How to Get a Japanese Visa: A Guide for Filipinos

Japan Philippines Tourist Visa

Going to Japan is one of the most fun things you can do in your entire life — especially if you are an anime fan. I’ve had the pleasure of visiting Tokyo (where I stayed for over a year as a university student), Osaka, Hiroshima, Nagano, Kanazawa and a number of other cities — both for business and for pleasure, four times so far. I still haven’t had enough of Japan, and you can bet your entire manga collection that I have plans of going back very soon.

One of the largest hurdles for Filipino J-pop fans planning to visit Japan is obtaining an entry visa. Due to the number of Filipinos in search of employment entering the country via tourist visas, the Consul Office of the Japan Embassy has implemented stricter rules in granting them. I’ve gone through three distinct kinds of visa application procedures, all of which I will be describing below. I hope that my personal experiences shed some light on the sometimes archaic and often very scary process of applying for a Japanese visa.

Applying For a Visa as a University Exchange Student

Students flying to Japan under the auspices of the Ministry of Education or the Japan Student Services Organization have a distinct advantage over almost everybody else when applying for a visa. They are in possession of a special document called the Certificate of Eligibility, which eliminates the need for many of the requirements such as Income Tax Returns, Bank Certificates, and Letters of Guarantee.

The Certificate of Eligibility is exclusively issued to university exchange students (whether postgraduate or undergraduate) so to be able to obtain one, it would be best to start off by applying for a Japanese exchange student programme via your college or university. Application procedures vary for different universities (UP, ADMU, DLSU, etc.) and areas of discipline (language, liberal arts, engineering, etc.) so it would be best to consult with your school’s Foreign Exchange offices.

Once you have cleared their selection process and are bound for Japan, your certificate will be issued to you alongside your Japanese school admission forms and other documents. All you need to do is submit it to the Consul Office along with your current passport to obtain your visa. For more information, you can also view the complete application procedure from the official website of the Embassy of Japan.

Applying For a Visa on Business

If you are employed in a private company with business ties to Japan, you can apply for a commercial visa. With this type of visa, your company vouches for you, eliminating the need for you to find a Japanese individual to act as a guarantor. Instead, your company and the Japanese company affiliated with you will need to issue a Letter of Dispatch or a Letter of Invitation, stating the nature of your business, the business relationship of the two companies involved in the transaction, and the purpose of your visit to Japan.

In my case, both my employer in Manila and our affiliate in Japan issued the letters described above, as well as Certificates of Employment and Length of Service, and a timetable detailing all my travel plans within Japan. Photocopies of my round-trip airline tickets were also given to prove that I will be returning to the Philippines once business has been completed. The travel agency handling my trip then took care of the rest, and my passport with my new visa attached arrived after three days. For more info, you can also view the complete application procedure from the official website of the Embassy of Japan.

Applying For a Visa as a Tourist

There are two ways of going about applying for a tourist visa. The first way is easier but is more expensive and also very limiting: joining a package tour. Since your tour facilitator will act as your guarantor, there is no need to obtain a Letter of Guarantee. However, you will still need to submit all the other documents like your Income Tax Returns, Bank Certificates, and Itineraries. The other option is to go it alone. I actually prefer this method since I can pick my flight schedule, my hotel/hostel, and my itinerary. Unfortunately the Consul Office will be a little bit stricter with your requirements, so it’s best that you make a good impression and get it right the first time.

The first step still means going through a travel agent. The Embassy of Japan has disallowed personal applications for entry visas, and we all now have to apply through accredited travel agencies to apply for visas. I personally recommend Universal Holidays and Rajah Travel since I have used them both and have been happy with their service so far. Just drop by their offices in Makati Avenue for Rajah and Dusit Hotel for Universal, with your completed documents and the PhP 2500 fee. For more information or additional clarification on visa application requirements, you can also view the complete application procedure from the official website of the Embassy of Japan.

Required Supporting Documents for Your Application

What are the most crucial documents needed for the application? From personal experience, it all boils down to three things: 1) proof of good financial standing; 2) history of travel; and 3) proof of return.

Proof of financial standing just means that you have the ability to support yourself during your Japan stay; it also implies that you will not be seeking illegal employment once you have entered the country. This proof comes in the form of your original Income Tax Return, which explicitly states how much you pay in taxes and earn in a year. Another important document that proves you are financially capable is a Bank Certificate stating that you have at least PhP 100,000 in savings, which would roughly be the amount you need to cover the 15 days you spend in Japan as allowed by your tourist visa.

History of travel is basically the number of used visas or old immigration stamps that you have accumulated in your passport. As a rule of thumb, the more stamps you have the better your chances of being granted a visa, since this implies that you regularly travel abroad and that you return to the Philippines after every trip. Used visas from the US, Europe, Australia, and of course Japan are also helpful in getting you an entry visa, since this guarantees the Consul Office that you have entered and left other foreign countries in good faith.

Last but not least is your proof of return: your round-trip airline ticket. This reassures the Consul Office that you will be returning to the Philippines once the fifteen day limit of your tourist visa expires, and will not attempt to stay in the country illegally for employment purposes. You can also submit land titles, business permits, and other documents that will outline your properties and business interests in the Philippines that you will return to once your trip is finished.

Visa Approval

Once your application has been received, it will take the Japanese consuls office three to five business days to review it and approve or deny your application. If approved, you will receive your passport from your travel agent with the visa attached. If your passport has been returned to you with no visa attached, your application was denied, and you will have to wait another six months to lodge another application. Under no circumstances will the visa office explain why your application has been denied, so there is really no point in pursuing the argument further.

For more tips, you can also read the follow-up article to this post: Getting a Japan Tourist Visa: An FAQ for Filipinos.

Starting 31st December 2010, I may no longer be able to regularly reply to queries posted on this thread. However, most cases have already been tackled previously, so I suggest you read through the comments log to find your answers, instead of posting a new question. Thank you very much!

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  1. Thanks Rotch! This will really come in handy next year. Tokyo 2010!

  2. LOL good luck BB — am really looking forward to that trip with you guys~

  3. man… Php 100,000? :(

  4. unfortunately, living costs in japan are some of the highest in the world, while our currency is one of the lowest in asia, so you have to compensate for the disparity.

    you also have to prove to the consul office that you’re not out to get a job once you make it there, by showing them that you are earning a good living back here in manila.

