How to Spot Fake Mix-Style Headphones

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After I had discussed my somewhat adulterous love affair with both mix-style and Skullcandy headphones, I noticed a huge spike in traffic for the search term “fake mix-style”. Intrigued, I decided to do a bit of sleuthing on my own, and discovered that not only were there mix-style knock-offs, but that they were cheap and readily available on the local market.

So, how do you tell a fake mix-style product from the real deal? I still have a spare headset purchased from Tokyu Hands Shibuya during my last Tokyo trip, but I also went out and bought one of the fakes from a local dealer that I found online, so that I’d be able to conduct a proper investigation.

I will not be divulging who it was or where their store is, but a bit of creative Googling will yield you some answers. In fairness to the shop-owners, they will tell you outright that you are purchasing a counterfeit, but not all sellers are as forthcoming as they are so this post aims to protect you from the unscrupulous ones.

Please note that in all succeeding photos, the ones on the left are pictures of the genuine mix-style, while those on the right are from the counterfeit.

How to Spot Fake Mix-Style Headphones Original      How to Spot Fake Mix-Style Headphones Fake

How to Spot Fake Mix-Style Headphones Original      How to Spot Fake Mix-Style Headphones Fake

Let’s start with the packaging. AFAIK the printing and the stickers on both boxes are identical. However, the box on the original has a stiffer body — both the cardboard and the clear plastic window are more resistant to squashing compared to the box for the fake. The quality of the paper also feels different — the original feels weightier and the inside lining sports a very faint yellow tinge, while that on the fake feels more flimsy and is flat white on the inside.

Another huge tell-tale sign is the cable that connects the headphones to the sound jack. On the original mix-style, the cable is attached to the headphones, but in turn it is attached to an extension cord about a metre long that terminates with another sound jack. On the fake, the cord leads from the headphones directly to the jack in a metre-long stretch.

How to Spot Fake Mix-Style Headphones Original      How to Spot Fake Mix-Style Headphones Fake

How to Spot Fake Mix-Style Headphones Original      How to Spot Fake Mix-Style Headphones Fake

Moving on, a quick inspection of the leather insulation for the headphone cups reveals that while the originals are clad in a smooth, buttery genuine leather shell, the fake comes with wrinkly synthetic leather that feels hotter to the touch and is more prone to inducing sweat in and around your ears. The ear cups on the original are also wider by a couple of millimetres compared to the counterfeits.

When you look at the headband, you will notice that the original actually comes with a slightly narrower headband compared to the fake. The plastic also feels more sturdy in the genuine mix-style than the fake. The most telling sign however is the embossing of the brand logo on the inside of the right-side headband for the original mix-style; the fakes do not bear this embossing on either sides of the headband.

Last but not least are two non-physical indicators to help you tell the originals apart from the fakes: sound quality and price point. The bass is richer and more punchy with the original mix-style, while the treble is more peaky on the imitation mix-style which sometimes interferes with bass quality. As for the pricing, there is a huge disparity between the two: the original is worth about JPY 4000 (or PhP 2000), while the counterfeit only fetched a price of PhP 500.

If you’re looking to invest in a pair of good-looking midpriced headphones, it pays to do your homework ahead of time. Good luck and I hope you score your own pair of mix-style headphones very soon! :D

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142 Responses to How to Spot Fake Mix-Style Headphones

  1. Nagi says:

    Thanks for this. I already saw fake Mix-style headphones at the malls recently. I didn’t know there were already fakes and to think it’s from a well-known mall! x_x
    Anyway, I almost bought one because it’s cheaper. But then upon inspection and my intuition said, it wasn’t ‘the one’

    Meanwhile, I bought my (orig) Mix-style online and yeah it costs 2k but hey it’s a good investment. ^^

  2. Oscar says:

    i’m considering buying the fake online for $500 i’l just better it by using an amp(Fiio E5) which increases the vol and bass,should make the sound qual comparable or even better than the auth. I have to improvise since i can’t spend too much anyway on a headphone that doesn’t pack much bass, i mean it does but not that much compared to skullcrushers..

