondering since Japan is part 0f the countries that Filipinos doesn’t need to get a visa, my passport is currently with my dad in another country for some process there, is there any way that I can travel to japan even if my original passport isn’t with me now?

    • Sorry but I am afraid you are wrong on two counts:

      1) You still need a visa to enter Japan if you are a Philippine passport holder. Japan never said that visas were waived, only that applications would be relaxed;


      2) You need to show your actual passport everytime you leave the country. You cannot say to the Immigration Officer at the NAIA terminals “Oh my dad has it!” — they will never let you even leave the terminal, let alone board the plane.

  29. Hi there Magnetic, I actually read almost all of the answered Q and A here hoping to find the answer to my question, unfortunately I am still confuse, sorry fot that hehe. Anyway my concern is that I have a Japanese boyfriend whom I met here in the Philippines, sadly he needs to leave on Aug.(carreer wise), to make the story short I will visit him on May 2015.. Is it much wiser to ask for an invitation letter from him, or would the gurantor/gurantee works well? I have a stable job though but I don’t know which one is better as this is my first time to travel abroad (sighs) I am just really eager to go and see him… I hope you can help me, but your blog is already a big help actually.. Thank you so much…

  30. jemrom says:

    hi ma’am. my mom is planning to get me to japan,she will be my guarantor and she will shoulder all the expenses as well, she has already acquired the requirement I need from her, bale isusubmit ko nalang sa agency .medyo natatakot lang po ako, do you think i have the chance to be granted with a visa, it will be my first time to leave the country po, I just graduated college, unemployed and 22 napo. :(

  31. takashi says:

    hi i would like to ask some questions about applying for visa. because the other thread is already closed and i can not comment on it.
    i am a japanese and my girlfriend and i will be travelling to japan in december. and i would like to ask if how much should be the estimated bank account of my girlfriend if she will be staying for 13days? i cannot get my papers because im working here in the philippines and dont have records of me paying taxes in japan. i was planning to stay at my parents house in japan but it contradicts with the itinerary because i believe she’s supposed to be staying in a hotel?

    your response will be very appreciated. please? thanks in advance.

    • Hi Takashi — let’s take your concerns individually:

      1) They recommended estimated amount for a 13-day trip is PhP 100,000 — this is just a guesstimation and not a concrete number.
      2) You can submit papers from the time you were employed in Japan, if they exist.
      3) You can still put your parents’ house as your girlfriend’s temporary residence in Japan — your parents can issue a letter of invitation saying that you and your girlfriend will be staying at their place while you are in Japan.

      Hope that helps!

  32. Anne says:

    Hello! I just resigned from my work last August after 3 years of working. I am planning to visit Japan for 6 days and have unfortunately, already bought round trip tickets. I have Php 100k in my bank account and my ITR for 2013, however, I do not have a COE since i am currently unemployed. This is also my first time to travel abroad. What are the chances of my visa getting approved? Also, how am suppoosed to fill out the employment portion of the application? Should I just leave it blank or write NA or unemployed? Thanks in advance!

  33. Mira says:

    Rose, last time I followed your tips, as I’ve posted in your Facebook account i thanked you. Now I’m applying again at attic tours, my last application it only took 24hours, then now on the third day I called attic and they said I should submit my school certificate because it’s requested by the embassy. When I applied last June I gave my registration form and now I don’t have any. So I got a certificate and another registration form copy plus the receipt of my school and I gave it to attic. Many people told me that if I will be denied the embassy won’t ask for other documents. Do you think they are right?i applied for 90days visa, I’m an irregular education student in a public school collage and because I had my other course before the subjects on my second sem were already credited because I attended those on my previous school,that’s why it’s ok for me to go for 90days in japan and enrol again for first sem next year. Ofcourse since there is no interview I can’t explain that to the embassy. I’m worried they would not grant it coz they might think am not gonna come back here (T^T)

  34. gie says:

    i really thank this site for guiding me on visa application, except for the Embassy website itself. Thanks for the tips. This is my 2nd time having my Visa approved and
    thank God I got a 5 year multiple, 30 days stay. Visa application is really relaxed.

  35. Chanchan says:

    Hello. What if I planned to stay in Japan for 90days. Magkano po ba ang estimated na laman ng bank ng guarantor ko sa Japan? Please reply asap.