  5. Omg, 100K, that’s like a year’s worth of savings^^’ Lucky for you to have been there so many times already:)

  6. I have a question, do you need to submit both an Income Tax Return record and a Bank Certificate?

    When I applied for a US visa they only required a Bank Certificate (wala akong tin e, nung nag-apply ako sa BIR ayaw ako bigyan. E di wag! XP)

  7. if you are employed by a private corporation, they will need you to submit your ITR. if you are unable to provide one, i suppose just the bank certificate will suffice.

    however i speculate that the amount indicated in your deposit should be significantly higher than PHP 100,000, to ensure that your application will not be rejected.

    also, they might ask you to come in for an interview and explain how you came up with a large amount of cash without being employed. i remember one distant acquaintance asked to come in, and she replied (and i quote) “uh my mom is rich?!” XD

  8. Wow thanks for the tips! I’ll be sharing this to my friends!

  9. hi! i was married since 2007.My husband wasn’t able to apply my eligibility in Japan, he got sick.How can i apply my eligibility here in the philippines? help me pls..

  10. hi — sorry but i am unfamiliar with the visa process for spouses of japanese nationals. please get in touch with the consul office directly, starting with their website.

  11. thank you! have a nice day!

  12. hello there…just wanna ask po do i still need a visa to go in japan? im here now in germany and married here..i work in japan na before as singer for alamost 2 years..u think i still need a visa to get there for tourist? pls help po…arigatou ne…

    • yes — unless you’re already carrying a german passport (which has visa-free entry for 90 days), you’ll have to apply with your philippine passport at the japan consul’s office in germany. i hope you have a great holiday!

  13. Aikawarazu desu ne.
    ^^; it’s easy to obtain a visa if you have a sponsor,especially schools. Schools/Organizations will give you an endorsment letter for your application. :)

    ANd, yeah. it is expensive. X_X;
    specially tourist visa costs 2K.

    • agreed — having your university take care of your visa for you is the cheapest and most painless procedure. the only deterrent i could think of in this situation is if you are not on a scholarship programme, and you come from a middle class family, you wouldn’t be able to afford basic living expenses — let alone school fees :/ japan is really that expensive :(

  14. Hi! Do you have any idea about applying for ALTs (assistant language teacher) in Japan? When I visited the Japanese Embassy website, yung application procedure nila for ALT programs, the last information is dated 2007 pa! Do they still hire ALTs from the Philippines? Or discriminated na naman tayong mga Pinoy as English teachers coz we’re not “native speakers”?

    • sorry but i have no information at all on the embassy’s teaching programs. it would be best to call them directly and ask for the JICC office, which may be able to help you with your query. good luck!

  15. hi i’m a filipina and my japanese bf wants me to come with him to japan. just want to know the exact requirements to get a tourist travel visa? can you help me bout this? thanks.

  16. hi wendy — if you’re not officially married to a japanese national (i believe this classification includes fiancees and girlfriends), you’ll have to apply for a regular tourist visa via the recommended channels. a complete list of requirements can be found here. good luck!

  17. there another scholarship coming?

    • hey there mira. i haven’t heard news of any open application scholarship programmes but if i do hear of some i’ll let you know. cheers!

  18. wow thanks for the info.

    by the way do you know any scholarship programs for students who want to study medicine in Japan…


  19. nope — sorry; please get in touch with the JICC for scholarship inquiries. cheers!

  20. Very informative post, rotch-sempai! I wish I read it before I submitted my visa application. Hm. The agency said the result will be out tomorrow *crosses fingers*

  21. Hi, ask ko lang po kasi yung cousin gusto akong kunin sa japan to work there, what are the requirments?

    • as far as i know, your employers and not your cousin should be taking care of your visa and work permit, because the local consulate does not issue work visas to individuals who have not yet found employment in japan. please get in touch with your prospective employers first to facilitate your paperwork, and then courier the original documents and other requirements to the philippines. good luck!

  22. Konbanwa! i want to ask if we really need an invitation letter. thanks =)

  23. hi there.

    needing an invitation letter from a japanese national (or a permanent foreign resident) is crucial if you cannot provide the consul office with information that proves you are financially capable — even wealthy. they need reassurance that you are not entering the country with intent to seek employment and stay there as an illegal.

    personally, i had never needed one as my previously issued visas were more than enough proof to assure them that i would and will return to the country once my stint is done. however if it is your first time to japan then, yes — having a letter of invitation will help your cause.

  24. super big thanks for this! xD
    ugh. 100,000?
    i hope i could reach that quota before Arashi makes another con tour next year!! ~

    • lol i know it sounds steep but it is kinda expensive booking airline tickets and hotel rooms, so the money will be gone before you know it. it’s better to be prepared than get caught out empty handed :D good luck!

  25. wow! Php100,000.. that’s a lot of money

    I have a question.. What are the main reasons that tourists get denied for a visa?

    • lol it’s still just a third of the PhP 300,000 needed for a schengen visa :D

      anyway, the consul office never divulges the reasons for rejection, but i’m taking an intelligent guess to say that insufficient evidence of previous travel — such as used visas and old immigration stamps, may play a factor in determining whether or not you are granted a tourist visa. that’s why some people who are after japanese, EU, or US tourist visas travel to nearby visa-free countries like thailand, hong kong, and singapore first to better their chances.

      also if the consuls office suspect that the applicant is trying to enter japan to unlawfully gain residency they will deny you a tourist visa. this is where your ITR and bank certificate/s play an important role — if these documents prove that you are not planning to seek illegal employment in japan, then the chances of you being granted a visa become quite good.

  26. Also, I’m wondering if I can apply first for a visa before buying tickets.. so I won’t be wasting any money if I get denied..

  27. can you please tell me the meaning of “background to the invitation” in the invitation letter? can you also please tell me what should I put under that section? thank you very much in advance ma’am!

    • “can you please tell me the meaning of “background to the invitation” in the invitation letter?”

      sorry — i’m afraid i didn’t understand the context of your question. where did you pick up the phrase “background to the invitation”? maybe a bit more information can help me answer your question better. thanks!

  28. Good Day Magnetic Rose..

    I’m Rain, 19, college graduating student,

    can i ask you some few question?

    let me tell you the scenario 1st..

    My Fiance is inviting me to go to japan this November,
    since its our anniversary on Nov. 21, also her birthday is Nov. 27, My Birthday is Dec. 21 days after that is Christmas Holidays, the point is we want to spend time with each other to this events, also im going to visit my relatives and friends there. probably i will stay there for about 1 month and 2 weeks max.

    What Visa will i need or use?

    I’m Still dependent, though i’m managing the small some business of my parents to have money for myself, im still getting money from them, special big amount of money,

    do i need bank account of my own? or can i use the bank acc/certificate of my parents?

    also the ITR, i’m not employed, can i use the ITR of my parents?

    and, one of the proof that i will go back here is that i’m enrolled in school, attending class and going to graduate in march

    do i need to present some documents from my school or college institution?

    that’s all for now..

    (excuse me) but damn, i need to go to japan before our relationship goes complicated..

    thank you magnetic rose..

    • lol okay that’s a lot to take in all at once.

      1) the standard tourist visa is just fifteen days long; if you need something longer than that you will have to apply for a special ninety day visa — and they don’t give that out very often (you have to have a diplomats passport for that one, i think)

      2) yes, the bank account has to be under your name.