  3. Oscar says:

    i’m sorry it was 500 php i mean uknow those at sulit and multiply.. do u know the diff though between those that sell for 500 than those that sell for a thousand? like those for 1k any good over those at 500 or they’re all just the same kind just diff price??

    • i was wondering why you were going to pay ten times as much for a fake. anyway, i think that anything sold for less than the SRP of JPY 4000 could be a fake. there’s just too much of a price difference for me not to be suspicious of the authenticity.

  4. VIPer6 says:

    nice one, i sell the fake one, and it match all what u said, the difference is, I told everyone that they can chose to buy a real one with the real price, or to buy mine with 1/3 price. And even after they used it, no one complain, and still said, it has nice sound, even I admit, this is a nice replica with nice sound.

    What I don’t like is, if someone sells a counterfeit but told people that it is the real one, and sell them with the real price.. curse them.. =.=””

    Bravo for ur investigation ^^

  5. Devon says:

    If I were to buy from (

    Would these be actual Mix style headphones?

  6. Devon says:

    Ahhh YAY~! Haha. I was so close to buying one off this site (like a trading site that is available in my country) I had already *bought* it as well! Then I found your page, and asked the seller and they didn’t have the logo, and after discussing and her reading this page, she too realised hers weren’t real. So I managed to cancel the trade~ thank fully.
    I was wondering about HMV because I couldn’t look the close enough to see if it had the logo.
    Thank you for replying~!

  7. no worries — i hope everything works out for you :) cheers!

  8. royalmilktea says:

    hi, i’m interested on mix-style.. in your last article you mentioned about i wanna ask you if the one that sold there is the real thing? or is it fake?
    please reply on my email.. thank you.. i’m dying to have it!!

  9. royalmilktea says:

    owh i see… now i know where to buy…
    thank you!!

  10. alan wang says:


    Do you know any reliable sources where i can purchase genuine mix-style headphones in bulk at a cheaper price?
    I am thinking of ordering about 100.

    Alan Wang

  11. Ian says:

    Hi, thanks for the article! :)

    Anyways, where in the Philippines can I buy authentic mix-styles? I’m hesitant to buy from local retailers (Multiply people) because of counterfeit.


  12. Ian says:

    I see.

    I checked-out YESASIA.COM and it seems that the item is eligible for FREE SHIPPING (standard).

    I’m new to this online shopping thing… Two questions:

    1. Have you had any problem retrieving the item (Post office problems)?

    2. Did you pay any taxes?

    Thanks! :)

    • YESASIA is very reliable — if the post office loses your parcel for any reason, they are willing to ship you a replacement for free. as for customs fees, if they hold your parcel at the post office you may need to pay taxes, but if it goes through without a hitch all you have to pay is the PhP 35 releasing fee.

  13. The wandering couple says:

    I am buying mix style headphone today..

    I never thought it was at par with skullcandy, until I searched for it today. Now, I can concluded that the mix style headphones I am buying from Ayala today will be fake.. hehehe never thought it was that popular..

    anyway, I am still buying the fake ones for 450php.. Hopefully it will last long..

    wish me luck ^_^

  14. Jen says:

    Hii. ^^

    I’m looking for Mix-Style headphones on eBay. However, the seller on eBay is selling the headphones for around $14 USD. Would you suspect it as a fake?

    Here is a link of it. Thank you very much for posting this. I really appreciate it. :)

    • well, the seller just posted pics from the mix-style catalogue, and unless he takes hi-res photos of his on-hand items himself like i did with the side-by-side comparison of real versus fake mix-style, i am not inclined to believe that his merchandise is authentic.

  15. music_luv says:

    Thanks for the warning!
    But it’s a little to late for me…I read this article the day before they arrived and I started freaking out! Just one glance at them when they came and I knew that they were fake. Now I know never to buy from HD Accessory again, but thank you for suggesting! I’ll get my headphones from there now! XD

  16. yikes — that sucks :( well, i hope you didn’t lose too much money in the deal :/

  17. Jen says:

    Ahh yes I saw a few other sellers who posted pictures that looked pretty dead-on compared to the pictures you supplied. But the price was very cheap so I’m guessing they’re fakes. >.<

    $50 for headphones is pricey for me. D: But I really don't like the idea of buying fakes. :/

    I think I'll try my luck and buy one I suspect to be fake. I hope the sound quality isn't too bad. :S

  18. well, it’s a compromise between price and quality. i suggest though that you skip buying the fake and just save up your money for the genuine one. fifty bucks seems like a lot right now but the headphones will last you a year — if not more, and i doubt the fakes will last beyond a mere three months.

