How to Get a Japanese Visa: A Guide for Filipinos

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Japan Philippines Tourist Visa

Going to Japan is one of the most fun things you can do in your entire life — especially if you are an anime fan. I’ve had the pleasure of visiting Tokyo (where I stayed for over a year as a university student), Osaka, Hiroshima, Nagano, Kanazawa and a number of other cities — both for business and for pleasure, four times so far. I still haven’t had enough of Japan, and you can bet your entire manga collection that I have plans of going back very soon.

One of the largest hurdles for Filipino J-pop fans planning to visit Japan is obtaining an entry visa. Due to the number of Filipinos in search of employment entering the country via tourist visas, the Consul Office of the Japan Embassy has implemented stricter rules in granting them. I’ve gone through three distinct kinds of visa application procedures, all of which I will be describing below. I hope that my personal experiences shed some light on the sometimes archaic and often very scary process of applying for a Japanese visa.

Applying For a Visa as a University Exchange Student

Students flying to Japan under the auspices of the Ministry of Education or the Japan Student Services Organization have a distinct advantage over almost everybody else when applying for a visa. They are in possession of a special document called the Certificate of Eligibility, which eliminates the need for many of the requirements such as Income Tax Returns, Bank Certificates, and Letters of Guarantee.

The Certificate of Eligibility is exclusively issued to university exchange students (whether postgraduate or undergraduate) so to be able to obtain one, it would be best to start off by applying for a Japanese exchange student programme via your college or university. Application procedures vary for different universities (UP, ADMU, DLSU, etc.) and areas of discipline (language, liberal arts, engineering, etc.) so it would be best to consult with your school’s Foreign Exchange offices.

Once you have cleared their selection process and are bound for Japan, your certificate will be issued to you alongside your Japanese school admission forms and other documents. All you need to do is submit it to the Consul Office along with your current passport to obtain your visa. For more information, you can also view the complete application procedure from the official website of the Embassy of Japan.

Applying For a Visa on Business

If you are employed in a private company with business ties to Japan, you can apply for a commercial visa. With this type of visa, your company vouches for you, eliminating the need for you to find a Japanese individual to act as a guarantor. Instead, your company and the Japanese company affiliated with you will need to issue a Letter of Dispatch or a Letter of Invitation, stating the nature of your business, the business relationship of the two companies involved in the transaction, and the purpose of your visit to Japan.

In my case, both my employer in Manila and our affiliate in Japan issued the letters described above, as well as Certificates of Employment and Length of Service, and a timetable detailing all my travel plans within Japan. Photocopies of my round-trip airline tickets were also given to prove that I will be returning to the Philippines once business has been completed. The travel agency handling my trip then took care of the rest, and my passport with my new visa attached arrived after three days. For more info, you can also view the complete application procedure from the official website of the Embassy of Japan.

Applying For a Visa as a Tourist

There are two ways of going about applying for a tourist visa. The first way is easier but is more expensive and also very limiting: joining a package tour. Since your tour facilitator will act as your guarantor, there is no need to obtain a Letter of Guarantee. However, you will still need to submit all the other documents like your Income Tax Returns, Bank Certificates, and Itineraries. The other option is to go it alone. I actually prefer this method since I can pick my flight schedule, my hotel/hostel, and my itinerary. Unfortunately the Consul Office will be a little bit stricter with your requirements, so it’s best that you make a good impression and get it right the first time.

The first step still means going through a travel agent. The Embassy of Japan has disallowed personal applications for entry visas, and we all now have to apply through accredited travel agencies to apply for visas. I personally recommend Universal Holidays and Rajah Travel since I have used them both and have been happy with their service so far. Just drop by their offices in Makati Avenue for Rajah and Dusit Hotel for Universal, with your completed documents and the PhP 2500 fee. For more information or additional clarification on visa application requirements, you can also view the complete application procedure from the official website of the Embassy of Japan.

Required Supporting Documents for Your Application

What are the most crucial documents needed for the application? From personal experience, it all boils down to three things: 1) proof of good financial standing; 2) history of travel; and 3) proof of return.

Proof of financial standing just means that you have the ability to support yourself during your Japan stay; it also implies that you will not be seeking illegal employment once you have entered the country. This proof comes in the form of your original Income Tax Return, which explicitly states how much you pay in taxes and earn in a year. Another important document that proves you are financially capable is a Bank Certificate stating that you have at least PhP 100,000 in savings, which would roughly be the amount you need to cover the 15 days you spend in Japan as allowed by your tourist visa.