      3) no, the ITR should be under your name. since you said you run your own business, you should have a business-owners special income tax return.

      4) yes, you can request a letter of enrollment from your university to present alongside your other documents so they know that you are in college and that you will be coming back to the philippines to finish your studies.

      good luck!

  29. sorry for some wrong gramma, it’s 3am…and i’m knock sleepy..haha..

  30. Hi,

    I hope you could help enlighten me with some things. YOu see, my boyfriend, a US citizen (resident), would want us to go see japan. He has been there before, I havent. I’m in the Philippines. Is there any chance that I could get a tourist visa? We’re planning for just a week stay there. I have already been issued a US tourist visa and went there last year for two months. Would that help ? Also , would I need to provide a guarantor letter as required? My boyfriend will be the one to shoulder all the expnses there, the hotel, transpo, food and everything. would I still have to provide a bank account with a large amount of money?

    Any help would be very much appreciated. Thanks a lot.

    • hi there! in your case i believe your boyfriend may act as your guarantor as long as he fulfills all the necessary requirements for guarantors listed in the official JAPAN CONSUL website. as for the “show-money” amount on your end — if your boyfriend will also guarantee that he can and will cover all your expenses (bank account info, a list of existing credit cards, etc.) then that should’nt be a problem. and yes, your valid/used US visa will help in securing your JAPAN VISA. however — please don’t take my word for it as i have never gone through this particular process before so it would still be better for you to consult with an accredited travel agent. good luck!

  31. wow what a great guide!

    Basically, I have a boyfriend who is half japanese and I believe his father(japanese national) is already working on his papers so he can become a japanese national by next year after he graduates and pass the nursing board exam. My question will be if it is possible for me to go and live there (Japan) with him without getting married?Which type of visa do i need? Thanks for any help!

  32. hi jk! if you’re just visiting a regular tourist visa should be just fine, but i’m sorry i’m afraid one of the very few ways you can become a permanent resident in japan is if you were married to a japanese national.

  33. hi there!
    i am a college freshman here in the philippines. i have a cousin who works in japan as an engineer. on my birthday, my brother agreed to send me to japan for a vacation as his birthday gift to me. my problem is, i don’t have an ITR certificate but i have a bank account that has more than the amount you suggested it should have.

    is it an advantage that i have a relative there to act as my guarantor? do is still need a letter of invitation from him? also, is it okay if i don’t book for a hotel since my cousin would have me stayed in his place?

    and last question, does my enrollment in college will suffice as proof of return??

    thank you very much! =)

    • 1) since you’re not yet working, you can forego the ITR :) instead you can present the embassy/consulate with a certificate of enrollment from your dean’s office or registrar’s office — this can also help as your proof of return. when you submit your documents don’t forget your certificate of deposit from your bank — this is very important since you are still a student and this will prove that you are capable of financing your trip even without income :)

      2) yes, having your relative act as your guarantor is a good idea. just have him prepare the formal letter needed (as prescribed by the japanese consulate website) indicating that not only will he act as guarantor, he will also be providing you with temporary housing while in japan so that you don’t have to present a hotel voucher or hotel reservation.

      good luck and have fun!

  34. great post! one question though, would you know if the requirements for tourist visa for Philippine passport holders still apply if i am not living in the Philippines? I am living and working now in China (i have a one year contract and a residence permit) and my french bf (no visa for him!) wants us to go to japan for Christmas. seems like a pretty complicated procedure for just a few days of holiday…

    • hi noemi :) i’m afraid that as long as you are a philippine passport holder regardless of where you live or work, you’ll have to get a visa :( now if for example (and this is just an example) you are a naturalized american and bear a US passport, regardless of your philippine descent you can enter japan without a visa. as such, you’ll have to get in touch with the japanese consulate in china and go through all the necessary steps to obtain a tourist visa. hope this helps, and good luck!

  35. Hi, I just want to know if its ok to stay in Japan for 3-4 days? my cousin is inviting me to have a vacation there but I only have 3 day off because of my job.

    I don’t have a 100k in my bank account but I do have a sufficient cash for my travel expenses.

    This will be my first time to travel abroad. He said he can provide a guarantee letter for me and supporting documents for my requirements.

    • hi there!

      1) a tourist visa is valid for fifteen days, but you do not have to use them all up. when you leave japan after three days however, the remaining twelve unused days on your visa are now null and void.

      2) PhP 100K is the minimum recommended “show-money” amount and this is how much i personally put up whenever i send in a visa application. it’s possible that you can apply with much less in your bank account, but i think (and this is just me, of course) this may negatively affect your chances of being granted a visa.

      3) since this is your first time, it could be slightly problematic because as a rule of thumb, the more immigration stamps and used visas you have in your passport the better your chances are of having your application approved.

      if your cousin is acting as your guarantor, i recommend that you ask him to send all (and i mean all) the required documents outlined in the japanese consul’s website to improve your chances of getting approved despite your blank passport.

      good luck! :)

  36. my girlfriend CXXXXXXX RXXXXXXX OXXXXX has seen her application for a tourist visa being denied without clearly give a reason for that. I have acted as her guarantor and consider the decision to deny her entry as an injustice, unless properly explained. Not even further documentation has been requested before denying the tourist visa. I have clearly contacted the telephone number provided in the website just to be told again and again there is no guarantee to have the application approved (I know that) and that the reason for denial cannot be disclosed.

    Cheradee will lodge documents again in the hope a more sensible decision will be taken.

    Even though I am not Japanese, I pay taxes in this country which support your presence there. Hence I expect a personal reply from the Consul in Manila (please forward this email to him/her) even if for just remind me that the reason cannot be disclosed but Given that I act as guarantor for Cheradee, I feel that for Japan my guarantee is useless (and I have lived in several countries before: Italy, UK, Switzerland and HK where a similar thing has never happened) even though the Japanese authorities felt so kind to grant me a working visa here. And even if the decision relates in any way to Cheradee, I wonder what’s the use of a guarantor if that guarantee is not taken into consideration?

    I look forward to your reply.

    • hi che! while i am sympathetic to your plight and understand your frustration, it has been indicated in the japanese consul’s official website that the submission of all necessary documents does not guarantee the approval of your visa application.

      likewise, it has also been written on the consul website that under no circumstances are the the reasons for denial disclosed to the applicant. these are the rules the japanese consuls office have imposed on applicants, and even if we disagree with them we have to abide by them.

      as for your complaints reaching the right persons, i am afraid that because i am neither an employee of or intimately connected with the consulate of japan in the philippines, i am unable to help you with your problem.

      please contact the japanese embassy in manila via their trunkline, or if you are in tokyo send a fax directly to the ministry of foreign affairs at 03-5501-8490 stating the nature of your complaints.

      i hope that your problem is resolved soon. good luck!

