How to Get a Japan Tourist Visa in Three Days

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How to Get a Japan Visa in Three Days

We’ve all heard the horror stories about getting a Japan Visa: some applications have taken six months or more, other applications have been lodged multiple times to no avail, and even some applications attached to a large stack of supporting documents but still no Visa.

Every Visa denial means a six-month wait before another application can be sent. All of this can get very frustrating and disheartening, especially for people who have been looking forward to their trips very much.

So, how did I end up applying for, and getting a Japan visa, in just three days? Here is what I did:


The first step was visiting the Visa section of the Japanese Embassy in the Philippines website. I downloaded and printed out the form (PDF and DOC files are both available), as well as the checklist of the required documents. The printed application form must be filled out in block letters with black ink. You can also opt to just type in your details in the downloaded form, and then print it out in one go.


Checklist in hand, I tried to put together as many required documents as possible. I had bank certificates made, photocopied my latest Income Tax Return since I had to submit the originals, and had our company HR team make out a Certificate of Employment. I went to a professional photo studio to have pictures taken — very important since even a small error in the photo size can delay the approval of your application.

I also hunted down my old passports and very carefully stapled them to my newest one — I wanted the Japanese Consul’s office to see that I held several used Japan Visas as well as plenty of stamps from other ASEAN countries (used US, Australia, and Schengen Visas may also help). I also checked to make sure that my passport was valid for at least another six or seven months.


I went to my preferred travel agent (the Embassy has a list of accredited agencies here) early on a Monday morning to submit all my requirements; the Embassy does not accept walk-in applicants. Try to file your application on a Monday or a Tuesday, so that it gets processed by Wednesday — which is the day the Japanese Consul office stays closed, just to process and approve/deny Visa applications.

After a quick inspection of all the papers I submitted, the travel agent asked me to pay the processing fee, and then sent me on my way. Everything took less than thirty minutes, from start to finish. Early Thursday morning, I got a call from the travel agent saying that my passport — with my approved Visa attached, was ready for pick-up at their office.

The entire process took a mere three business days from application to approval — easy, right?

Please note that this is a summary of our experience in applying for a Japanese visa. Mileage may vary with each individual. For more tips, you can also read How to Get A Japanese Tourist Visa in 24 Hours, How to Get a Japan Visa in Three Days, Getting a Japan Tourist Visa: An FAQ for Filipinos, and Tips on Obtaining a Japan Tourist Visa.

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169 Responses to How to Get a Japan Tourist Visa in Three Days

  1. minamic says:

    Have to note that it really turns out well in your favor if you have made previous trips to Japan, like you have Mami Rotch. First timers won’t probably have it so easy…

    • neth says:

      ask ko lang po kasi im planning to apply a visa, but im confuse po if what kind of visa should i put. my guarantor is my japanese boyfriend, ok lang po ba kung ” tourist / visit friend (boyfriend) or (fiance) ??ano po ang mas maganda??
      ano po ang mga need??? at ganu katagal pwede mag stay sa japan??

    • schatz says:

      hi, my friend and i would meet halfway in japan. I got no previous travels/visa’s abroad. how can i get a tourist visa fast?

      any agency that you can recommend?
      btw, my friend is not a japanese.

      • My top three most trusted agencies (in no particular order) are Universal Holidays, Rajah Tours, and Attic Tours.

        • rey says:

          hi ,ma,am my friend want to go to japan he has a lot of travel experience as seaman and holding different visa like u.s and aust..chinese and had travel also japan but not as any business basis like tourist or working in japan but as a seaman cause the vessel where he is working was their for cargo operation, He also told me that his visas are not for working their just an entry visa because his a seaman like joining purposes only were the ships is located during his joining date.He told me that he has an ITR and a savings on his account for the show money and can easily have a certificates of employment from his employer.Ma,am his for purpose of traveling japan is not to tour but to study .We want to ask help from you for some information on how he can get a student visa and is he possible to have it for he has travel experience and have a visas.He has a friend their married to a japanese and told him that he can stay on him while he is studying and can give him a sideline job during his weekends for his additional allowance ma,am it is possible for him to work while studying. thank you and god bless you always.

  2. that may be true~ however, i wrote the post to dispel the perception that it is impossible to get a japan visa in less than a month — let alone three working days.

    • anniefe says:


  3. sutashi says:

    yeah i got one too, as long as you have all the required documents. i dont have US, Australia, and Schengen Visas but i have Korea visa, which i think also helped.

    • see — it’s easy, right? i think other people just have a hard time because their intentions are not exactly pure; many of them have no plans of coming back to manila once they get to japan :/

  4. prince_lazii says:

    ms magnetic rose…im 19 years old na po, and this year po nagbabalak po ang sister ko na kunin ako as a visitor and para narin alagaan ang mga pamangkin ko para po makapag work na siya..meron na po siyang 2 anak sa hapon.Tanung ko lang po,

    1) anu po kaya ang magandang idahilan para ma approved ang aking visa?

    2)mas may chance po ba if ang gagawin kong guarantor is my brother-in law?

    3)magkakaroon po ba ng epekto sa pag approve ng visa ko yung age ko?

    salamat po…

  5. 1) anu po kaya ang magandang idahilan para ma approved ang aking visa?

    honesty is the best policy.

    2)mas may chance po ba if ang gagawin kong guarantor is my brother-in law?

    as long as your guarantor is able to provide all the necessary documentation, the relationship is not a deciding factor.

    3)magkakaroon po ba ng epekto sa pag approve ng visa ko yung age ko?

    as far as i know, age is not a factor; even babies can get visas as long as their paperwork is all in order.

  6. Rene Atienza says:

    How much is the processing fee and the cost of obtaining the visa?

  7. Ken says:

    Hi, im planning visit my mom on Sept for 2 weeks. I purchased my ticket already. Im paying for all my expenses. I can easily furnish all requirements that should be coming from my end,then my mom will send me her certificate of residence with INKAN, IDs in Japan.

    So my concern is the letter of invitation, letter of guarantee, and inteneray. Can somebody show me a sample of these documents(not a template)? Also, am i still required to submit a letter of guarantee? Thanks!

  8. Ian says:

    good day po…just wanna have some info bout may situation…isa rin po aq sa nag aasam na makabalik sa japan.this is may father is us navy(retired na yta) and i havent met him my entire life.this past yrs nalaman ko nasa japan xa nagsstay..ask ko lng sana kung may rights ba ang isang US NAVY na kunin ang anak nya or pwede ba nya ako mabgyan ng visa para makapunta sa 30 yrs old right now.married. yun lng po i appreciate any advise that yo can give.thanks.