History of travel is basically the number of used visas or old immigration stamps that you have accumulated in your passport. As a rule of thumb, the more stamps you have the better your chances of being granted a visa, since this implies that you regularly travel abroad and that you return to the Philippines after every trip. Used visas from the US, Europe, Australia, and of course Japan are also helpful in getting you an entry visa, since this guarantees the Consul Office that you have entered and left other foreign countries in good faith.

Last but not least is your proof of return: your round-trip airline ticket. This reassures the Consul Office that you will be returning to the Philippines once the fifteen day limit of your tourist visa expires, and will not attempt to stay in the country illegally for employment purposes. You can also submit land titles, business permits, and other documents that will outline your properties and business interests in the Philippines that you will return to once your trip is finished.

Visa Approval

Once your application has been received, it will take the Japanese consuls office three to five business days to review it and approve or deny your application. If approved, you will receive your passport from your travel agent with the visa attached. If your passport has been returned to you with no visa attached, your application was denied, and you will have to wait another six months to lodge another application. Under no circumstances will the visa office explain why your application has been denied, so there is really no point in pursuing the argument further.

Please note that this is a summary of our experience in applying for a Japanese visa. Mileage may vary with each individual. For more tips, you can also read How to Get A Japanese Tourist Visa in 24 Hours, How to Get a Japan Visa in Three Days, Getting a Japan Tourist Visa: An FAQ for Filipinos, and Tips on Obtaining a Japan Tourist Visa.

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378 Responses to How to Get a Japanese Visa: A Guide for Filipinos

  1. nina says:

    Thanks Rotch! This will really come in handy next year. Tokyo 2010!

  2. LOL good luck BB — am really looking forward to that trip with you guys~

  3. ajienaissant says:

    man… Php 100,000? :(

  4. unfortunately, living costs in japan are some of the highest in the world, while our currency is one of the lowest in asia, so you have to compensate for the disparity.

    you also have to prove to the consul office that you’re not out to get a job once you make it there, by showing them that you are earning a good living back here in manila.

  5. bomalabs says:

    Omg, 100K, that’s like a year’s worth of savings^^’ Lucky for you to have been there so many times already:)

  6. batangbatugan says:

    I have a question, do you need to submit both an Income Tax Return record and a Bank Certificate?

    When I applied for a US visa they only required a Bank Certificate (wala akong tin e, nung nag-apply ako sa BIR ayaw ako bigyan. E di wag! XP)

  7. if you are employed by a private corporation, they will need you to submit your ITR. if you are unable to provide one, i suppose just the bank certificate will suffice.

    however i speculate that the amount indicated in your deposit should be significantly higher than PHP 100,000, to ensure that your application will not be rejected.

    also, they might ask you to come in for an interview and explain how you came up with a large amount of cash without being employed. i remember one distant acquaintance asked to come in, and she replied (and i quote) “uh my mom is rich?!” XD

  8. razilia says:

    Wow thanks for the tips! I’ll be sharing this to my friends!

  9. princess tiara says:

    hi! i was married since 2007.My husband wasn’t able to apply my eligibility in Japan, he got sick.How can i apply my eligibility here in the philippines? help me pls..

  10. hi — sorry but i am unfamiliar with the visa process for spouses of japanese nationals. please get in touch with the consul office directly, starting with their website.

  11. princess tiara says:

    thank you! have a nice day!

  12. baby_akane says:

    hello there…just wanna ask po do i still need a visa to go in japan? im here now in germany and married here..i work in japan na before as singer for alamost 2 years..u think i still need a visa to get there for tourist? pls help po…arigatou ne…

    • yes — unless you’re already carrying a german passport (which has visa-free entry for 90 days), you’ll have to apply with your philippine passport at the japan consul’s office in germany. i hope you have a great holiday!

  13. ren says:

    Aikawarazu desu ne.
    ^^; it’s easy to obtain a visa if you have a sponsor,especially schools. Schools/Organizations will give you an endorsment letter for your application. :)

    ANd, yeah. it is expensive. X_X;
    specially tourist visa costs 2K.

    • agreed — having your university take care of your visa for you is the cheapest and most painless procedure. the only deterrent i could think of in this situation is if you are not on a scholarship programme, and you come from a middle class family, you wouldn’t be able to afford basic living expenses — let alone school fees :/ japan is really that expensive :(

  14. jmee27 says:

    Hi! Do you have any idea about applying for ALTs (assistant language teacher) in Japan? When I visited the Japanese Embassy website, yung application procedure nila for ALT programs, the last information is dated 2007 pa! Do they still hire ALTs from the Philippines? Or discriminated na naman tayong mga Pinoy as English teachers coz we’re not “native speakers”?