  37. would it be easy if my friend who’s a businessman in japan will act as my guarantor? he came to the philippines and i helped him around so he said his company will sponsor me. do i still need proof of income and bank account if i’m sponsored?

    also, is there a chance that even i’ll be just applying for a tourist visa, the interviewer/consul may decide to grant me multiple entry if i am eligible for it?

  38. hi there!

    1) yes, your friend may act as your guarantor.

    2) unless your guarantor submits a document in writing stating that he will be shouldering all your expenses for your trip, you will still need to submit proof of income and a certificate of deposit.

    actually even with a guarantee letter i still recommend submitting the above documents to better your chances of having your application approved :)

    3) multiple entry visas are only granted to diplomats, sports or cultural personalities, and high-level business people with extensive ties to japanese companies, so i’m afraid your chances of getting one are quite slim…

  39. hello po. what if may friend is japanese tapos dun ako magstay? sandali lang naman, kelangan pa ba ng bank account? matagal pa ba ang process? kelangan ko sana makahabol sa promo.

    impossible ba talaga makahabol ako kasi booking is from oct24-27. para makatravel sana ako in between dec’09-feb’10. thanks! paki email na lang din ako or if online ka ngayon much better. thanks

  40. 1) if you are staying with a japanese friend, he or she will have to act as your guarantor and supply all the necessary documents as outlined in the embassy website.

    2) unless your guarantor is paying for all your expenses and has said so in a legal document, you will need a bank certificate with the recommended minimum deposit amount.

    3) applications take three to five business days to process starting from the day you submitted the complete set of requirements to your travel agent.

    lastly, i am not obliged to e-mail you privately about your questions. i am not your personal secretary. if you need to find out the answers to your questions you will have to visit the blog — no ifs or buts.

  41. Panu po kung may friend ako na may spouse visa..can she still act as my guarantor even if she only has spouse visa?actually, how long does it take before they grant or deny ur visa from date of application?

    • since your friend is on a spouse visa, that means that she herself needs somebody else to act as her guarantor. if she acts as yours it might not sound like such a good idea to the person reviewing the applications and it could be grounds for denying your visa.

      perhaps you could ask her japanese husband to act as your guarantor instead, as letters of invitation from a japanese individual may carry more weight? it will also help immensely if you are able to provide proof of income and proof of return to the philippines.

      applications are processed within three to five business days. if your application has been denied for any reason whatsoever you cannot apply again until six months have passed.

  42. Hi Rotch! My mom and I are planning to visit my sister who is an exchange student in Tokyo this year. My mom easily can produce a bank cert with more than 100k. I, however have only started working and don’t have that much in my savings account. Is the 100k savings per person or can I tell them my mom will be paying for my entire stay there?

    Thanks~ :)

    • hi there molly :) i understand your concern about your savings account falling short of the recommended amount, as well as your lack of tenure with your new job, but i can see two ways that can help you augment that:

      1) you can have your mother state in her visa application that she will be covering costs for the both of you, and supply a bank certificate with enough cash to back up that claim;


      2) you can ask your sister to talk with her university’s foreign exchange student services to help her with your visas by supplying a letter certifying her status as a foreign exchange student, and that the university is aware that you and your mother are being invited to japan to visit your sister while she is there for her studies. once the letters have been secured, have her courier them to you as fax copies or emailed copies will not be accepted.

      i had a friend who did just that and managed to secure a visa for her sister via this method.

      good luck and i hope that you and your mom have a great time in japan!

  43. hello!

    ive been to South Korea, Singapore and Malaysia. Now, my fiance and i want to spend a holiday in Japan. i have all the requirements but do you think having travelled in asian countries i mentioned above would be a good edge to get a visa?

    also, is there any place in Japan that wouln’t require any visa, like in Macau for example filipinos don’t need visa there but if i go to the city like Beijing we definetely need it.

    thank you

    • hi :D since you are well-traveled, it will work in your favor (although i won’t guarantee 100% that you’ll get your visa). and i’m afraid you will need a visa to visit any part of japan, even okinawa which is closer to taiwan than mainland japan :)

  44. hello.can i ask a filipina married with half japanese half brasilian.i went in japan before.they can give me visa if i go there in japan alone to work

    • hi there :) i’m so sorry but i am not 100% sure about the process for people looking for work. however, i am pretty positive that your work permit and other legal requirements must be settled by your employer from the japanese side. please talk to your travel agent or give the embassy a call at the numbers given above. thanks!

  45. hi! about korean tourist visa? do you have tips?

  46. hi!

    My sister is taking her doctoral degree in Tokyo and she wants me to visit her next year. i checked the japanese embassy website and listed the requirements for visiting a relative…she will be sending me the documents i need (the once listed in the website)
    she will be shouldering my expenses for my vacation there….do i still need a 100thou bank cert? i only have 30thou in mine…I am a nurse and is unemployed because I have been managing the family business. the business has just been transferred to my name and i still don’t have a tin number. will the permit to operate by the mayor be enough? i heard it will take long to get the tin number. also, is the maximum days for stay only 15days? I still want to visit some friends working their and my aunts in nagoya…i don’t know if the 15days will be enough…lastly, do i need to book a ticket early? i still do not know if id get to be approved…sayang naman ang bayad sa ticket pag ma deny ako….tnx!

  47. hi ana.

    1) if your sister will sends you all the necessary documents listed here, then the PhP 30K in your bank certificate will suffice.

    2) unfortunately, a FORM 2316 (income tax return) is needed. please ask your travel agent if there can be substitutes made to replace this.

    3) yes, the maximum is 15 days for tourists. only diplomats and businessmen covered by the special exemptions are granted visas for 90 days and above.

    4) i have never experienced applying for a visa without a round-trip ticket in hand, so i can’t say if it’s a good idea to go without one. sorry :(

  48. Hi! Very Informative posts you have there; can you help me with these ones?

    1. how can i obtain the letter of Invitation and letter of guarantee form, for my guarantor in japan?..does the embassy or travel agency have this kind of form?

    2. my friend invited me to attend to his birthday and spend xmas holidays in japan..wer planning to go there december 10 2009,…now it is november 10, can i still be allowed to apply the visa regardless of the date im appliying?

    3. im using my father’s Bank of 500K + enough or will immesley improved my chances of getting visa???.all i need now is a Affidavit of Support since im using the account of my father on behelf that he will support my travel

  49. hi there.

    1) the form can be downloaded from the embassy website.

    2) processing only takes three to five days. you can even apply on the week you’re leaving as long as all your paperwork is in order.

    3)yes, your dad’s certificate of deposit plus an affidavit of support to connect his account to your visa application will better your chances of getting approved.