  19. Star says:

    oh thank you for the tip…very helpful…cause i was trying to buy the headphone as a gift to my self…i don’t want to end my birthday with save me here..i’ll just ask my sis in japan to buy me one..instead..phew!

  20. Sam T. says:

    I bought my mix styles from YESASIA, and they look like the counterfeit ones D:

    • counterfeit ones are supposed to look like the item they are copying — that’s why they are counterfeit in the first place >.> if you are not pleased with your purchase YESASIA has a return policy — just check up on their website for details.

      having said that though, if you weren’t happy with the originals you bought off YESASIA (and they never sell fakes, at least not to my knowledge) i doubt you’d be any happier with another authentic mix style bought off a different store. you’d probably be better off buying a different brand altogether.

  21. Sam T. says:

    I bought them during the summer, so the option of returning anything is out of the question. I like mix styles, but I don’t want to overpay for fakes. The “leather” portion of my headphones look identical to the image of the counterfeits.

  22. lek says:

    you said that the original costs for about $50, how about this one??

    • that’s a fake — she said so herself on her selling page (with a disclaimer). besides, PhP 500 or PhP 350 or Php 1000, it does not matter — as long as it falls way below the SRP of JPY 4000 (PhP 2000) i have my doubts about its authenticity.

  23. joan says:

    salamat sa post na ito. =) ang daming nanloloko sa multiply.!

  24. mr.sheep says:

    I was about to buy them from ebay, but i
    read your site and i dont want to get a fake
    one, so spenind 20 more dollars wouldnt hurt.
    so, hmv is a good site to get it from???

  25. Alan says:

    Wow i bought Fakes — From a Shopping center How Gay but i got it for 300php I hope mine lasts long =.= ill kill my self thanks for the info.

  26. kevincath says:

    hehe sa monumento station 350 lang. hehe iniintay ko pa magkaroon ng bagong kulay at design. malupit kasi yung parang reggae colors. parang “BALLER” craze lang yan, sa praktikal ka na kung porma porma ka lang naman. nasa nagdadala lang yan. pero kung full blown musician/music lover ka, i recommend to buy the 2k pesos [it is cheap pa nga actually compared to SONY]. wag kau bumili nung 450, 1k at wag kayo bumili sa multiply, sulit,at kung anu anu pa. kung japeks sa 350 lang kayo ganun din un.

  27. matthew irving says:

    i just got some from are mine real or fake?

  28. Idiomtastic says:

    Haha. I bought my Mix-Style headphones from the Uwajimaya store in Seattle,Washington. Only 53 USD for Stereos, and 37 for Earbuds.

  29. joon says:

    hi magnetic rose,

    you mentioned that the authentic ones only last a year? i just bought myself a pair from yesasia and am expecting them by end of march. that’s so sad, somehow i feel ripped off already that its life expectancy is so short. i mean i dont expect it to last for a decade, but a year?! really?

    • yes, i replaced my headphones after about a year because the headband had become uncomfortably loose and had a tendency to slip off, although the sound quality of the output was not affected by age.

      when you think about it, a year or so isn’t so bad since headphones are peripherals and meant to be replaced after some time. if you wanted something nigh-near indestructible, i suggest you go for the professional USD 300-500 headphones used by sound engineers and deejays :)

  30. joon says:

    Awww, i feel kinda sad about these turn of events, a few days ago i was so happy that i had found good quality headphones. didnt expect its body to have weak structural features. too bad i read about its structural issues too late.

    $50 is pretty big for me, and id at least expect to enjoy it for 2-4years.