  9. prince_lazii says:

    ilang percentage po kaya ng nag aapply ng visiting relative visa ang naaaproved….some ideas??..hopeful!!!


  10. baby_ko0484 says:


    I have a long distance japanese bf for 4 years na, im just wondering kung ano ang dapat kong i reason ng pag aapply ng japan visa, kasi sya ang guarantor ko. Should I apply for a Fiance visa? which i know that after u will be granted one you have to make sure you will get married there within 3 months or just a visit visa and declare that he is my guarantor? As of now kasi di pa fix ang plan namin to get married so nag dadalawang isip ako what kind of visa will i apply for..need help..please..Thanks!

  11. sorry but even if you wanted to get one, there is no “fiance visa” for japan :(

  12. baby_ko0484 says:

    Thanks for the info..I hope to get one soon..

  13. rowena says:

    hi mam gud am po.. ask ko lang po kung ok lang na gamitin kong status ay single kahit na married ako.. sa passport ko po kasi single ang gamit ko.. kasi po matagal na po kaming hiwalay ng mister ko..

  14. rowena says:

    hi mam, para mas maliwanagn po kayo sa tanong ko.. iniinvite po kasi ako ng ate ko at asawa nyang hapon sa japan, nandun na po ang mommy ko.. bale pag-uwi po ng mommy ko gusto nmn po nya ako ang kuhanin.. ang tanong ko lang po kasi ang gamit ko po sa passport ay single, d ko po ginamit yung apelyido ng asawa ko. kasi po matagal na kaming hiwalay. ok lang po ba na gamitin ko po ay single sa pagapply ng visa?

    • hi rowena. you will have to talk to an expert travel agent or family court lawyer since i do not have the expertise to answer your question. sorry.

  15. dan rose says:

    ask ko lang po kugn maliit po b ang chance n ma approvahan ang visa kahit po kakagaling lang po sa japan last march this year as a student for 2years.. and now ng apply po ako ng tourist visa ngpasa po ako ng mga doc. like itr,bank cert ,coe,leave of absences ,confirmed flight and hotel accomodation and daily sched.. during my stay s japan ng tour din po ako s korea for 3 days and nugn papauwi n po ako ng transit po ako sa malaysia 1 day adn ask ko rin po kung makkaapekto s application ko ung certificate of employment kc po during may stay s japan ng work po rin ako s phil company pero laht po online transaction at di rin po gnun ka lakihan ng salary ko wla p 8k ang monthly and ung bank ko 200k plus lang ang laman ..naipon ko pa po un ng nsa japan ako kc ngpart -time work din po ako dun .. sa tingn nyo po b gaano po kaliit ang chance ko maaprovhan.. nung wed po ako ngpass ng doc. till now wla pa po twag s agency.. little bit nevous here..pls reply thnx..

  16. dan rose says:

    ms. rose pls . reply nman po s inquiries ko.. plus if ever b mgrant ung visa ko as tourist eh my chance p b ako mquestion s airport ng immigration officer? ano ano b mga question nila?pls reply nman po… tnx

  17. cha says:

    hi po ask ko lang po kasi po kasal na po ako sa japon this year’ pero single po nakalagay sa passport ko kumuha po kasi ako ng passport lastyear,dumating na po certification of elgibility ko then now po balak ko na magapply ng spouse visa puede po kaya khit single prin nkalagay sa passport ko?at hindi apelyedo ng asawako nkalagay sa pssport ko..tanong ko lng po kung acepted po yun sa immegration..tnx po sana my magreply sa message ko ..

  18. Ayin says:


    Plan q kc visit yung cousin q for 1 week this 2011, since kkpanganak lng nya. ALso, i have a US fiance visa in my passport and i will be leaving for US on January. Will my fiance visa help my japanese visa approved?

    your reply will be highly appreciated.

    Thank you! =)

  19. Plan q kc visit yung cousin q for 1 week this 2011, since kkpanganak lng nya.

    Sorry, what? I did not understand a word you just said :| Please mind the rules, and I quote: “Kindly refrain from using “txtspk” and “sTiCkY cApS” in your comments.”. Thanks.

  20. twisted says:

    Hi ms. Rose! Just want to ask, kelangan pa ba ng bank certificate ng stepdad ko or okay na yung papers nya stating na nagbabayad sya ng tax? I’ve been to japan several times. May last time was 2years ago, pero single pa ako. Ngayon, married name ko na ang nasa passport ko and my son will be joining me to visit my mom and stepdad. I really hope, magrant din ulit ang visa ko this time.

  21. twisted says:

    thanks ms. rose. i got the papers na from japan. will apply on monday. wala syang bank certificate na sinama, income certificate lang. i hope, magrant pa rin kahit walang bank certificate. i asked the agent din kasi, sabi naman either bank cert or income cert. anyways, thanks so much sis! :)

  22. jocelyn says:

    hi ms. rose

    ask ko lang po kasi im planning to apply a visa, but im confuse po if what kind of visa should i put. my guarantor is my japanese boyfriend, ok lang po ba kung ” tourist / visit friend (boyfriend) and ilagay ko?

    then ung mga form po na nafill-up nya, he just typr it in word then he print, ang handwritten lang po is ung signature nya, okay lang po ba un?

    thank you.

  23. hi jocelyn. a tourist visa is fine, and everything can be typed in on the application form with just the signature done by hand. good luck!

  24. jocelyn says:

    hi Ms. Rose,

    thank u very much Ms. Rose, i hope i can get a visa, one more thing that im worried is i dont have account in bank,i can only submit a coe w/ yearly compensation attached, because our hr cant provide me itr. kasi wala pa daw akong 1 year sa work. any advice? thank you very much

  25. sorry i have no other advice for you — the ITR is a requirement and no substitutions are allowed :(

  26. jocelyn says:

    thank you Ms. Rose for your kind answer

  27. Donna says:

    i Ms. Rose,
    I have read your posts and they are all enlightening. We applied, as a family for a visa years ago and we were all denied. Looking back, the reasons for denial maybe, during that time, my bank account was not sufficient to cover our stay, though, I remember, in the interview, I mentioned that my sis in law will shoulder all our expenses during the visit. Secondly, we were never been abroad and last but not the least, my sis in law is a widow of a Japanese National ( a goverment employee during his time) and depends solely on the government. Now, we are planning to try our luck again, this time around, not to be denied twice, armed with requirements. Just to be sure, would like to know more from you. My husband is due for his annual leave (works in Middle East) on December and would like us to visit his sister in Japan for a week. I work for a big company here in Manila for 17 years already. We plan to bring our kids to visit their cousins, too. We’ve been on family trip to Hongkong twice and in Macau. Previously, I was a UAE resident visa holder and have been to Dubai several times already. Requirements, on our side are already complete (bank account with fair balance). What about on my sis in law’s part. She is unemployed, depends on the goverment, but has a sizeable amount of money in bank left by her husband. What does she needs to provide for us to get visa this time? Another thing is, do I need to provide a copy of the return ticket of my husband to Middle East, to assure the Embassy of his return to his work? Do I need to secure my kids school records as additional requirements? What are our chances in obtaning visa? Thank you so much and more power.