    • sorry but i have no information at all on the embassy’s teaching programs. it would be best to call them directly and ask for the JICC office, which may be able to help you with your query. good luck!

  15. Wendy says:

    hi i’m a filipina and my japanese bf wants me to come with him to japan. just want to know the exact requirements to get a tourist travel visa? can you help me bout this? thanks.

  16. hi wendy — if you’re not officially married to a japanese national (i believe this classification includes fiancees and girlfriends), you’ll have to apply for a regular tourist visa via the recommended channels. a complete list of requirements can be found here. good luck!

  17. mira says: there another scholarship coming?

    • magnetic_rose says:

      hey there mira. i haven’t heard news of any open application scholarship programmes but if i do hear of some i’ll let you know. cheers!

  18. divina says:

    wow thanks for the info.

    by the way do you know any scholarship programs for students who want to study medicine in Japan…


  19. nope — sorry; please get in touch with the JICC for scholarship inquiries. cheers!

  20. tintin says:

    Very informative post, rotch-sempai! I wish I read it before I submitted my visa application. Hm. The agency said the result will be out tomorrow *crosses fingers*

  21. ericka says:

    Hi, ask ko lang po kasi yung cousin gusto akong kunin sa japan to work there, what are the requirments?

    • as far as i know, your employers and not your cousin should be taking care of your visa and work permit, because the local consulate does not issue work visas to individuals who have not yet found employment in japan. please get in touch with your prospective employers first to facilitate your paperwork, and then courier the original documents and other requirements to the philippines. good luck!

  22. yumi says:

    Konbanwa! i want to ask if we really need an invitation letter. thanks =)

  23. hi there.

    needing an invitation letter from a japanese national (or a permanent foreign resident) is crucial if you cannot provide the consul office with information that proves you are financially capable — even wealthy. they need reassurance that you are not entering the country with intent to seek employment and stay there as an illegal.

    personally, i had never needed one as my previously issued visas were more than enough proof to assure them that i would and will return to the country once my stint is done. however if it is your first time to japan then, yes — having a letter of invitation will help your cause.

  24. says:

    super big thanks for this! xD
    ugh. 100,000?
    i hope i could reach that quota before Arashi makes another con tour next year!! ~

    • lol i know it sounds steep but it is kinda expensive booking airline tickets and hotel rooms, so the money will be gone before you know it. it’s better to be prepared than get caught out empty handed :D good luck!

  25. erik says:

    wow! Php100,000.. that’s a lot of money

    I have a question.. What are the main reasons that tourists get denied for a visa?

    • lol it’s still just a third of the PhP 300,000 needed for a schengen visa :D

      anyway, the consul office never divulges the reasons for rejection, but i’m taking an intelligent guess to say that insufficient evidence of previous travel — such as used visas and old immigration stamps, may play a factor in determining whether or not you are granted a tourist visa. that’s why some people who are after japanese, EU, or US tourist visas travel to nearby visa-free countries like thailand, hong kong, and singapore first to better their chances.

      also if the consuls office suspect that the applicant is trying to enter japan to unlawfully gain residency they will deny you a tourist visa. this is where your ITR and bank certificate/s play an important role — if these documents prove that you are not planning to seek illegal employment in japan, then the chances of you being granted a visa become quite good.

  26. erik says:

    Also, I’m wondering if I can apply first for a visa before buying tickets.. so I won’t be wasting any money if I get denied..

  27. homer says:

    can you please tell me the meaning of “background to the invitation” in the invitation letter? can you also please tell me what should I put under that section? thank you very much in advance ma’am!

    • “can you please tell me the meaning of “background to the invitation” in the invitation letter?”

      sorry — i’m afraid i didn’t understand the context of your question. where did you pick up the phrase “background to the invitation”? maybe a bit more information can help me answer your question better. thanks!

  28. Rain21 says:

    Good Day Magnetic Rose..

    I’m Rain, 19, college graduating student,

    can i ask you some few question?

    let me tell you the scenario 1st..

    My Fiance is inviting me to go to japan this November,
    since its our anniversary on Nov. 21, also her birthday is Nov. 27, My Birthday is Dec. 21 days after that is Christmas Holidays, the point is we want to spend time with each other to this events, also im going to visit my relatives and friends there. probably i will stay there for about 1 month and 2 weeks max.

    What Visa will i need or use?

    I’m Still dependent, though i’m managing the small some business of my parents to have money for myself, im still getting money from them, special big amount of money,

    do i need bank account of my own? or can i use the bank acc/certificate of my parents?

    also the ITR, i’m not employed, can i use the ITR of my parents?

    and, one of the proof that i will go back here is that i’m enrolled in school, attending class and going to graduate in march

    do i need to present some documents from my school or college institution?

    that’s all for now..