  31. lol sorry but i think your expectations are a bit unrealistic. if you wanted to up the ante on durability you’d obviously need to scale up on your price range as well :) hope it all works out for you in the end…

  32. arathuine says:

    Thanks for this. :) Where can I find the original mix-style headphones, btw?

  33. Deer says:

    Where can i have a Mix Style Headphones Pink Colour and with a White Star which is authentic. Please help! Yesasia doesn’t have the colour i wanted.

    • if YES ASIA/ YES STYLE does not have them in stock you can either wait for it to be available again, or you can — as suggested above, order from HMV japan.

  34. tiffanyc says:

    i bought my mixstyles from yes asia.. but the earphone cups are not leather!! :(
    is that supposed to be so??

    • if you touch it does it feel really soft and smooth or really rough and a bit rigid? if it’s the former that’s leather, and if it’s the latter that’s synthetic. you can also check if you get a genuine set by looking for the brand name embossing in the inside of the headband. if it has it your item is authentic, otherwise it’s faux.

  35. Tina says:

    Thanks to this, I almost bought a fake one. I was eager to buy since I’m starting school again, and one way to pass the time is to listen music. (Traffic jams and breaktimes)I think I’ll better save up for an original one.

  36. kpopaddict says:

    Do you know where I can buy authentic mix style headphones without using a credit card? Because my parents won’t allow me to buy online… do you know where I can buy?? I really want this because Donghae (from Super Junior) wore it in the music video of Seoul… XD but of course, I’ll use it too so I don’t want to spend money if the quality isn’t good s i don’t want a fake one… can you help me??

  37. sorry but there is no local reseller in the philippines. the only way to get a guaranteed authentic one is if you get it from an online store — and all of them take either paypal or credit cards only :(

  38. tiffanyc says:

    the ear cups are soft but it still feels like fake leather :/
    and the name is embossed.
    is it supposed to also say made in china??

  39. darlene says:

    is there a tax fee? how much would it be?

  40. the ear cups are soft but it still feels like fake leather :/
    and the name is embossed.
    is it supposed to also say made in china??

    yes, it’s supposed to say “made in china”. anyway, seems that you got yourself a genuine pair, but if you’re not happy with the performance i suggest that you return it and get a different brand instead, or try to get a swap from craigslist or something. sorry, i can’t be more helpful :(

  41. Mindy says:

    oh my goodness thank you so much for this information! do you know where i can find mix headphones for as cheap a price as possible?

    i looked around on ebay. i wasn’t sure if these were real? i can’t really tell :\ can you please tell me?

    • sorry but it’s really hard to tell since the seller used photos from the mix-style catalog and not actual photos of his items on hand. to be safer, just buy them off HMV.CO.JP or YESASIA.COM.

  42. eileen says:

    Holy….. O_______O
    I bought one for 300.00 and it was freakin’ fake?! O________O

    • USD 300 or PHP 300? if you paid USD 300 — genuine or original, you were royally ripped off. if you paid PhP 300, then i’d say that’s a fair price for a fake. it’s still a fake though, as originals cost seven or eight times that, not including shipping fees from tokyo, seoul, or hong kong.

  43. COREny says:

    I Got FAKED . ! damn…

  44. benj says:

    May 200php na fake. haha

    • yeah, but in case you didn’t notice — this post was done in december 2009, when the cheapest fakes were going for PHP 500 and the most extortionate ones at PHP 1200; prices for the fakes started to drop as demand and competition grew.

  45. Lorna says:

    hey is there other differences from the real and fake one othere then the appearences
    like is the quality also different

  46. wala lang says:

    di nman tinitingnan ng tao kung orig. o hindi.. ang importante lng nmn dun ay my naririnig k. mhrp buhay ngyn.. d rn nmn msama bumili ng fake eh… nsa pag-aalaga din un kung gs2 m tumagal syo..

    • di nman tinitingnan ng tao kung orig.

      that’s actually untrue. if you’re buying a fake just to look “cool”, it really doesn’t work because the ones who have the originals can pretty much tell the fakes apart, and that makes you even more uncool than when you started out.

      buying the original or a fake is a personal choice — it’s up to you if you choose quality over price, style over substance. word of advice: if you only have PhP 300 for a pair of headphones, just buy authentic PHILIPS earbuds instead of fake MIX-STYLE — it’s the same price, and the quality is much better.