  36. Di says:

    Hi. My husband and I am planning to go to Japan on May. He is currently employed (he can pass an ITR and COE ) and I am not ( I don’t have ITR ). Our joint account is below 100K but I do have an investment with HSBC (managed fund) worth Php 300K since 2012 ( its more than 300K to date ), can I use a bank cert for that? We both have Variable life insurance with Sunlife that we pay for monthly. We have traveled to HK, Macau, Singapore, and have been to the US twice already.
    I have run through the documents required and the “show money” in the bank is just my primary concern. We are not “liquid” but have our money invested in different channels.
    What can you suggest for us and will this lessen our chance of being approved a visa?
    Thanks and all the best to you.

    • I am not sure how much weight a bank cert for an MF or any similar investment portfolios would be, but it would’t hurt to submit them. Also, if you have titles or deeds to any property or businesses you can submit those too to help pad your application. Good luck!

  37. Jackie says:

    Hi! The family plans to go to Japan this August. All of them are okay with the visa requirements except me! I am currently unemployed, thus unable to submit COE and ITR. I am married but will not be traveling with my husband. Though, I can present a bank certificate of my savings (only under my name) with a sizeable amount. What do you think are my chances of getting a visa?

  38. Marvin says:

    Hi rose Good day!

    I was able to applied VISA which type is visit relatives, our guarantor is my brother-in law, and i’m afraid to denied our VISA. I am currently employed. My question is, i read some posts that “leave of absence” from my current company is one of the requirements to get JAPAN VISA, but i forgot to submit it to our travel agent, and I passed only the Certificate of Employment just for the backup documents although our guarantor is my brother-in-law, Is it a high chance to get JAPAN VISA without it (leave of absence)? Thanks for your time and feedback :D

    • An official leave of absence is not required for your application — often times I do not even file a leave until after I get my visa. There must be something else wrong with the documents you submitted so your application ended up being declined.

  39. Marvin says:

    Thank you. I will update you if our visa is denied or granted on Friday. Hope it will be grant. :D

  40. Tenshi says:

    Hi po!
    First of all, Thank you so much for all these posts regarding applying for Japan Visa. So helpful po!

    I just would like to ask regarding my situation. I was invited by my boyfriend and his family to go with them in Japan this coming April. Ticket and other expenses will be handled by his family. Does that make them my ‘guarantor’?
    What are the requirements with this kind of set up? I think the bank cert and any financial documentation would come from them?

    I will be renewing my passport this march and be getting it possibly by the 20th of march :( im quite scared that i might not make it but still hoping for being able to make it before april. Your posts has given me a glimmer of hope! TuT thank you so much! I hope to hear your response!

    • Yes, because you were invited by your boyfriend and his family, that makes them your guarantor — they will need to supply many of the documents needed for your visa application.

      Getting a visa from the Japanese Embassy is very quick and efficient — it’s the Philippine Department of Foreign Affairs you have to watch out for for possible delays (worst case scenario can be up to six months delay).

      Good luck!

      • Tenshi says:

        Thank you so much for the response! Will be checking the embassy website regarding the forms! Thank you once again and God bless :)

  41. eve says:

    Hi! All of the info’s I’ve read so far are really helpful. I have some few questions which I hope you can help me with. I’m a single professional but currently unemployed and my boyfriend’s aunt invited me to go with them for a tour this coming May and the expenses will be shouldered by them. But I can provide a bank cert if it’s necessary. My concern is the COE,ITR ,first travel abroad and the bank cert. I’m not quite sure if I still need to be employed just to have my visa granted. Thank you in advance!

    • Sorry but all the documents you listed are required by the embassy. If you don’t have them, you have a very slim chance of getting your application approved.

    • Marvin says:

      Hi rose sorry for late feedback…

      Our VISA is granted together with my mom (both first timer). she has 90 days and i have only 15 days because i’m still working here and i need to be back after 2 weeks. Yes it’s possible to grant visa within 24 hours!. Btw. Our trip to Japan is on May 15, 2015. Thanks for the info rose! Godbless :)

  42. eve says:

    Actually I just got a job but I was advised that we will be applying for visa by the end of this month. Will I still be able to provide those requirements in a short span of time?

    • “Will I still be able to provide those requirements in a short span of time?”

      Are you asking me about your ability to submit your documents in time? Uh I don’t know — it’s up to you?

      To be honest I don’t really understand your question.