    • hi donna! i’ve broken down your question into sections:

      – your sister in law can send you a letter of invitation and a certificate of deposit from her bank as a proof of income. they have to be the actual documents, sent via courier — email scans are not acceptable.

      – yes, a return trip airline ticket from the middle east for your husband will help — it is proof that he will leave the country when his holiday is done.

      – a certificate of enrollment for the kids is recommended — again, it is proof that they will be returning to the philippines when their holiday is over.

      – your guess is as good as mine when it comes to getting approved or denied — however from personal experience, as long as your finances and your documents are in order you will have no trouble getting a visa.

  28. Donna says:

    Thank you so much for your prompt and enlightening reply. One more thing please, do we need to add more immigration stamps to our passports for better chance in aquiring visa. God bless, Ms. Rose.

  29. yes, immigration stamps will give you a leg up in your application; try going to hong kong or singapore for a weekend break.

  30. jocelyn says:

    Hi Ms. rose, you know i got my japan visa. thank you for some information.

    I just wanna share my experience when i applied for my visa.

    tourist visa ( with guarantor)

    from applicant:

    nso birth cert. with receipt
    leave permit
    copy of air ticket
    proof of relationship
    application form with pic

    from guarantor

    residents certificate
    income certificate
    guarantee letter
    invitation letter
    copy of passport ( all page except blank page)

  31. thanks for the update jocelyn :D

  32. Love Nakagawa says:

    Please can anyone help me?

    I want to visit Japan this Feb. but the agency is asking me for an invitation letter from my Japanese father, whom I haven’t seen in a while now and probably won’t invite me anyway.

    Told the agency that I’m going there as a tourist, but I want to make my own itinerary and don’t want to avail of their package tours.

    I had a japanese visa on my previous passport and all necessary documents, well EXCEPT for the INVITATION LETTER.

    Does anyone here knows if this is really important?

    Thanks in advance

  33. kurt says:

    hello, im worried about my application, its been 3 weeks already, wala pang resulta… in my passport, i have singapore stamps and hongkong -macau twice…does my chance of getting visa big? please reply

  34. kurt says:

    i submitted all the requirements except ITR since i am a student and sent enrollment cert instead…huhuhuhu… malaki ba ang chance for approval? my guest will shoulder everything.

  35. don ray says:

    hi magnetic rose. i just want to inquire about commercial visa. i apply for commercial visa last week. ask ko lang what are the chances na madeny ang visa ko? i submitted 2 letters from my sponsor company in japan, guarentee and invitation letter. i also submitted the letter from my company stating that they will provide all the expenses in japan as well as the accomodations and flight.I was expecting to have the result on friday nov18. ask ko lang kung may chances na madeny ang visa ko. and may edge po ba kung ang sponsor company mo is big? sakin mo kasi malaki at kilala worldwide ang company ko lalo na sa japan. help naman po medyo nabobother kasi ako di ako makatulog kakaisip kung maaaprove ba ang visa ko. salamat po.

  36. don ray says:

    i also send the daily activities in japan and the accomodation details (fuji view hotel) and my return tickets.

    thanks po

  37. dhan says:

    hi question lng po if mag aaply po ako. kasi po 2 times na po ako na deny ppnta sa japan po. pag nag aply po kaya ko ngaun xmas vacation magkakaroon po ba ako ng visa help naman po please.

  38. dahlen says:

    we personally applied for visa last thursday. we will be staying in japan for four days as invited speakers in a university symposia. i called up the embassy last friday and they told us to go to window 6 to pick up our visa. would just like to inquire if it is okay to send an authorized representative? my boss and i both have classes during the pick up time. thanks.

    • yes, it should be fine. please supply your representative with a signed letter of authorization and photocopies of your government or university IDs. have fun in japan!

  39. dahlen says:


  40. cecille says:

    pls help me….
    kasal po ako sa isang hapon…nadeny nanaman ung visa namin.
    pwede po ba ako mag aply ng tourist visa kahit na may asawa na akong hapon at sa kanya ang punta ko?5yrs na kami kasal…this time gusto ko akonaman ang pupunta sa kanya…pls help po

  41. Miggy says:

    Hi! thank you so much for the tips I plan to visit Japan again soon and it’s actually my first time to apply for a visa in the Philippines. Got my first two Japanese visas in Korea and I never had a problem getting one because the requirements are simpler.

    I plan to go to Korea this summer and from Korea fly to Japan then to back to the Philippines. Luckily Korea issued me another tourist visa… hopefully Japan will give me one too.

  42. nathalie irene says:

    hi po, pwd po ba malaman kung aning travel agency kayo nagpunta?thank you.

  43. marie says:

    The post and the comments are very informative, pero may mga questions rin po ako. My friend and I are planning to go to Japan next year (balak namin while students pa kami). Pwede po ba na ITR ng parents namin pero bank certificate namin ang ipepresent? Na-mention niyo rin po na medyo mahirap din pag wala pang stamps yung passport, at hindi pa kami nakakatravel palabas ng bansa.
    Sabi niya may friend siya na willing maging guarantor for the two of us, though I am skeptical about this kasi hindi ko po kilala yung friend niya. Ok lang po ba yun?
    Thank you and sana po masagot ang mga tanong ko… :)

  44. arlene says:

    Hi Ms Rose,

    Where can i chat you? I really want to go to Japan. Please please. Thanks much.

  45. Kazumi Andres says:

    Hi po pinanganak po ako sa Japan then inuwi po ako ng mother ko dito 7 yrs old pa lang po ako 32 yrs old na po ako ngaun..ngaun po pagkita na po kami ng father ko gusto nya po na pumunta po kami dun ng family ko paano po ba ang gagawin ko.and possible po ba?thank you po

  46. Ella S says:

    Hi. My boyfriend and I plan to apply for a visa yet our bank account is joint. Is it okay if we submit the bank certificate into two separate applications?