  47. Xeno says:

    I actually got a fake one for just $8.99 but I didn’t know it was a fake until after. I’m still okay with it though.

  48. mae says:

    All the ones on eBay are fake if they’re $15 or less and not pre-owned. T_T The interior of the circle gives it away big time.

  49. Vincent Ngo says:

    Hello, I recently ordered a pair of Grey Mix-Star headphones from for approximately $60 AUD. They just arrived but I’m unsure whether it is genuine. The insulation of the headphones look more like the fake picture on the right opposed to the smooth one, but that might be picture quality. On one side of the headband there is the text “(c) mix-style made in china” (lol) but not on the otherside. The cable is about 30cm starting from where both side meet up to the jack and it comes with an extention cable. I’m pretty sure its real because it came from yesasia but the insulation makes me a little unsure. What do you think?

    • hi there! i’m pretty sure it’s genuine due to the embossing (yes, it does only show up on one side of the headband), and the dual jack system. unfortunately i have been getting a lot of reports that the insulation on the ear cups was not as expected, so i am hazarding a guess that maybe they changed suppliers for the material, and as a result the newer ones look and feel a little different from the older ones (models purchased over a year ago).

  50. Vincent Ngo says:

    Ah thanks a lot, though I must admit the smoother surface does look a lot more appealing.

  51. Adeline says:

    Where the real ones sell?… yes asia?

  52. Gabriel says:

    But still, is the 500 peso headphones still worth it like you just want to listen to your iPod, mp3?

    • in my opinion, no. having heard what a genuine pair can do i won’t waste my money on fakes which sound like crap. although the sound quality is not as excellent as professional deejay headphones that can cost several hundred dollars, the richer bass and crisper treble from genuine mix style are still better compared to the tin can sounds coming out of the fakes.

  53. Totem says:

    Hello.. Where do you think I can buy authentic Skullcandy headphones online that shoulders the shipping fee? LOL

  54. Csy says:

    Hi. I read on yesasia that some buyers felt that the any that came with the headphones were alittle light and flimsy. Is it supposed to feel like that?

  55. Csy says:

    Sorry I meant box

    • the box of the original is laminated cardboard so it is flimsy to a certain degree. it’s just that the boxes that come with the fake are even more flimsy. for example, the box from the original will not bend or fold until you sit on it, but with the fake if you just put it in a bag for short periods it gets all crushed and bent out of shape.

  56. Csy says:

    Thanks. You say yesasia sells authentic mix styles, but the pictures provide on their website are blur and I can’t really see the wording on the headband

  57. i know that YESASIA sells authentic headphones because i bought one from them already, and it was identical to the one i bought in TOKYU HANDS SHIBUYA six months before that (i bought a spare just in case i broke my first one).

    i still have both headphones with me and both are still working — although the headband on the one from shibuya is already loose and has chipped in the middle (where the headband folds).

  58. Mindy says:

    Thanks so much!! When I saw these, I immediately wanted to buy them xD my dad found a pair under $50 on a Korean website that were definitely real. Your information helped a lot!!!

  59. Kathy Nguyen says:

    Hello, I bought mine on ebay and the mix style logo is on the outside.. o__o.

    Here are some pictures of the headphones I received.. o__x

    They were only USD $10.50 so I don’t expect them to be real. The seller said they were manufactured by OEM.

    • all headphones — original or counterfeit, have the mix-star logo on the outside, but the fakes do not have the second logo hidden on the inside of the band. if the item you purchased does not have the second logo, it is most probably a fake.

  60. JAYKAY says:

    I just recieved my headphones in the mail and they are everything you descrtibe except for the buttery leather.
    I have uploaded a couple photos of the headphones that you can take a look at.
    everything is as you described except for the leather! :@
    I’m just wondering if i actually got what i paid for?

  61. hi jaykay — sorry but your album is set to private mode so i can’t access your photos. anyway, the difference in the quality of leather for the headphones is a known issue, leading me to suspect that the manufacturer switched suppliers for the leather covering of the foam cups.