  50. Hello!

    After reading everything in this page, my hope in getting a tourist visa starts going down the drain :( My friend and I bought a round trip ticket to Osaka on Cebu Pac’s ticket sale. I didn’t know that getting a tourist visa will be this difficult. We both haven’t traveled outside the Philippines yet — Japan is supposed to be our first time. Anyway, these are the only things we have:
    1) the show money
    2) the round trip ticket
    3) ITRs

    We’re also a part-owner of a very-very-small :) corporation. Will that help in any way? Do you think we’ll have better chances if we just obtain a package tour?

    • @blecl on the safe side, yes — i’d say your chances are much better if you go on a package tour. however, you can also just go ahead and apply for a tourist visa on your own since you already have three of the more crucial factors needed for getting a visa approved. good luck!

  51. hi,your post is very informative. however I have a question regarding the “show money”. If I’m planning to go to Japan as a tourist for just 5 days and don’t have 100k in my bank account, will credit card statements suffice to show proof of financial capability and that my combined credit card limit (3 cards, Php200k+ credit limit)can support my stay in Japan?

    • @kat i think the length of your stay has very little bearing on your approval because no matter how long everybody plans to stay it’s always going to be a fifteen day visa. as for your combined credit card limit taking the place of the bank certificate, AFAIK that won’t suffice. i have four cards with a combined limit of 400K, but i still need to submit a bank certificate nevertheless. good luck with your application!

  52. Hello… Is it ok if all my bank certificates were all in dollar accounts? I am a filipina. And how many percent is the possibility for me and my daughter on a package tour as to grant us a Japanese Visa? PLEASE HELP US…

    • USD accounts are fine as long as they are the equivalent of PHP 100K or more. and generally, people on package tours stand a higher chance of being granted visas than those who are striking it out on their own. good luck!

  53. Is it ok, if I include to submit the ITR of my company? as an additional documents. but still, I have my own ITR. I am one of the stock holder of a small company. Thank you very much for the advice.

  54. my is in law and her friend wants to apply for a tourist visa in japan, her uncle will provide her a show money that she needed, but she dont have ITR yet bocause she just started working a month ago. what are the chances for her to have a visa? please give us some advice.. thanks a lot!

  55. @mary yes you can use that since you own the company :)

    @angel she can forgo submitting her income tax return, but i have to express my doubts about her application being approved because the income tax form is a huge factor in getting approval…

  56. Good afternoon Honorable Consul Officer,

    I have something may i please to inquire about Japanese Visa,

    Question 1:

    what is your advisable amount of money (yen) in the bank of the Guarantor in Japan to to prove and consider by the Japan Embassy about the Financial Statements and Capabilities..??

    Question 2:

    My Japanese guarantor has a only reasonable amount of money in the bank
    however i also pass my bank account which consists of Large amount of money since im going to make most of my expenses for my travel..the guarantor will only provide my stay and some food,

    is it going to prove the eligibility of my travel regarding of the financial requirements.?

    Hoping your kind comply with may inquiry, Thank You and Have a Nice Day

  57. my ate is a Japanese spouse and she already have her permanent visa or citizenship in japan, it is possible for her to take me and my husband to visit her? while my husband is on a vacation to his job in dubai. is there any chances for us to grant a visa??

    • @angel i don’t have the final say in granting visas but as long as your sister submits all the documents needed as your guarantor, the consul’s office may consider your application.

  58. I just want to ask something about the show money. What if I have a friend who can make an official declaration that he can cover all my expenses and stay there? Should the show money still be necessary if I don’t have any bank certificates? What could my friend do to help me? Thank u so much.

  59. Hey Rotch, just wanted to thank you so much for the tips on getting a visa. I’ll be visiting my sister on the 28th!!

    Thank youuuu again! =D

  60. Ooh Man,, Tourist Visa got denied today, i feel so so bad… i consulted the immigrant officers, people who already went to japan and travel agency give more informations..i completed all the additional supporting documents to prove that i will return back in the Philippines..i mean, why my visa is denied? i just want to visit my girlfriend and his family, i have 2 guarantor’s..i i mean what the f*ck went wrong?i even got a letter from my school and signed by the dean..what wrong with Japan, How can we appreciate there Country and There Countrymen if they are so unreasonable and stubborn..what if there love ones’ is in the Philippines, and the Consul here won’t Let Japanese Nationals to Visit them…

    • sorry but acceptance is on a case-to-case basis, and just because others were able to secure visas via this method it does not mean that everybody else will. the consul’s office must’ve found something remiss with your application, but they will never state the exact reason so you will never know for sure. those are the rules they have imposed on all applicants, and we must abide by those whether we like it or not.

  61. @molly congratulations and have a great holiday!

  62. Hi! Very informative posts. But I have a few questions. I’ve been to Japan before but my visa was a working visa. Now, I wanted to visit Japan using a tourist visa. What do you think are my chances of getting a tourist visa? Also, I’m not employed but owned a small business. I’m wondering if the business permit can be a substitute document for the ITR since I have only started my business less than a year. Would that be a negative or positive points on my application? Hoping to hear your reply soon. Thanks!

  63. thank you so much for the info, i will be applying for the tin number this year. i have completed all the other requirements. i hope i can get the visa…:)

  64. btw sis, i have travelled taiwan as tourist and since its a visa-requiring country, will it help in my application?tnx

  65. @mari your used work visa will give you a leg up, but i suggest you comply with the recommended “show money” amount to allay misgivings with the consul office that you might attempt to seek employment in japan using a tourist visa. good luck!

    @ana yes, any and all stamps on your passport will help your application. good luck!

  66. hello…i have a friend and she wants to go in japan kasi nasa japan din ang boyfriend niya na may dugong hapon may anak sila pero hindi pa sila kasal at gusto nia mkapunta ng japan kahit ilang months lang at gusto niya mg applyng tourist visa pwede ba yon kahit wala siya income tax return.please help ma i want to help my friend.Thanks hope you can help me

    • hello. i have a friend and she wants to go to japan kasi nasa japan din ang boyfriend niya (na may dugong hapon). may anak sila pero hindi pa sila kasal at gusto niya makapunta ng japan, kahit ilang months lang. gusto niya mag apply ng tourist visa — pwede ba yon kahit wala siya income tax return? please help ma i want to help my friend. thanks, hope you can help me.

      una sa lahat, fifteen days lang ang tourist visa. pangalawa, kasi hindi sila kasal ng boyfriend niya regardless of the fact that they have a child together, hindi siya pwedeng hingan ng spousal visa so regular tourist visa lang ang pwede sa kanya.

      third, to apply for a tourist visa if you are not being issued a guarantee letter (ibig sabihin hindi sasaluhin ng boyfriend niya sa japan ang lahat ng gastusin niya), the ITR is required.

      lastly please learn to use proper punctuation and spell your words out correctly — honestly nahilo ako sa tanong mo :/

  67. thanks….pasensiya na kng nahilo kita sa mga tanong ko ngmamadali kasi ako that time pasensiya na talaga.

  68. no problem — good luck with the visa!