    • Yes, I think you can submit the same bank joint account for two visa applications, as long as you have twp bank certificates made — one for each application. Good luck!

  47. thimhothy mariano says:

    my friend adopted 3 Filipino kids ,the problem is they are all using FAKE BIRTH friend name is SUSAN BUEMIO OMURA married to a japanese Tsuyoshi Omura. the 3 kids are not legitimate or illegitimate child of Susan Buemio Omura,,,the couples sponsored them to visit japan ,,they gave fake school records, fake school diplomas to the japan embassy…….my question is?…is there any case to be filed against to this person SUSAN OMURA?…its possible to the Japanese Government to deport this person?

  48. Eriche143 says:

    Hi! I just submitted my father’s paperwork for visitor’s visa thru Reli Tours Agency. Will the agency let you know if you’re approved or denied when they get the passport back from the embassy? TIA!

  49. Eriche143 says:

    Hmmm… I wonder if it was denied since they refused to tell me the results of the application. They just told me that the passport is ready for pick up. Would they also inform me if it was denied?

    • Unfortunately, if they refuse to divulge the results of the application, it is usually a sign that the visa has been denied :|

      From personal experience, the travel agent always tells me off the bat that the visa has been issued before he or she mentions that the passport is ready for pick-up.

  50. kit says:

    Good afternoon po!

    My brother who lives in Japan for almost 8 years is planning to get me by sending me a Certificate of Eligibility for me to be able to work there, (I just don’t know how he’ll get one since I’m still not applying in one of the companies there yet.) I just want to ask if in any case I could have a COE:

    > do I still need to go through an accredited agency?
    > what are the documents that are needed to be sent by my brother and also the documents that I need to prepare?
    > does he need to prepare at least Php100,000.oo in his bank account for my visa to get approved?

    Thanks and God bless. :)

    • Hi. The Certificate of Eligibility is issued by the Ministry of Education in Japan for undegraduate and postgraduate university students — I don’t think your brother will be able to “issue” you one even if he tried.

      Also, work visa applications are initiated by your employer in Japan and not you. If you are trying to secure a holiday visa for Japan but are attempting to look for work, you are in violation of labor and immigration laws and will be deported and blacklisted if caught.

      As previously stated, all applications must go through an accredited agency — including your case, since I doubt you will be able to secure a valid Certificate of Eligibility from Japan. The list of documents has already been given above, as well as linked to on the Japan Embassy site — please check there before asking me again.

      The Certificate of Deposit for the bank account must come from you. However if your brother will act as your guarrantor, he can supply his bank certificate. I have to warn you though that the money should be well above PhP 100k if you have a guarrantor. Your guarrantor should also supply his income tax form and other documents other than the bank certificate.

      Last but not least, I will have to be frank but yes — your empty passport will hurt your chances of getting approved. Well- travelled people with plenty of immigration stamps are more likely to get approval for their visa applications than absolute first- timers who have never even been to visa-free states like Singapore or Hong Kong. Hope that helps.

  51. kit says:

    Also, it’s my first time to travel abroad if God’s willing, does it mean it would be difficult for me to get a visa? Thanks again! :)

  52. Hafiz_Abbas says:

    hi my my uncle lives in japan and he had married there. how can i go there to see my uncle. He also wants to see me.

  53. Eriche143 says:

    Yayy!!! Just spoke to my father and he is actually approved! Thanks for the input though. Reli tours wont say the result thru text and phone call.

  54. jba123 says:

    Hi Magnetic Rose
    We’re going to apply for a visa tom for the third time.. You think we have a better chance of getting the visa this time?
    Thank you very much.

  55. Yuna says:

    Hello, magnetic rose. This information is very helpful. Thank you for sharing, :)
    I just have a question: Do you really need to purchase a ticket? I’m worried that if my application wasn’t succesful, could I still cancel or get a refund?

  56. sheree225 says:

    hello po! i am a filipina, a permanent residence in japan. divorced po ako sa hapon . meron po ako boyfriend na pilipino sa states at us citizen na sya. binabalak po namin na magsama at magpakasal na rin sa japan.pero kailangan nya muna pumunta sa japan as tourist. ano po ung mga requirementsa para makapunta sya ng japan as tourist?
    ano po ang magandang dapat sabihin nya kapag tinanong sya kung ano ang gagawin nya sa japan at kung saan sya titira?
    kapag bibili sya ng two way ticket,hanggang kelan po ang dapat nyang kunin na return date?
    once makapasok na sya as tourist sa japan, madali lang po ba kami magpakasal ?
    need po talaga namin ng help and idea kung ano ang dapat naming gawin.
    thank you.

    • Hello. First of all, I’m sorry I cannot help you as I am not a Family Court lawyer who specializes in international marriages. Thanks.

  57. jean says:

    goodday !!!

    i have a question.

    i am pilipina who is 3 months pregnant now. my japanese bf decided to get me as tourist visa and he wants me to deliver the baby on japan. he put in the letter that we will going to get married as soon as i am in japan.
    he had the show money of 1,500,000 yen and we will passed also the ninchi of my baby that gave by the cityhall in japan. is there a possibility of my visa to get approved? i really need your opinion . thank you so much

  58. maribeth okagaki says:

    i been applying spouse japan visa,how many days working po sa processing?i submit my documents last march27,2012….

  59. mazzie says:

    hello po,kailangan ko po ng advise nyo,may boyfriend po aq na hapon,,gusto po nya aq mag bakasyon sa osaka kht 5days lang po,,my balak n po kmi mgpakasal kya lng po pinaprocess pa ung annulment ko sa una q pong asawa,dati na po nag apply ng tourist visa pero na deny po aq nung july 2011.. Gusto q lng po malaman kung pwede n po b ulit aq mag apply ng tourist visa?Saka po pwede po ba na sa ibang agency nman po aq mag apply,,dti po kc s reli tours. Ano po ba ung maganda kong gawin para po hindi na po ma deny ang visa q? kailangan ko po tlga ung advise nyo sken… Maraming salamat po… God bless…

  60. stopoveradik says:

    Hi mam,

    Im planning to have a stop over in japan for 3 days on my way to new york, I currently have no work, so I cant provide an ITR, ito kc ang main problem ko sa pagkuha ng visa wala ako ITR, but I already have a US tourist visa. May chance kaya ako na ma approve sa visa? is ITR really a main requirement?