  62. JAYKAY says:

    oh ok.
    so it means they are authentic except they decided to use crappier leather insead of the real deal.
    thank you for your info.^^

  63. yep, pretty much. sorry you didn’t get the quality you expected :(

  64. Malina says:

    Hey! I’ve read your post and before I buy some mixstyle headphones, I would like to know if CDJapan is a reliable site to get the authentic ones, since I watched the one I want ( and seems to be fine, but comparing other( don’t know if it’s me, but they seem to be fake >_> (, thanks for your useful info <3 !

    • i’ve never purchased headphones from CDJAPAN, but they usually are very reliable when it come to authenticity so i think it’s no problem purchasing items from them. also, if there is even any problem you can always return the item to them and they will refund for it.

  65. Gundam Waffle says:

    Wow, that sucks, I got a pair fro Ebay from a comapany called elecoom. Only differences? I got mine for 42 cents. xD
    Either way, not really expecting them to be that good!

  66. 4th Gravity says:

    Bought my fake ones for P250 in some china store, but i am not having problems with this one, though i am not guaranteed with the sound quality, i dont know if many months later this will be awesome as a cracking tin can with cockroaches having —– its worth it, anyway i was after the design :))

    anyway, what is that thing again? the one the extra cable/cord/idk in the auth one? btw great post, for that one, i have prevented my self boasting about that Fake Mix- Style Headset :D

    • that’s a cord extension. in authentic mix-style the cord is actually very short — just enough to have a PSP at arms-length with the headphones plugged into the jack. if you need a meter long cord for — say, an iPod stored in your hand bag, you need to connect the one metre-long extension cable.

  67. arifzye says:

    hello, i would like to thank you for this useful article, im a nob at purchasing things online and i dont have a credit card yet, and my rents wont let me use thiers. Luckily the mixstyle earbuds and headphones made its way to my local virgin megastore, in the middle east, in doha.

    was just wondering if the mixstyles i bought were the authentic ones, you know how on the headbands they have the printed/raised mix style logo in white? mine is in black lol, i got the black purple one. I checked and compared it to my headphone, the box was different too, mine didnt have the “stereo,portable design” written on it. other then the leather insulation (looked like the fake one), everything was good, the reason im worried is because i spent QR 200 on it, which is more than USD 50, maybe an extra 10-20 bucks, im still unsure over the authencity of my mix styles cuz it cost a fortune xDs one question: on the fake boxes, do they have the hologram mix style kinda sticker on the under side? thanks in advance

    • hi there! i’m afraid the only authentic mix-styles with black headbands are the two collaboration models with ARASHI TO ROCK and LIVE FREAKY DIE FREAKY — which are black and white and black and red respectively. as for the box, real or fake they both do not have a hologram sticker. however, the new sticker could be a recent addition to the box, to distinguish real ones from fakes.

      overall, it’s very hard to tell if the set you got is real or fake, since i personally have never heard of a black and purple model mix-style. the box design is also radically different from the ones i have. it could be an entirely new model i have never heard off, or a very very fake one that doesn’t event bother pretending to be real.

  68. arifzye says:

    sorry, mine is the normal white star/purple ones, and its a normal model. Its just the mix style print logo on the sides of the headband, ( not the whole headband hehe) is black, my headband is like the normal mix styles, white, but after seeing alot of the headphone pictures, mine seem to differ in the brand logo that has been raised/ printed on the sides of the headband, instead of just plain white the “Mix-Style” is printed black. other than that i used this article as a guide when i bought my pair, looked carefully inside the box, looked for the extension and it was there, the printed made in china thing, they seemed to have it :D sorry for not asking so clearly :D

  69. thanks for the clarification — looks like you got yourself an authentic pair :) good job!