  69. hi! just want to ask things. gusto ko sanang mag apply for a tourist visa. wala akong guarantor. sarili ko lang ang mag shoulder ng lahat ng expenses. i can provide bank cert, itr and others kasi i own a business. i won’t stay there for long kasi nga may negosyo ako and nag iisa dito ung anak ko kasi my husband is in london. paano ko i-provide yung proof of return and tingin mo ba may chance akong mabigyan ng visa? thanks a lot!

  70. thanks for your reply. but i have my follow-up question. about po sa proof of return. can you give me any idea kng panu ko gawin yun ayun sa naexplain ko na saung situation. thanks

  71. the most basic proof of return you can supply is your round trip airline ticket. you can also supply photocopies of your business permits, land titles, and other legal documents that tie you to the philippines.

  72. thank you so much po. more power!!!!!

  73. hi can you help me, iam a wife of a japanese national but a after a month , he abandoned me, no calls ,no letters.. im worried. How will I know if he still alive? And do i have the right to sue him? because of abandonment?

  74. baguio residents, take advantage of this special promo by UHI to secure your visa applications this friday!

  75. hello poh may tita po akong nasa japan kinukuha mag tourist sa japan kasi po mangangank sya tanong ko po san kung makkpasa po ba ako sa interview kasi po wala po akong bank account wala rin po akong tin # ang pinanghahawakan kulang yung letter of invitation mula sa tita koh..ano po bang dapat kong gawin para mapprove po ang visa koh?

    • hi, can you help me? i am a wife of a japanese national but after a month, he abandoned me. no calls, no letters — i’m worried. how will i know if he is still alive? and do i have the right to sue him because of abandonment?

      @sam sorry but if you read my blog entry thoroughly then you would have realized that i am simply giving out visa tips, and that i am not the right person to ask for help with your personal problems. i am not a family court lawyer who can help you with your separation problems, nor am i a private investigator who can track down your husband for you. and even if i was, i am not obliged to help you because i am not getting paid to sort out your family problems for you.

      please refrain from spamming my e-mail inbox as well as my blog’s comment box with your repeated attempts at contacting me. i am sorry if you think this is unfair but i will have to be very firm with you, as your actions are already bordering on harassment.

      hello po — may tita po akong nasa japan, kinukuha ako mag tourist sa japan kasi po manganganak sya. tanong ko po sana kung makakpasa po ba ako sa interview kasi po wala po akong bank account wala rin po akong tin no. ang pinanghahawakan ko lang yung letter of invitation mula sa tita ko. ano po bang dapat kong gawin para ma-approve po ang visa ko?

      @ayumi first of all there is no interview since the applications are all document-based. second of all, since you do not have a bank certificate for PhP 100K nor an ITR, your aunt must supply you with not just an invitation letter but a letter of guarantee as well. having said that though, i am highly sceptical of your chances because the two documents missing from you are the most important for your application.

      lastly, please refrain from using TXTSPK or FRIENDSTER POH when commenting on my blog — it’s very distracting and i honestly cannot take your questions seriously when you talk like that. i wish you the best of luck!

  76. Hello magnetic-rose,

    I just would want to ask if a bank certificate from my parents plus an affidavit of support would suffice if I do not have any bank certificate?

    And regarding to the plane ticket, do I need to have them already when I apply a visa? I mean, what if (and I pray not) my visa application would be denied and I already had a plane ticket?

    My cousin’s aunt-in-law is the one inviting me to stay in Japan. First off, she’s Filipina married to a Japanese. My cousin has invited me to join her and her husband to visit her aunt-in-law, and seeing this as an amazing opportunity, I agreed. I know this might be of common sense but I am not sure: what is her aunt-in-law and mine’s relationship then?

    And lastly, I am still a student. I study in UPLB, and I’m supposed to go to Japan after the classes ended (on the end of March). I am returning of course, but I will resume studying until this June. Will a certificate that I am a student in my university suffice, even if I am not enrolled for, in this case, summer classes?

    I’m so sorry for this long post. Thank you for your answers in advance. :D

    • hi there!

      1) yes, those two documents can take the place of a certificate of deposit made out in your name.

      2) i’ve never attempted applying for a visa without a round-trip ticket at hand, but i suppose if your other documents can make up for it then it should be no problem.

      3) you are your cousin’s husband’s aunt’s nephew-in-law, twice-removed. if you think this is a bit of a stretch, “family friend” also works for most applications, especially if you have solid proof like handwritten letters and postcards or photographs of the two of you together.

      4) yes, your certificate of enrollment is still valid. to support your claim, you can include a copy of your academic calendar to show that march-june are summer vacation months in the philippines (in japan, we had it around june-september).

      good luck with your application!

  77. Hello there,

    I have a few questions I’d like to ask if you don’t mind. You see, I will be getting a Certificate of Eligibility from a company in Japan and i’ll be starting to work there in March. I think having the CoE would make my Visa application much more easier, right?

    But my problem is that I want my Fiance to come along with me. He has never travelled abroad, and i’m pretty scared that his visa application might get rejected. If that happens, i don’t think i wanna push through with the job offer given to me there. (Although that would be a big sacrifice, since it’s a very big opportunity). So we really want it to work out (visa). 

    Is there any way he can get a 3-month, or even just a 1-month visa? My cousin, who is also my Fiance’s friend, can be his guarantor. My contract with the company is 1 year, and i don’t think i can live with a long-distance relationship. As much as possible, i hope that he could stay there with me for the first few months to help me get settled. 

    Or… Do you think that when I go there first, I could invite him over for 3 months? (or is it just really not possible to get a 3-month visa?)

    Please help me think of ways on how he can come with me there. Hoping to hear from you soon. Thank you!

    • hi. i’m afraid that i’ve repeatedly stated in earlier posts that the 90-day visa is only issued under very special circumstances — for example, for cultural exchange ambassadors, high-ranking political figures, and academics on research grants. even if you flew ahead of him to japan and invited him to join you later, or if your cousin acted as a guarantor for him, your fiance can only avail of the standard 15-day tourist visa (which is problematic at best given his blank passport and lack of travel history). best of luck with your application.