  61. Josese Apole Qiodravu says:

    i wana go to japan and i ialready bought my ticket..and i still need a visa,I!m staying in Fiji which is i n Namaka,so wht is all the requirements??

  62. Racyann conise says:

    gusto ko lang po sana malaman kung magknu po ba ang tourist visa ng japan?racy ann

  63. daiyot says:

    HI,im filipino married japanese brazilian in brazil,i was in japan before for 3 years as a trainee in electonics company,my husband plan to go back in japan,he had already visa,nissei po sya,we currently living now in brazil..balak ko po umuwi sa phillipines while nsa japan sya,but he want me to come back in japan,how to get visa from philippines?

    • Hello. First of all, I’m sorry I cannot help you as I am not a Family Court lawyer who specializes in international marriages. Thanks.

  64. kim says:

    hi ms kim, tanong ko lang po kasi malapit na kaming magpakasal ng japanese boyfriend ko..may mga process paba kaming kailangan daanan bago kami makapagpakasal dito and after po ba naming magpakasal paano po ako makakakuha ng visa papuntang japan para doon na rin tumira kasama nya…
    pls reply po..
    salamat ms.rose

  65. Macy says:

    Hi ms magnetic rose! Ask ko lang po kasi we’ve been to singapore and hongkong before we renewed our passport. Then after renewing our passport we went to korea. Pwede po bang isama sa application yung old passport para makita yung stamps ng ibang country? Or do you think kaya na yun ng Korean Visa? Thanks a lot! More powers! :)

  66. jakob tyles says:

    hi ms rose! tanong ko lang po gano ba po ang pinka matagal para makuha ang japan tourit visa? thanks po … pls answer :)

  67. lanie says:

    gusto go malaman ang lahat ng detalye kasi gusto to kong magpacheck up sa doctor sa japan kung may possible pa akong magkaroon ng anak.maykakilala naman ako sa japan kaya lang first time kong mag aabroad wala akong alam ano ano po ba ang requirements kung patiente ka papuntang japan…saka ung friend ko may kailangan din po ba syang requirements…kaya lang wala akong malaking pera sya lang po ang tutulong sa kin para magpagamot.

  68. Cathy says:

    Hi! Ms Rose,
    My husband and i are planning to go to Japan next summer vacation to take our kids to Tokyo Disney….. Will it be possible to submit our 2way airline tickets along with the documents requirements? Can this help us to secure tourist visa as a family? Thanks so much and Godbless!

  69. rejz says:

    i read your blog many times to know more about getting a japanese visa and yesterday i went to rajah travel agency to pass the requirements,…
    complete naman yung documents ko and my copy din ng plane ticket…
    excited na ko sa result.. sana ma grant yung visa ko.. :) hihihi

  70. jjfafa says:

    hi ms rose.. ask ko lang po kung pwede po ba akung makapagtour kasi may asawa akung japanese but since when his come back in japan i dont have any news from him. hindi na niya ako kinuha. may friend po ako nag-asawa ng japon she want me to invite. pwede po ba syang mag-invite sa akin? may pag-asa po ba akung makapasok gamit apliyedo ng asawa kung japon? pls…..reply… thank u po.

  71. rejz says:

    hi ms.rose… last wednesday rajah travel texted me, may interview daw ako sa friday and thats tomorrow (-_-;) i thought wala ng interview basta malalaman mo nalang kung approve to deny visa mo based sa documents na binigay mo… i hope positive yung magiging result ng interview ko tomorrow.. :)

  72. selle726 says:

    Hi! Ms. Rose,

    Alin po ba travel agency ang pwede niyo maisuggest sa akin when applying visit visa to Japan? ok po ba services ng attic tours? thank you

  73. rejz says:

    hi selle, ok naman yung interview.. nagtanong lang kung pano ko na meet yung japanese bf ko sya kasi guarantor ko.. then kung ilang months na relationship namin, anong gagawin ko sa japan.. actually unemployed ako, then wala din ako pinakita na mga papers na patunay na babalik ako ng pinas and first time ko mag travel abroad..
    27days yung plan ko na stay then na grant sya (30days) nakalagay sa japan visa ko…
    ang saya sobra… =^_^=

  74. NieFeng_XII says:

    Hi Magnetic Rose (sounds like a title from Katsuhiro’s trilogy “Memories”?)

    I plan to go to Tokyo with some friends next year, but we won’t be taking tour packages and decided to help ourselves around (since Tokyo lang naman), probably with a volunteer tour guide. What of the invitation requirement? Is that really necessary? E paano kung group tourist naman and not visitng visa? thanks..

  75. rejz says:

    hi anika. :)
    bf ko naglagay ng reason.. “to meet me”
    then nagtanong yung nag interview kung ano daw gagawin ko pag nasa work si bf. sabi ko sa bahay lang.. siguro nakatulong din na di ako marunong mag japanese.. kasi kahit 27days yung intended stay ko na grant parin sya good for 30days.. =^_^=

  76. yuna says:

    Hi Rej,
    Congratulations! You could get a visa. I wish I could get one as well. I have some questions for you and I hope you can answer them.

    Can you tell me what documents you sent? That means coming from you and from your guarantor.
    And do you know the validity of the visa? I’m planning to go there at the end of December until January (still uncertain when), so I wonder when I should apply for it. Any ideas?

  77. rejz says:

    hi yuna..
    eto yung mga requirements na pinasa ko sa rajah travel agency

    birth certificate
    plane ticket =roundtrip=
    love letters

    bank certificate
    invitation letter
    guarantee letter
    income tax certificate
    family registration
    daily schedule

    3months lang yung validity ng visa..
    so kung end of december plan mo mga november ka mag apply..
    kasi ako almost 3weeks bago na approve..

    • Yuna says:

      Thanks, Rejz. :)
      As regards emails and love letters you sent, are those the real ones or scanned? I was the one who sent not him so all those letters are with him.
      Also, I wonder, did you actually present those documents because they were asked by the agency or embassy or it was your own choice to verify your relationship?
      Sorry to ask you a lot.. :)

      • Maria says:

        Thanks Ms. Rose. Your blog and responses helped a lot.

        I got my visa in three days! I submitted the requirements last Tuesday and was able to pick-up from the travel agency my passport with Japan Visa by Friday.

        Ms. Yuna, I think you can send the scanned ones. As for me, I printed out snapshots of our emails as proof of our relationship.