  70. Yanwai says:

    really useful article for me~ thank you muchly! ^o^ i just ordered pink star mix-style from yesasia a couple days ago. can’t wait!!! which brings me to this question: what are good ways to store away the headphones so that it wont break as easily? (on-the-go and at home) :3

    • @yanwai i use a drawstring pouch lined with a small hand towel (you can actually sew it on too, but i am too lazy) to keep my headphones safe inside my hand bag during commutes :)

      @ichiya yes — yes asia is a reliable source for mixx style, but you can also opt for HMV JAPAN since they charge purchases in japanese yen and therefore are slightly cheaper :)

  71. Ichiya says:

    This article is great! I was going to purchase a fake pair at $20 CDN… the seller said the sound quality is great/isn’t bad and is like the headphones you could purchase at an electronics store.. but I’m really picky with sound (I’m a filmmaker/editor so sound really matters) and reading your article clarified some things a bit. :) I think I’ll try to save up for the one on yesasia, so far that’s the only site I can use that sells it for a reasonable price :) I’m also worried about the fake pair breaking… not like I’ll really use them everywhere I go but I want to have a stable pair for use at home haha

  72. linda says:

    holy shit. I just came back from p-mall and after I read this I bought fake ones. T^T plus the store doesn’t give refunds.

  73. Reituki says:

    even my mix style is only Php500 it is still original
    mot like the other mix style cost Php200

  74. jello :) says:

    Wow, this article is really helpful! ^_^ Thank you for posting this and comparing the headphones!

    One of my friends has “Mix-style” identical to mine, and she said she got it for $10 USD at an electronics store. I bought mine online on YES ASIA for $50 USD. I was really confused, because the design on my friend’s looked off, even though it was the same pair. (There were “R” and “L” stickers on the sides too.) I was pretty sure it wasn’t real…

    I was wondering though: I have everything that the genuine pair has, but the leather is not smoothly round (?), and I got it from YES ASIA, like I said before. Would that make mine genuine or fake? o_o

  75. ivan says:

    I am dying to get this headphones likes all of you but I don’t know any source where to buy it. There is this one store in facebook called sai shop or somethin but it looks weird since it cost 15 dollars. Plss check it out if u guys have the time and tell me. Thxxxx

  76. Mikki says:

    Actually, Fry’s (Electronics) has been selling a pair of headphones for $10 that look extremely similar to mix-style ones but they are from different brands. I have heard that another company was making headphones “inspired” by mix-styles and I guess that this is it. I haven’t tried any of the headphones but hope to get a mix-style from YesAsia. I read some reviews and they said that it only lasts for a few months. Is there a way to make them last for about a year or longer?
    Sorry for the long post, but i’ve read all that you posted here and it seems like you don’t get enough thanks. So Thanks for all of your help!!

  77. Mizuhara Yuki says:

    What’s with these mix-style headphones, anyway?? Of all the headphone brands out there, this could possibly be the most imitated. Even “jejemons” (I might puke with just the mention of their names, ugh!!)are constantly seen with these brand of headphones, whether they be fake or not doesn’t matter since in my opinion, mix-style could be associated with those “jerkjerkmons” (spelling it that way feels better). I wouldn’t want wanna be associated with them in any way by buying one mix-style headphone. We don’t wanna be thought of as a “jerkjerkmon”, right?? I’d rather just buy any Phillips/Seinheiser/Bose with a plain design… Sigh…

  78. Nadia says:

    So I just received my mix style headphones today and am not sure if they are fake or not. (I got them from audiocubes)Instinct told me they were because they feel cheap and the “leather” around the earphones seems so thin and paper-like – definitely not real leather. I could rip it so easily. Also, I did NOT receive and extension cord with my set, even though on the bok it clearly states that it comes with an extension cord! :( Weird. The writing on the side of the ear piece “mixstyle” is also in black. Wire seems kinda thin and is aout 1 meter in length;longer than my arms reach. And you know the part where the wire comes from each side of the headphone and connects in the middle for the rest of the length of the cord? Well it connects only after about 10 inches which doesn’t give much space, and the little black thing that connects it does not slide up and down…I dunno if that whether that contributes to it being either real or fake…Other than those things, everything else seems fine. The quality is decent too.