      • eve says:

        Sorry for the incorrect question. what I meant was,do you think they will grant me a visa even if the COE is stating that I just got hired. Thank you.

        • Alright — there we go :)

          If you were recently hired by a new company, you can still submit the Certificate of Employment from your previous workplace that you received with your post-employment package (along with your last paycheck and your BIR 2316). This should help explain why your most recent COE has less than six months on it.

          Hope that helps!

  43. eve says:

    Okay. Thank you very much po. I’ve been worrying about this since last month. Will message you regarding updates. You’ve been of great help! God bless.

  44. I just want to visit japan this year together with my boyfriend. I’m planning to get the visiting relatives as my visa type since my mother is a Japanese citizen but my problem is that there were some defect on my birth certificate because my mom’s first and middle name aren’t the same written in my birth certificate only the surname is the same. I just want to see her since I haven’t seen her for 25 years. She’s been looking for me for many years and I really wanna know and see her. We just knew each other on one of social networking site last year.. What other type of visa do you think I can fit to? Tourist visa need show money? Thanks :)

    • Since you are having difficulty establishing your relationship with your birth mother, the best option would be to apply for an ordinary tourist visa.

  45. Dorothea S. Basalo says:

    Hi! I have once gone to Japan on a tourist visa. I have a guarantor, my son who happened to be married to a Japanese descendant. I did not apply for a visiting relative visa because I can only afford to spend at most two weeks owing to the nature of my profession. Recently I applied back for a tourist visa still with my son as a guarantor however I was told to submit additional requirements for an application as a visiting relative. In my case, do I have the option to choose the type of visa I want?

    • Hello! Usually you as the applicant will get to choose the type of visa you need, and will be given advice accordingly by your travel agent. In your case, you already chose the Visiting Relative visa because your son is acting as a guarantor, so you will need to submit the other documents needed by this kind of visa that are not applicable to an ordinary tourist visa. Hope that clears things up a little.

  46. Asassine says:

    Hi rose! Me and some friends are planning to visit Japan sometime next year. I would like to apologize early as I need to ask you some questions:

    1. I am currently employed in a government office thus I can provide all the necessary documents. However, as much as possible, I really don’t want to declare myself a government employee as this would require more documents at the immigration gates. The problem is, if I submit the ITR form, it would immediately be known that I am employed by the government. Can I just submit a Letter of Support from my boyfriend who will be also coming with us?

    2. Some of my friends are not formally employed yet (part-time, med student, PGI) what documents can they submit instead of the BIR form? Also, would a joint bank account with their parents be considered?

    3. My boyfriend is an OFW from the Middle East, and he will be joining the trip during his vacation here in the Philippines. Should he apply for the visa here in Manila or should he do it while he’s in the Middle East?

    4. I have been to HK-Macau trips before but I recently renewed my passport. Should that trip be enough to prove that I am not going to overstay? Some friends have also been to other countries before, Singapore, US (one was visiting her family and the other stayed for a year as an exchange student), but we all have new/renewed, blank passports. As for the med students, this will be the first time they are going abroad. Will this cause us any problems?

    Again, I apologize for bombarding you with these questions but I found your blog the most helpful. We’ve been planning this trip since last year and we would like to prepare as early as possible. Thanks in advance, and more power!

    • Hi! Let’s tackle your concerns individually.

      1) Since the trip is private and personal, it should pose no problem with immigration.

      2) They can submit Letters of Support from their parents, stating that their parents are taking care of their expenses, to which they should attach their Certificate of Deposit from their bank.

      3) Ideally he should apply for his visa in Manila. It should take 3 business days only if his documents are complete.

      4) We suggest stapling your old passport to your new passport when you send your application to belay any doubts about your history of travel.

      Hope that helps!

      • ASSASSINE says:

        Thanks for the reply!

        Just a couple more follow-up questions though;

        In relation to my first question above, as a government employee, I am required to submit an Authority to Travel Abroad which sometimes takes months to process, so I really want to avoid writing that down. Can I just submit Letter of Support from my boyfriend who will be also coming with us?

        I’m also planning to enroll in law school this school year, can I declare myself as a student then? I can also say that I am a freelance online article writer since this was what I wrote down on the HK trip before. Do you think this will be good enough for the visa requirements and the immigration?