  78. benjamin javier jr says:

    ano po b ang requirements sa missionary visa? kailangan po b kumuha na ng plane ticket? “Oo nga pastor. Nasabi sa akin si sis. Maricris na gusto daw niya na makapunta ka dito para mag- pastor sa kanilang grupo. Medyo mahigpit ang mga requirements kung gusto mong maging legal ang stay mo dito as a missionary, pero kung makapag-comply ka sa requirement ay mabilis naman silang magbigay ng “Religious Visa.” Initially narito ang mga requirements: (1.) Articles of Incorporation ng inyong Church issued by SEC-3 copies (2.) Official appointment signed by your Senior Pastor (appointing you as missionary in a specific place here in Japan)-3 copies and duly notorized, (3.) Affidavit of endorsement specifying your title/position and your specific work here in Japan- 3 copies duly notorized, (4.) Affidavit of Support from your mother Church (a guarantee that your mother Church will support your financial needs in the course of your stay here in Japan- normally at least $2,500.00 per month. All these documents need to have Japanese translations to be done by a legitimate/ official translator. Please take note: Missionaries here in Japan with “Religious Visa” are not allowed to engage in any income generating work other than the official function stated in the visa.”i2 po ay sabi sa akin ng isang ka chat ko fr japan….gusto ko lng i confirm kng totoo. thanks po and God bless

  79. benjamin javier jr says:

    pls can anybody reply on my question? ang gusto ko pong i question ung sagot sa #3 totoo po ba ito? ung mag guguarantee sa iyo ay from outside japan hindi taga japan? at ito po bang no#1-#3 talaga ay requirements for missionary visa? thanks

  80. debie says:

    magnetic_rose pwede bang mag-apply ng tourist visa kahit nakakuha na ako noon ng long term visa?

  81. cana says:

    magnetic_rose regarding visa requirements panu po kung walang friend/relative sa japan tsaka panu po yung bank certificate and income tax return kung college student palang po ako. malabo na po bang makakuha ng visa kung ganun? thank you po :))

  82. hiro says:





    or sent ur no. there so that i can text y’all

    • 1) Please refrain from typing in all-caps — on the internet, it is the equivalent of screaming into the ears of the person you are talking to.

      2) All the answers to your question have been written down in the post. Please take the time to read it in its entirety before asking questions in the comments box. Thank you.

  83. kim says:

    your so BOASTFUL who do u think u are,,,?? HOLY BBBBH!!!

  84. rob says:

    ms.rose ask ko lang po kung may malaki ung chance na makapunta ako ng japan kc ung fiance ko is taga japan ..ano kaya magandang gawin pra mkapunta ako doon..?
    pde ba ako magstay doon for 6months if ever lang po?nagbibigay din po ba ng ganung tagal na vacation?thank you po ms rose answer my question please.

  85. rhose says:

    mam rose ask ko lng po two tyms n po ako nkrating sa japan as visit relatives visa and two tyms nrin po ako n denied almost a yr na,,,my pag asa po kau ako m grant ng visa,,,pls give me a tips,,,,

  86. hello just want to ask, do you have any ideo if i can apply a tourist visa for japan and south korea in their consulate in hongkong. and im currently working in macau. i have no guarantor and i will travel alone. ill be planning to go there by year 2014.
    can you please clarify this for me
    i will appreciate it so much
    thank you and more blessings

  87. obeng says:

    hi i want to apply for japan visa on december pls i just need help. years back i apply japan visa then i get it. i went there but unfortunate i did’nt go with my itirenary becouse i left some documents home, also they called my hotel to verify the hotel say i booked but did’nt paid becouse i supposed to pay it upfront, when i reach there they gave me an entry and @ the same time they call me back. they stat interview me and @ the end they denied me entry, pls now i want to spend my holidays there on December i want to apply for the visa again actually the previous visa they did’nt spoild it they just stamp (used) and the entry stamp. pls i need help from u guys what must i do pls i have only 1 month left (thanks) i not filipino but need help

  88. Gean Carlo R. Borja says:

    Hello Roch!

    I just want to say thank you for putting up this blog as it is super informative. There’s no other blog out there that attends to visa-related inquiries as much as this website does. You’re a lot more helpful than the people from the Japanese embassy. I like to consider you to be the diva of all globetrotters. I can only imagine how socially jam-packed your schedule is. But you still take the time to deal with each comment (good or bad).

    I’ve lodged my application for my student visa yesterday. So I’m hoping that the result will come out early next week. Wish me luck! :)

  89. Dennis says:

    Hello, I am an American military member living in Japan, on SOFA, I don’t believe I can provide a proper gurantor letter, because I am not a citizen here in Japan. I am only providing an itenarary for my Filipina fiancee.

    She plans to come this December using an acount bank certificate with a little over double the 100,000 PHP reccomendation, but just recently put in, she owns an empty piece of land, no property on top, she had a 1 yr. training visa for Japan and came home to the Phillipines, this Septemeber, we want only to marry on this visa, and she will then return home, so we will apply for the 15 days.

    She can not apply for a current ITR in her area until, January which we are unable to wait for, but merely show the slip for attempt.

    I believe upon rejection Japan requires a 6 month wait for next attempt, which I will still be here, but I don’t think we can marry around that time by circumstance.

    Does this sound sufficient, how common are rejections?

    She has only done 1/2 year of college around 8 years ago, so she can’t get a decent paying job, thus hasn’t one.

    Does she need a background check also? She has no criminal record, but she needed one for her training visa.

    • Hey Dennis — really sorry I can’t provide more info on SOFA visas as I have never applied for one.

      You’re right about the rejection though — if your application was declined you’ll have to wait six more months before you can lodge another one. However, one tip I can give you is if your SOFA visa application was rejected, you can apply for a regular tourist visa instead, and you don’t have to wait six months for that.

      I know this works because I once tried applying for a multiple entry business visa, and my application was rejected, so the Embassy asked me if I would like to apply for a regular single entry business visa in its place. Which I did, and that application pulled through without any trouble.

  90. gabby says:

    hi mam tanong ko lang po if magkanu abutin ung tourist visa?visiting, or aynthing to see my fiance, or girl..hehe got no idea about this, narinig ko lang po..salamat

  91. strong says:

    Hallo, I’m a Filipino working here in Austria. Just like to know if I really need to have a plane ticket purchased already before applying a Japan visa. Thanks!