  78. hi,im from philippine may gusto lang po ako malaman,may boyfriend po ako sa japan.brazilian po sya half japanese.resedence na po sya sa japan..nakapunta na din po ako before ng japan,over stay po at illegal entry..npenalty po aq five years..ngayon pu nakaka-isang taon npo ako dito sa pinas,at nag-pplano na po kaming mag-pakasal,at gusto na po nya akong kunin dito sa pilipinas..anong proseso po kaya ang pwede naming gawin para makakuha ako ng visa para makapunta ulit ng japan..pls help me

    • hello, i’m from the philippines. may gusto lang po ako malaman kung may chance pa ako makabalik ng japan. i’ve been there before. pero po over stay at illegal entry. may bf po ako half japanese(brazilian) doon na po sya naninirahan sa japan, resident na po sya roon. may chance kaya na matulungan ako ng bf ko makabalik ng japan? nag-paplano na din po kaming mag-pakasal. pwede nyo po ba akong tulungan para makakuha ng visa sa japan sa tulong na rin ng aking boyfriend. sana po matulungan nyo ako. please help me.

      the five-year ban stays and you cannot enter the country even if your fiance marries you and applies for a visa on your behalf. as far as i know you are now on a visa blacklist and may not be given another japan visa even after your five years are up.

      those are the consequences of your previous actions; you should never have entered the country under false pretenses, overstayed your tourist visa, and then gotten deported in the first place.

      and let me say that i think it’s illegals like you who are the reason the rest of us are having a tough time getting a japan visa in the first place — so no, i’m afraid i will most respectfully decline assisting you with your application.

  79. hi.gusto ko lng itanong kung madali bang magapply ng visa papuntang japan kung ngwo2rk sa ibang bansa.kasi ngwo2rk ako d2 sa dubai,at mayron akong gf na pinay sa japan,kinausap nya ung friend nyang hapon para mainvite ako papunta doon,nasakin na ung invitation letter at letter of guarantee na nakasulat sa wikang hapon,kailangan ko pa rin bang humingi sa kanya ng income tax return na binabayaran nung hapon as a proof,at ano po ba ang mga requirements na dapat kong ipasa. malaki ba ang tyansa kong makakuha ng visa?Sana matulungan mo ko.


    • hi. gusto ko lng itanong kung madali bang magapply ng visa papuntang japan kung nagtatrabaho sa ibang bansa. kasi nagtratrabaho ako dito sa dubai, at mayron akong gf na pinay sa japan. kinausap nya yung friend nyang hapon para ma-invite ako papunta doon, nasakin na yung invitation letter at letter of guarantee na nakasulat sa wikang hapon. kailangan ko pa rin bang humingi sa kanya ng income tax return na binabayaran nung hapon as a proof, at ano po ba ang mga requirements na dapat kong ipasa. malaki ba ang tyansa kong makakuha ng visa? sana matulungan mo ko. thanks.

      since you have a letter of guarantee, then yes — your japanese contact has to furnish the rest of the requirements listed here. also, approval of applications lies squarely with the consul’s office, so i have no say on how good or bad your chances will be.

  80. Hi,

    My friend wants to study in Japan. How can he enroll there/how can he get a student visa?

    -Is it legal to enroll in a Japanese school with a tourist visa? (He plans to enroll in a school in Japan during his 15days of stay there on a tourist visa)

    -What will happen if he enrolls there on a tourist visa? Will the visa be converted to Student visa or does he need to come back to the Philippines first and go back again to Japan?

    -Is there a way he can get a student visa before going to Japan?

    -If he gets a tourist visa (15 days), what other ways can he get a student visa in Japan?

    – He plans to either study Masters program (Economics), or enroll in a Japanese language school.


    • hi! as far as i know your friend cannot enroll with just a tourist visa while in japan — the school will decline him outright.

      he can, however contact the school and initiate enrollment from here in the philippines via the internet. once he has been accepted, he can ask them to assist him with his student visa by sending an application for a certificate of eligibility to the japanese ministry of education on his behalf.

      once all documents have been issued they need to be couriered to him. both his admission forms and his certificate of eligibility from the japanese ministry of education must be on hand before he can apply for a student visa at the embassy of japan in manila.

      he does not need to go through a travel agent unlike the tourists, since the consul’s office will honor his certificate of eligibility. the visa approval rate for holders of certificates of eligibility from the ministry of education is 100% so he really needs to have one of those if he hopes to study in japan for extended periods :)

  81. konnichiwa!

    I’m submitting my requirements to Rajah today at 8 am. i have the following.

    bank cert stating 123k in amount

    form 1700

    form 2316
    application form

    passport birth certificate

    photocopy of two way airline ticket

    employment certificate

    do i REALLY need the hotel booking confirmation? rajah told me i dont need to anymore-and i also want to ask, since i;m shouldering my expenses, should i still bother with the guarantor/reference person in the application form? also, do you think these are good enough? my only disadvantage is that this is my first ever attempt to go abroad…domo arigatou gozaimasu.

    • hi! it looks like your documents are in order so there is no real need to supply a hotel voucher or reservation. if pressed, you can simply name any hotel offhand to satisfy any questions. and no, it is not necessary to supply a guarantee letter since you are covering your own costs; the letter is only for applicants who have all or part of their expenses covered by their japanese contact. however i do express a small amount of concern with the fact that this will be your first trip abroad. the history of travel does carry a certain weight with the visa screening committee. anyway, i wish you the best of luck.

  82. yeah that’s my problem….but i cant really do anything abt it anymore now can i?

  83. hello po. ask ko lang regarding “show money”. meron akong bank account (2yrs na) pero madalas laging ZERO balanced kaka-withdraw. dahil sa ang recommended show money ay at least php100,000 pwede ba akong mangutang sa kakilala para mgkaron ng ganung halaga ang bank account ko. at pagka deposit ko ng hiniram kong 100k eh mag-pagawa ako agad ng bank certificate sa banko (mga 2 days lang ata yung process nun) at pagka-kuha ko ng bank certificate, iwi-withdraw ko na yung 100k ng kaibigan ko at isosoli ko na din agad sa kanya.

    pwede po ba yun, para magkaron ng bank certificate na matino ang deposit amount. o masyadong mahigpit ang embassy at baka pagka-submit ng application ko eh, tatawagan nila ang bank ko para i-check kung anu talaga status ng depositing habit ko, at kung anu ang average deposit ko monthly for one whole year o simula ng i-open ko ung account ko na yon.

    • yes, that balance has to be maintained while the application is being reviewed. and it does not matter how long you’ve had your account , it is how much that’s still in it that counts.

  84. hello again! just something to ask, about the hotel details, it doenst need to be THAT detailed right? and for the itinerary?

  85. at the very least you should have the exact street address of the hotel you intend to stay at, even if you end up going to a different one once you’re there.

  86. ah yeah! got the exact one. hehe! hope it goes well though. applied with rajah last sat. why are they better?

  87. who — rajah and UHI? i just find their service more efficient and convenient since i live and work in the makati area.

  88. rose-san!

    Weird things happened lately. Yesterday while I was at work, someone random just called my house and was asking for me. After my brother told me about it through ym, I got a call in the office for someone looking for me as well. when I got to talk to the person, the moment she confirmed my name, she hung up. Coincidentally, my friend who applied for a jap visa with me at the same time got calls just now with the same pattern. Could this possibly be the embassy confirming our info? If yes, what a weird (and rude) way of doing it. I don’t really mind though.

  89. i have no idea what’s up with that — i’ve personally never been on the receiving end of such “confirmation calls” so i have no idea if that was from the consul or your travel agent.