        • Hi there — I am really sorry but I am afraid I won’t be able to help you with your latest set of questions. I am uncomfortable about assisting people in applying for a visa under false pretenses (no matter how small the falsehood). I apologize but you’ll have to figure this out on your own. Thanks for your understanding and cooperation.

  47. maria says:

    hello po.may mga katanungan lang po.meron ako japanese boyfriend,kaso may asawa sya haponese wala sya anak.then nag ampon kami ksi hindi din kami magkaanak pero surname nya dinadala ng ampon namin sa birthcertificate ng bata.pwede po ba kami mag ina makapunta ng japan.

  48. mms says:

    hello good day. my husband and I were planning to visit japan for a week. my husband is a canadian citizen and I’m a filipina. my concern is this, how can i be able to get a visa to travel. i already resigned from my work since my spouse sponsorship application to canada is on-going. my husband will shoulder all the expenses, it’s part of our honeymoon before i migrate to canada. he already purchased our plane ticket and our hotel accommodation but i don’t have a visa yet. what’s the requirement we need to submit? Thanks and have a wonderful day :)

    • Kindly read the post — instructions are already listed. Thanks.

      • mms says:

        I read all the requirements. I don’t have ITR, is it okay if my husband will write a letter indicating that all the expenses will shoulder by him.what are the docs we need to provide like his citizenship and his coe. I don’t have work so i can’t produce coe and ITR. i just quit my work recently because I’m busy doing papers works regarding sponsorship. ps. it’s my first time to travel abroad so i’m worried, tickets and hotels reservation will all go to waste if they will refuse my application.

  49. mms says:

    Thanks for the reply. i was also thinking is it a big help if we indicate the proof of sponsorship like a letter and a receipt from CIC (Citizenship and Immigration Canada) , for that they will know we had our case on-going. thanks again and God bless u more.

  50. ayi says:

    Hi! Me and family are planning to visit Japan this year but our problem is both me and my husband don’t have our ITR since we both work-from-home/full-time(IT/Programmer). Our employers are from the US and salaries are automatically wired to our bank accounts monthly. Is it okay if we can just submit the Cert of Deposit from the bank w/o the ITR? And, with regards on the show money – does it mean we need atleast 400k in the bank since we are four in the family – 2 Adults and 2 Kids?

    Thanks in Advance! :)

    • Jess says:

      Hi Ayi, we do have similar situation. I also don’t have an ITR since I’m working from home. When you apply for a visa soon, please update me how did it went. Will truly appreciate it.

  51. Ken says:

    Hi there. Will you kindly help me? I’m currently here in Japan, and i’m a Filipino, i’m half japanese and I only have a tourist visa for a month. I’m staying with my stepfather (who also a japanese), and i’m trying to have a permanent residency here at japan. But, I dont want to ask my stepfather to help me about that, bcoz i know that my biological father will also play a part in this matter and i dont want to offend my stepfather even if he undestand my situation. Well, you know what i’m talking about, right? Its like asking your girlfriend to let you see your ex-gf. Please help me. Thanks and more power.

  52. Ershey says:

    gud pm tanung ko po Kung Gano po katagal lumabas ung 3months visa

    Salamat po

  53. Rica says:


    I just would like to ask, we are planning to go to Japan together with my Boyfriend’s Family, The thing is, i am currently unemployed but my Boyfriend’s family will cover the expense. Is there any other way aside from a letter from my family and Bank Cert from my Family?

  54. Jabz Raizer says:

    Good p.m. po magnetic rose ask ko lang po what needed documents para sa Lola ko senior citizen napo sya 77 yrs. Old.. invite po sya ng anak niya mag punta sa japan na doon napo nakatira.. wala na pong bank account and income tax Lola KO, mag isa lang po ng lola ko magbyabyahe ano po needed documents na kailangan ipadala ng anak niya? Thanks a lot.. I’ll wait for your kind reply.

  55. Shane says:

    Hello Rose,

    I really learned a lot from this post. Just a short question. I am working as a freelance writer at home and recently got married. My husband and I are planning to have our honeymoon in Japan, but we were initially scared of applying for the visa since my ITR is not updated and I have no COE to submit until I read your blog. Our honeymoon will be paid for by my grandpa as his wedding gift for us. Can he act as our sponsor to guarantee our trip?

    Also, my husband is employed and we only have 100k in our joint account. Will it affect our tourist visa application?