  92. Rei9259 says:

    Hi po! I just want to ask sa lahat ng makakabas at sa may alam about sa visa application going japan.
    May chance po ba na mabigyan kami ng 3 year old baby ko ng visa to visit his japanese father? His Japanese father ang guarantor but he has no ITR … Pwede narin ba kahit bank account lang? And hindi pa kami kasal
    Divorce ako sa unang Husband ko 4yrs ago na japanese din. Will that be questionable para hindi ma-approve ang visa?
    Please give me some advise… I really need help! Please!

  93. my name is mujahid afridi and i want to go to japan for tour and my czn is living in japan nagano shi nagano so i want to visit mith my mother so plz help me my number is 03336616108 Thanks

  94. selle726 says:

    Hi! Ms. Rose
    I got approved of Japan Visit Visa last July 26, it took me 5 days kasi wednesday ko po naisubmit sa travel agency ko mga requirements. I was granted with 90 days to visit my sister under SOFA status. August 3, 2012 po ako nagpunta dito sa Japan. Then we filed for an extension of 90 days ulit sa Japanese embassy po dito sa Japan nung October kasi hanggang November 1 na lang po ako dito, luckily on that same day na we filed for extension they granted me another 90 days. So, at present andito pa din po ako sa Japan. All in all i was granted a total of 6 months of stay here, to be exact i am allowed to stay here until January 30, 2013. My question is how long should I wait to be able to apply again for a visit visa in Japan? is there a waiting period before I can apply for a visa again? Thank you and God bless po..

    • Hi! There is no waiting period if you’ve been approved with your previous application; only those who were denied need to wait six months. Thanks!

    • jhe says:

      hi, selle726, wat nem agency u nagproces ng visa? Tska ano ang nirason mo para mka extension u jan sa japan.. Tanx, i ned u rply

  95. Anji says:

    Hello !i have a daughter of Japanese nationality I like to apply a long term visa I have a guarantor my friend japanese is my guarantor !the father of my daughter we are not married ..I direct apply to the Japan embassy in Manila.if the consult give me a visa ?thanks!if I have a interview within I have a complete documents ?

  96. mars says:

    Hi po Ms.Rose

    May tanong lang po ako.

    Medical student po ako at balak ko pong pumunta sa Japan this May. Kaya ko po gusto pumunta eh para puntahan yung special someone. Japanese citizen po siya pwede niya po akong padalhan ng invitation letter kaso ang problema, sinusuportahan po sya (financially) ng Japanese government. Hindi daw po siya pwede magbigay ng invitation letter kasi baka daw po malaman.

    Meron po akong kakilala na pwede magsilbi as guarantor. Ang problema ko po eh wala akong bank certificate. Tingin nyo po ba, valid ang 2 month-old bank account at yung certificate of enrollment ko para makapasa ako at makakuha ng visa?

  97. Jhen says:

    Hi ms.rose ask ko lang po kung possible na makakuha po kmi ng visa ng boyfriend q hndi pa kmi kasal and my anak na kmi gusto lng nmin magtour sa disneyland and sanrio puroland ang gurantor nmin is yung daddy nung boyfriend ko na nandto din sa philippines.

  98. Geneva says:

    I am so happy to read this. This is the type of manual that needs to be given and not the random misinformation that’s at the other blogs. Appreciate your sharing this.

  99. mars says:

    Hi po ulit Ms.Rose. Nakapagtanong na po ako sa inyu nung nakaraan. Hehe

    Ahmm, nakita ko po dun sa site ng Japanese Embassy na kapag visa for visiting a friend eh kelangan may picture to prove relationship. Eh wala po talaga kaming picture kasi hindi kami mahilig mag picture picture dati.

    Pero may nabasa po akong nag comment dito, nagtatanong na may pic daw sila nung friend nya, Pero nireplyan nyo po na hindi mahalaga yung picture. Yung documents ang mahalaga. Tatanong ko lang po sana kung pwede po akong mag apply ng visa for visiting a friend kahit na wala po kaming picture hehe.

  100. yhan sazon says:

    Hi. Just want to ask for your help/assistance po. My sister has been residing there (Japan) for almost 10years na po with her Japanese husband. I applied na po for a tourist/visit visa last October 2012 but it was denied. Since, hindi po dini-disclose yung reason bakit ganun, is it really because of the reason po ba na simple visit lang po kase? Now, they are willingto have me apply for another tourist/visit visa po but we are afraid na baka di nanaman po ma-approve. Is there any particular or should I say tips or anything po from you na pweding e-reason for me to possibly get an approved visa po? Thanks much :))

  101. smile says:

    ms rose question lang po. bago lang kasi ako sa work ko at probationary pa, kaya di ko alam kung makakahingi ako ng certificate of employment. kailangan po ba ng COE lagi? thanks

  102. polka dots says:

    Hi magnetic rose. My British boyfriend wants me to go with him on a 3-4 day trip to Japan this summer. I have a stable job and compensated well for it but I don’t have a fat bank account because most of my salary goes to payments for 2 properties, which are not yet titled in my name since I haven’t finished paying for all of them. I have 3 bank accounts – the company payroll account in which I receive my salary, a savings account which has less than P30k (because, like I said, most of my earnings go to the properties), and a checking account (which I use for postdated cheques to amortise the properties). Bagsak na ba ako sa show money requirement? I am willing to present the contracts for the properties i necessary. I also have stamps in my passport from visits to Singapore, Vietnam and Cambodia. On an old passport I have a UK visa (I was sent there for training). What do you think are my chances of getting a tourist visa? Am really worried about the show money requirement. Thank you for your advice.

    • I think the fact that you own two properties locally (or are halfway there) is a good thing — just show a certificate from your real estate broker that you are on a deferred payment scheme plus the actual value of the properties and they might consider it as a sign that you are well-compensated here and don’t intend to look for work overseas :)

  103. gel says:

    Good day po, ask ko lang po kung paano po makakuha ng tourist visa sa japan? im 18 yrs old pede naman na po ko sa sarili ko ako na lang kukuha, ano po mga requirements? gusto ko lang talaga makita mama ko at mga kapatid ko this yr.. citizen na din po yung mama ko kaso nahihirapan po sya na makuha ako, ano din po ba maganda na paraan? please, sana po magresponse kayo.. :)

  104. Nowee damayo says:

    Ask ko lang po. Balak ko kasing mag work sa japan for 6 mons. Kaso ung titirahan ko dun di ko kamag anak. Ano po dapat ko i-apply na klase ng visa? Tourist po ba?:) tska ano pong mga kailangan pag kukuha ng visa?