  90. Hello!

    Visa application successful! Thank you very much rose-san!

  91. Good Day,

    I applied tourist visa last January 29,2010. The husband of my sister in law is my guarantor.February 2, the agency call me to pass some documents, The NSO Birth of my Husband and my sister in law to prove that they are real Children.Feb 10, The agency call me and inform that my visa was denied.
    My question,: What do you think is one of the reason that I’m Denied.The Documents I submit are the following:(INVITATION LETTER/GUARANTEE LETTER/OUR PHOTOS/AND THE NSO BIRTH OF MY HUSBAND AND SISTER IN LAW AND THEIR KOSEKITOHON)

  92. @mjting congratulations and have a great holiday!

    @sherah sorry but i am not privy to the selection process so i have no idea why the consul chose to deny your application.

  93. Hi,

    I’m applying for a tourist visa. I saw in your previous post that “proof of return” is needed, therefore a return ticket is necessary. What if I already bought the roundtrip ticket but my Visa doesn’t get approved? :(

    And also, my father is going to be the one paying for all of my expenses, and I also have an inviting person in Japan who is my friend. Do I still need to submit the Guarantor’s letter? What are the only things that I should ask my friend (inviting person) in Japan to send me, and what are the only things that my father needs to prepare?

    Thank you!

    • i’m afraid you will just have to ask a refund on your airline ticket. as for your japanese contact, since you (or rather, your father) will be covering all your expenses, all he is required to issue is a letter of invitation, but the letter of guarantee and all the other documents like income tax returns are optional. i do however still suggest that he sends them, in order to better your chances at getting approved.

  94. Hello… Is it true na mas complicated at mas strict for an OFW or mga naging OFW ang pag-apply ng Japanese tourist visa? Dahil sa may experience na sila at sanay na sila mag-trabaho outside the philippines, so baka ma-mislead ang consul na baka once makapunta cla ng japan using tourist visa eh mag overstay cla at maghanap ng trabaho dun?
    Kaya it is strongly recomended for an OFW to show the japanese embassy proper documents, especially your bank certificate containing large amount of cash na savings mo for a long time at hindi palaging nawi-withdraw (does bank statement of at least 6mos will be a big help din po ba) at prove the japanese embassy that you no longer needed to go abroad to work, but you are already capable to go as “tourist”.

    • hi — sorry but i have no experience as an OFW so i have no idea if the application process is more difficult. please consult with a proper travel agent for your queries. thanks!

  95. so need pala ng round trip ticket?
    pwede ba ko kumuha ng visa pero hindi pa ko aalis?

    • yes, you need a return trip ticket for your application. when granted, the visa is only valid for ninety days — after which it becomes expired and you need to apply for a new one.

  96. hi po and a blessed day! ill go directly na po sa mga tanong ko. Currently my husband is in yokohama japan, hes employed under japanese company here in manila for 11 yrs at ang mother company nga po nila eh in yokohama, pinadala po sya der for engineering dun sa project nila na gagawin dito sa phils. At gusto nga po nmin itake yng opportunities na mkapunta din ako jan. nung nag inquire po kmi sa travel agency maganda po yng rate na nbigay samin, so wat we did eh ginarab n nga po nmin yng rate. kso po yng napareserve po nmin eh May 1 po ang alis dto sa mla at ang balik po ay May 31, ksi nga rin po May 31 din po ang balik ng asawako dito sa mla. so para po sabay na kmi pabalik. at nbasa ko nga po na ang standard tourist visa nga lang po ay for 15 days, pano po kaya yun, malabo po bang ma approve yng visa ko for 1 month? at kailangan din po ba naming idetalyado ang itenerary namin everyday? i hope you can find time to answer this…God bless po

    • hi po and a blessed day! ill go directly na po sa mga tanong ko. Currently my husband is in yokohama japan, he’s employed under japanese company here in manila for 11 years at ang mother company nga po nila eh in yokohama, pinadala po sya there for engineering dun sa project nila na gagawin dito sa phils. At gusto nga po namin itake yung opportunities na makapunta din ako jan.

      nung nag inquire po kami sa travel agency maganda po yng rate na nabigay samin, so what we did eh ginarab na nga po namin yung rate. kaso po yung napareserve po namin eh May 1 po ang alis dito sa manila at ang balik po ay May 31, kasi nga rin po May 31 din po ang balik ng asawa ko dito sa manila. so para po sabay na kami pabalik.

      at nabasa ko nga po na ang standard tourist visa nga lang po ay for 15 days, pano po kaya yun, malabo po bang ma approve yung visa ko for 1 month? at kailangan din po ba naming idetalyado ang itenerary namin everyday? i hope you can find time to answer this…God bless po

      hi. i’m afraid that i’ve repeatedly stated earlier (over four times now, including this reply) that the 90-day visa is only issued under very special circumstances — for example, for cultural exchange ambassadors, high-ranking political figures, and academics on research grants.

      regular tourists can only avail of the standard 15-day visa, regardless of their circumstances. sorry but that’s just the way it is. if you like you can ask your travel agent to make arrangements for you, but i doubt it will be succesful.

  97. ok po iniisip lng po ksi namin mag asawa na baka bgyan ng consideration yng 1month, so dapat ko na po bang ipa-rebook yng booking ko? na instead na May 31 pa ang return ko eh May 15 na…pra po malinaw tlaga sa embassy. thanks for the immediate response.

  98. i’m sorry i have no other info that can help you. good luck with your application!

  99. hi..ask ko lang po nagtourist aq sa japan my sister invited me once..kaya lang i got overstay just for only 1day..mahirapan pa kaya ko bumalik sa japan? yoroshiku..

    • i can’t say for sure, but i believe that all persons who entered the country illegally and/or overstayed their visas are put on a visa blacklist that prevents them from receiving another visa in the near future.

  100. may boyfriend po ako sa japan and he want me 2 marry him pero hindi po sya nihonjin..his mom married a japanese man..amf…step father nya japanese… kaya po nya q bigyan ng visa pag nagpakasal po kami?pro philippine passport yun boyfriend ko..

    • may boyfriend po ako sa japan and he wants me to marry him pero hindi po sya nihonjin. his mom married a japanese man, step father nya japanese. kaya po nya ako bigyan ng visa pag nagpakasal po kami? pero philippine passport yun boyfriend ko.

      it does not matter of your fiance wants to marry you and issue you a letter of invitation (your boyfriend cannot issue you a visa, only the japanese embassy can) — as i said earlier you are on a visa blacklist because of your previous case of overstaying so any application made by you will be automatically denied. please do not insist on getting your way because the consuls office can and will reject your claims.

      also, since this is your second time commenting, i would appreciate it if you read and followed my rules. no SMS shortcuts please — you are not on your cellphone. you have a full-sized keyboard in front of you so use it. thanks.