    • Hi! What you need is a Letter of Support that indicates that your trip is paid for by your grandfather, coupled with his Certificate of Deposit from his bank. Your future husband should also submite his Certificate of Employment plus the Certificate of Deposit from his bank for good measure. Last but not least, apply for a visa together as a couple and indicate “Honeymoon” in your Purpose for Travel. Good luck!

  56. Jen says:

    Hello. Gusto kami ng ate namin papuntahin sa japan. Kapatid ko at 5 yr. Old cousin. Since, unemployed ako balak namin na 3mos kami ng cousin ko at 1mo. lang sa kapatid ko dahil may work sya. Guarantor namin si ate kasi residence na sya dun. May chance ba na ma approve visa namin :)

  57. Marianne says:

    Hi, ask ko lng po. Mag aaply po kasi ako ng tourist visa kasama ang friends ko, Yung dalawa, walang trabaho, wala din bank certificate at walang ITR. Posible po kayang ma-approve ang tourist visa nila?

  58. jinx says:

    Hi! I applied for japan visa last tuesday and still waiting for the result. As i read all the comments here, d ko alam kung maapprove siya. I applied for tourist visa along with my daughter who is a minor. My husband will shoulder all our expenses, so i submitted a guarantee letter and my husband’s bank certificate. But the bank balance is a few thousands less to 200k. Sabi mo kase 100k each is safe para sa show money. Since 2 kami, so dapat 200k sya. That’s why i’m having doubts. And one more thing, more than 20yrs na ang huling labas ko ng bansa, kaya blank passport ang ipinasa ko. So i think slim ang chance na maapprove kami kahit kumpleto ang mga docs na ipinasa ko. But i’m still hoping na mabigyan kami ng visa.

    I have a question. If we get denied and decided to join package tours na lang. Mas madali daw kse pag package tours, mas mahal nga lang. My question is, pwede ba kami mag-avail agad ng package tours? Or need pa rin namin maghintay ng another 6mos? And just in case na mabigyan naman kami ng visa, pwede bang hindi masunod yung itinerary ng ipinasa ko? Like for example, inilagay ko sa application ko na 7 days lang kami but we booked for 8 days. Plano ko rin sana na baguhin ang accommodations namin. Do you think that’s ok?

  59. Mara says:

    Hello! I’m planning to apply a japan visa with my grandmother this September. While filling up the application form, it requires my profession/occupation. I work as a home based graphic designer meanwhile, my employer is on USA. My concern is, do I need to submit some requirements to prove that I’m working from that company? even though we have a guarantor in Japan which is my Aunt.

    Looking forward for your answer. Thanks in advance!

  60. Zena says:

    Hi Ms Magnetic Rose,
    Thank you for your post. My son will be applying for Japan tourist visa, can i submit his application and other document to accredited travel agency in his behalf ?

  61. Gel says:

    Hello. I would like to ask if I apply this month of this december for a visit relative and if ever get approved is it possible to tour in the same month? Thanks

  62. Kaname Yuu says:

    Hi Ms Magnetic Rose!! Your blog is really helpful in giving ideas about getting japan visa application approved. I have few questions tho.. :(

    But let me tell you my current situation:

    Single mom po ako, my son is only 1y.o.. Full-time mom po ako, I can’t apply for work kasi walang mag aalaga sa anak ko. My mom, who is in USA, wants me and my son to go to Japan and live there for at least 3 years hanggang maging citizen lang siya sa US para makuha na niya kami. She said she will finance everything basta makapunta lang kami ng Japan. I have a best friend in Japan who is a half-Japanese. Kaso she lives in Tokyo at nangungupahan lang sa share-house kasi tipid.

    Questions are:
    – Do you think po my best friend can somewhat help me and her inaanak to go to Japan and live there?
    – What do you think is the right type of visa to apply for me and my son?
    – I would actually apply for work once I get to Japan and I would enroll my son to a baby program at a kindergarten there, do you think it’s possible?
    – Another idea that I had is to get a student visa. Kaso paano ang baby ko if student visa ang kukuhain ko? Student visa din po ba siya since ieenroll ko din siya dun?
    – Since I cannot provide ITR and COE, what other requirements can I provide?

    Sobrang tagal ko na po naghahanap ng paraan para makapag Japan kami. :( Sana po kahit kaunting idea matulungan niyo po ako. Nag email na din kasi ako sa Japan Embassy still walang sagot. :( Thank you po in advance!!

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