  105. Hi! I just want to thank you for this informative blog post! :) I was totally clueless regarding the application process and requirements for a tourist visa, especially because I’m still a student, still financially dependent on my parents. :) I passed my requirements last Friday, March 22 and today, the travel agency told me that I was granted a visa valid until June. :) yay! Congratulations on your blog :)

  106. maila1221 says:

    hello magnetic_rose how u doing po?? ask ko lang po sana kung pwedi akong makakuha ng tourist visa to japan at ang American bf ko po ung magiging sponor ko…and kahit na po i was married with australian before pero hiwalay na po kami but hindi pa po kami annul, hindi po ba ako mahihirapan kumuha ng visa this month???

  107. Miguel Rogali says:

    I’m just wondering if I could book/purchase hotel, plane tickets, amusement park tickets ahead of time then submit them to back up my other documents, because I plan not to avail any tour package and just tour on my own as I like to have my own time for sight seeing, also I have no relatives there or friends, what’s the chances of having my visa approved? My fear is denied visa after making those ticket purchases and waste money. I have already traveled with visa to some Asia countries like China, India, Africa like Egypt as well as ASEAN like Singapore, Thailand and Malaysia.

    • It’s really not recommended to purchase anything ahead of time as these may not be refundable if your visa application is denied. My suggestion is to submit as much financial documentation as you can (bank account certificates, income tax returns, even land deeds or business permits), and hope that these are enough to prove that you are financially stable. Good luck!

  108. Jay iro sasaki says:

    Magnetic rose tanong ko lang po ako po ay half japanese half filipino dito po ako pinanganak sa pilipinas at ang daddy ko po at mama ay nasa japan gusto po nila ako kunin kaso po na deny po sila dati sa pag kuha ng eligitimate sa japan dahil wla po ako sa kosekitohon po 20years old na po ako ngayon pano po kaya dapat namin gawin? Thanks po

  109. Jay iro sasaki says:

    Bali po pure japanese po ang daddy ko at mama ko po pure filipina pano po ba dapat gawin namin para po hindi ma deny yung sa eligitimate po? Posible po kaya maayos pa yung sakin case? Thanks po ulit!

  110. Jay iro sasaki says:

    Please replay po kung sino may alam eto po number ko 09275148987 thanks po ng madami

  111. Mina says:

    Just wanted to say thank you for writing this post. It’s very helpful, given that my friends are going there. I hope this helps them!

  112. Jay iro sasaki says:

    Mag netic rose please help me to my problem..

  113. Wimbky says:

    Hi Ms. Rose!

    I want to know if you have heard or handled questions RE: Tourist Visa for Military Personnel SOFA Status.

    I know it’s handled the same way as a regular tourist visa, but I’m having trouble receiving mails from my USAF fiance. He’s my guarantor and he’ll be shouldering all of my expenses in my travels there.

    My situation:

    He has sent me two mails and so far, none has been received yet, and the bureau of customs did not send me anything re: a package waiting to be claimed. I’m afraid it will happen to his letters, so is it possible to have them scanned and sent?

    Also, I plan on coming back ASAP, since I can’t be absent from work for more than a week.

    We plan on getting married here in the PH, but he needs my passport that proves that I have been to Japan to see him for his CO’s to approve/authorize the marriage. He will be returning with me to the PH and get married here as soon as we arrive. So, it’s a two-week affair.

    My questions:

    1. Is it possible to have him send me a scanned copy of the things I need from him?

    2. We have no pictures, but 80% of our conversations have been saved from last year to today and on different messaging platforms (Skype, Facebook, Steam). Would that be enough as proof of relationship?

    3. Also, since we’re already preparing documents for the marriage, would an Affidavit of Parent’s advice (for ages 21-25, we have to prepare it for the marriage license. It means that we sought advice from our parents informing them that we intend to get married) from both parties be enough as proof of relationship as well?

    4. I wouldn’t want to buy the round-trip ticket beforehand to avoid wasting money, and my fiance will pay for it. So is a COE, a handwritten letter from my company informing them of my return, and a copy of leave of absence enough to assure the Consul?

    5. If it would help, since he will be returning with me on my last day, would a photocopy of his passport and airline ticket help?

    6. In your opinion, do you think if I presented all of these, the visa will be approved ASAP? Do you think it might take less than a month? (If we’ll be waiting for his passport to arrive and ticket, then we can file for the visa most likely a month to two weeks before my travel date which is in last week of June /first week of July.)

  114. Monette Olivar says:

    Hello, nag apply me last week ng tourist visa. Na deny ako. Hindi pa nman ako nainterview. By the way ang nag invite sa akin un hipag ko na may asaswa hapon all requirements submitted kasama sa invite nya un byenan ko na age 80 bali ako makasama nun makaalis para alalay nya. but sya na approved ako hindi. dun sa pinuntahan ko agency nag pass po kami ng requirements at nagbayad tapos nag personal appearance ako tapos after 1 week deny na ako pero ang byenan ko approved. tapos di pa naman ako nainterview…

  115. gel says:

    pag magpapakuha po sa professional na photographer, ano po dapat ang kulay ng background?

  116. gel says:

    sa picture po, ano po dapat ang kulay ng background?

  117. arlen says:

    my dauhter aply viza to visit me here in japan,she always deny,now she aply again almost 3weeks already but no reply

  118. Riza says:

    Ilang days po ba ang mag antay ng result kasi mula ng pinasok ko 10 days na po ngaun mula ng pinasok ko mga papeles ko sa agency papunta ng japan

  119. Kimmy Chloe Gito says:

    Good eve po Maam Rose..Tourist Visa Holder na po ko going to Japan,,kaso yong purpose po sana namin na ng apply ng tourist visa ay makapagtrabaho sa Japan,pero nalaman namin na hindi pwede at kahit mgpa extend ng stay di rin pwede,binigay lang kasi sa akin 15 days lenght of stay…May ibang options pa kaya na pwede kong gawin?pwede kaya akong mg apply ng student visa while yong 15 days ko na stay hindi pa natapos para hindi lang ako makauwi sa balik sa Pilipinas..?..wait ko po ng opinion nyo…Thanks…

    • Hi! Unfortunately using a tourist visa to enter Japan to apply for a job is against the rules; work visas are processed for you by your company once you are already hired — usually while you are still in the Philippines. Sorry :(

  120. Karla says:

    How much show money is needed to get visa for japan? We will travel with my boyfriend and we have a joint account, is it acceptable that we have only one bank certificate? Thanks.

  121. The most recent Japan Visa-related post can be found here: How to Get A Japanese Tourist Visa in 24 Hours