Cosplay Mania X Day 1 Event Report

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Cosplay.PH in cooperation with Brother, Eagle Game, Sony, and GMA 7 presents Cosplay Mania X — the Philippines’ largest cosplay convention will be on 2nd and 3rd of October 2010 at the SMX Convention Center, SM Mall of Asia.

CMX features not one but two cosplay competitions: the Grand Finals of the Tournament of Champions, and CMX’s very own competition Project Cosplay. The event also features a massive dealers floor, cosplay workshops, giveaways and raffle prizes, band performances and much more. The event even had free-flowing drinks and free snacks and chips with every ticket stub — well worth the PhP 150 entrance fee.

Cosplay      Cosplay Mania X Day 1 Event Report

Cosplay Mania X Day 1 Event Report      Cosplay Mania X Day 1 Event Report

Cosplay Mania X boasts of a record-breaking headcount, with a line that stretched almost an entire city block. The turnout was so huge that SMX had opened the event hall next door simply to accommodate the spillover. Having said that, the dealers hall was laid out in a way that people could still comfortably find their way around without getting crushed.

I had the privilege of hosting one of the convention’s workshops, namely the Ladies Yukata Workshop. During the workshop, I explained and demonstrated for a small group of about a dozen girls the proper way to put on a yukata and tie an obi. We all had fun playing dress-up with several sets of yukata the participants either brought themselves, or borrowed others.

Cosplay      Cosplay Mania X Day 1 Event Report

Cosplay Mania X Day 1 Event Report      Cosplay Mania X Day 1 Event Report

The highlight of the day was — of course, the cosplay contest. The main competition for Day 1 was Project Cosplay Solo, and close to 100 participants took to the stage to win one out of ten categories. Once again, I was given the honor of assisting the event organizers by becoming a judge for the solo cosplay competition, alongside veteran cosplayers Cat de Jesus of Layers HQ, Polidread, and Minami. The results of the afternoon’s competition are:

Overall Champion: Guy Singson (Garo Makai Knights Kiba)
Best Male: Krischan Ramos (Soul Calibur 4 Nightmare)
Best Female: MJ Lee (Vocaloid 2 Kagamine Rin)
Best Chibi: Zire Salazar (Power Rangers Jungle Fury Red Ranger)
Best Craftsmanship: Espayos Roque
Best Performance: Lester Ruckfert (G Gundam Domon)
Best Anime/Manga: Maria Reyes (Trinity Blood Esther Blanchett)
Best Comic Book/Cartoon: Erwin Luarca (The Transformers Movie Bumblebee)
Best Movie/TV/Live Action: Gibs Sagun (Kamen Rider W Fang Joker)
Best Video Game: Stephanie Sumbre (Monster Hunter Rathalos)

Overall Day 1 was a success — easily one of the better local cons I have been to this year. Probably the only hitches I can think of are the fact that the VIP section close to the stage is far too large and could do with being reduced by one or two rows, and the horrendously long line that would around itself three times within the confines of Hall 4 next door. Still, they were not anything major that detracted from the entire con experience so it’s all good.

Thanks to the CMX crew for the invitation.

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11 Responses to Cosplay Mania X Day 1 Event Report

  1. Rebin says:

    Gratz to Claw for winning Best Male…i just need to find a clear full body pic XD

  2. Kat says:

    Thanks for the workshop! I had fun. :D

  3. yukina says:


    I love your site, It is a pleasure to visit.

    I have added your site to my site.

    Please link my site to your site.

    Thank you!

  4. @rebin i’ll link you to a photo if i find one.

    @kat no worries — i’m glad you had fun!

    @yukina — hello, thanks for dropping by!

  5. Guy Singzon says:

    Gud day ma’am…. correction lang po… It’s Kiba from Garo makai Knights… hindi po Spawn Mandarin. thank you!

  6. erratum noted — thanks guy!

  7. Sese says:

    The best female for cosplay is known as MJ (surname LEE). She’s korean and she looks sooo cute! I’m so proud of MJ. It’s her first time on the ramp and she won!

  8. peppy says:

    bugger. had to leave early so I didn’t get to see the G Gundam performance. sadness.

  9. woah… I was surprised my name was written here. ^^
    Thank you so much for choosing my Queen Esther cosplay for the Best Anime/Manga cosplay category. I did not expect to win since i made everything in about 2 weeks time. I really see my entire cosplay as a failure since i didn’t finish the details and my wig was such a mess… plus my crown was falling off. XD That’s why I didn’t even remember to go back and check out the winners…thanks to my friend who texted me and said i won. Again, Thanks a lot to you, to the other judges and CosplayMania. ^_____________^

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