  79. ??? says:

    I really hate they are making fake headphones. Who ever it is Chinese or other coüntry they are fücked in the head. They are fükin making fake shits and selling the prodüct, I think they are fückin cheap cünts. They don’t have süch knowledge to make good prodüctivity. Who evers copying prodüct they shoüld füked away from the world. Fück yoü COPY FÜCKS!!!!!

    I’m really Angry Aboüt This!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  80. ??? says:

    any way thaks for making notice and sorry for saying f word many times. But i’m aungry!

  81. lalala says:

    Hahaha I don’t mind the fake one, it looks nice and has a decent sound quality. I got it from a local mall. I just like the look of it. I don’t think I would spend 50$ USD on something I don’t use often (especially when I only use it at home.) I got it for 15$ USD.

  82. Katie says:

    Geez! $500 for fakes! Highway robbery! I was kinda bummed when I picked my mix-style headphones up at an Anime Convention in Northern Ohio, when I got home and plugged them into my iTouch i was disappointed to find that only one side of the headphones worked. Sound was shotty, i had to turn the volume all the way up to hear it clearly. It wasn’t till after the fact that I looked online to find that there were fakes. I hadn’t heard of them before I just saw them thought they were super cute and only paid $20 for. I was excited to find them that cheap since i had been wanting that type of headphones for a while, my ears are abnormally small and ear buds (even the smallest ones from Skullcandy) stretch my ears to the point it hurts.

    I suppose though for now, the fakes will be okay for cosplays and such, but will have to look harder for the real ones next time.


    • to be fair, the amounts stated are in philippine pesos, not us dollars — however, you still pretty much overpaid for a fake :(

      sorry hun — and you’re right, maybe you can use them to cosplay instead. they were featured in everything from LUCKY STAR to the korean girl group 2NE1…

  83. dynamix5 says:

    are the fakes just as good as the authentic ones?

  84. dynamix5 says:

    ok thanks! where can i get a real one for a cheap price?

  85. USD 50 on YES ASIA, AFAIK.

  86. Mandy says:

    My dad came home the other day with a pair of orange ones for me. But after reading this article, I’m sad to say they are fakes. But, his heart was in the right place, and I can use ’em until they break..then maybe use ’em for cosplay or whatever.

    I’m going to save up for a real pair though, because let’s face it, they are cute.

    • if they work just fine and you’re not too picky about sound quality then you’re in good shape :) i think your dad will also feel appreciated if he sees you using his present all the time :) cheers <3

  87. serachan says:

    I’m sooooo glad I found this before I bought some off eBay :O thanks so much!

  88. crystal says:

    I got fake ones for $20 aud. I don’t really care coz the only person who knows they’re fake is me. I’m also looking to buy REAL Dr Dre Beats, pricey I know but worth it.

  89. Samantha says:

    Hi, I was reading your article. I keep not wanting to trust that Yes Asia site, but I was looking at this website and was wondering if you could tell me anything about it:

    But it says authentic product of Japan? I thought the authentics were China made?

  90. the originals are made in china, and are available only from japan (even the korean and hong kong versions are imports) — so the audiocubes guy wasn’t wrong.

  91. franky says:

    I got one for 22myr (7usd) ,i didn’t know that was fake until i read this article.

  92. Otaku_56 says:

    Hi , I just bought a pair of Mix-Style Headphones on Ebay, and it was not over 10 bucks. After reading your article, I got scared because the ones I bought were cheap. So I was wondering if you can see for yourself and see if they’re good
    I’d also like to note that before you see the picture, it would look different from what the original mix-style headphones look like.

  93. Otaku-X says:

    I’m VERY cautious about yesasia selling fakes as well. I recently purchased some Japanese Manga comics from yesasia. I didn’t know their location, so I expected the order to arrive from Japan. However, my order arrived from Hong-Kong! The books were clearly cheap chinese re-printed knock-offs, and NOT original Japanese comics. The quality, colors, paper, size etc didn’t match the same books I bought in Japan.

    • Perhaps you purchased the HK versions by accident? YESASIA sells both Japan and Kong Kong versions — not just of manga, but CDs and DVDs as well. They are clearly marked “Japan-version” or “Asian-version” (HH version) on the sale page.

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