    (excuse me) but damn, i need to go to japan before our relationship goes complicated..

    thank you magnetic rose..

    • lol okay that’s a lot to take in all at once.

      1) the standard tourist visa is just fifteen days long; if you need something longer than that you will have to apply for a special ninety day visa — and they don’t give that out very often (you have to have a diplomats passport for that one, i think)

      2) yes, the bank account has to be under your name.

      3) no, the ITR should be under your name. since you said you run your own business, you should have a business-owners special income tax return.

      4) yes, you can request a letter of enrollment from your university to present alongside your other documents so they know that you are in college and that you will be coming back to the philippines to finish your studies.

      good luck!

  29. Rain21 says:

    sorry for some wrong gramma, it’s 3am…and i’m knock sleepy..haha..

  30. Moniq says:


    I hope you could help enlighten me with some things. YOu see, my boyfriend, a US citizen (resident), would want us to go see japan. He has been there before, I havent. I’m in the Philippines. Is there any chance that I could get a tourist visa? We’re planning for just a week stay there. I have already been issued a US tourist visa and went there last year for two months. Would that help ? Also , would I need to provide a guarantor letter as required? My boyfriend will be the one to shoulder all the expnses there, the hotel, transpo, food and everything. would I still have to provide a bank account with a large amount of money?

    Any help would be very much appreciated. Thanks a lot.

    • hi there! in your case i believe your boyfriend may act as your guarantor as long as he fulfills all the necessary requirements for guarantors listed in the official JAPAN CONSUL website. as for the “show-money” amount on your end — if your boyfriend will also guarantee that he can and will cover all your expenses (bank account info, a list of existing credit cards, etc.) then that should’nt be a problem. and yes, your valid/used US visa will help in securing your JAPAN VISA. however — please don’t take my word for it as i have never gone through this particular process before so it would still be better for you to consult with an accredited travel agent. good luck!

  31. JK says:

    wow what a great guide!

    Basically, I have a boyfriend who is half japanese and I believe his father(japanese national) is already working on his papers so he can become a japanese national by next year after he graduates and pass the nursing board exam. My question will be if it is possible for me to go and live there (Japan) with him without getting married?Which type of visa do i need? Thanks for any help!

  32. hi jk! if you’re just visiting a regular tourist visa should be just fine, but i’m sorry i’m afraid one of the very few ways you can become a permanent resident in japan is if you were married to a japanese national.

  33. richelle says:

    hi there!
    i am a college freshman here in the philippines. i have a cousin who works in japan as an engineer. on my birthday, my brother agreed to send me to japan for a vacation as his birthday gift to me. my problem is, i don’t have an ITR certificate but i have a bank account that has more than the amount you suggested it should have.

    is it an advantage that i have a relative there to act as my guarantor? do is still need a letter of invitation from him? also, is it okay if i don’t book for a hotel since my cousin would have me stayed in his place?

    and last question, does my enrollment in college will suffice as proof of return??

    thank you very much! =)

    • 1) since you’re not yet working, you can forego the ITR :) instead you can present the embassy/consulate with a certificate of enrollment from your dean’s office or registrar’s office — this can also help as your proof of return. when you submit your documents don’t forget your certificate of deposit from your bank — this is very important since you are still a student and this will prove that you are capable of financing your trip even without income :)

      2) yes, having your relative act as your guarantor is a good idea. just have him prepare the formal letter needed (as prescribed by the japanese consulate website) indicating that not only will he act as guarantor, he will also be providing you with temporary housing while in japan so that you don’t have to present a hotel voucher or hotel reservation.

      good luck and have fun!

  34. Noemi says:

    great post! one question though, would you know if the requirements for tourist visa for Philippine passport holders still apply if i am not living in the Philippines? I am living and working now in China (i have a one year contract and a residence permit) and my french bf (no visa for him!) wants us to go to japan for Christmas. seems like a pretty complicated procedure for just a few days of holiday…

    • hi noemi :) i’m afraid that as long as you are a philippine passport holder regardless of where you live or work, you’ll have to get a visa :( now if for example (and this is just an example) you are a naturalized american and bear a US passport, regardless of your philippine descent you can enter japan without a visa. as such, you’ll have to get in touch with the japanese consulate in china and go through all the necessary steps to obtain a tourist visa. hope this helps, and good luck!

  35. Mark says:

    Hi, I just want to know if its ok to stay in Japan for 3-4 days? my cousin is inviting me to have a vacation there but I only have 3 day off because of my job.

    I don’t have a 100k in my bank account but I do have a sufficient cash for my travel expenses.

    This will be my first time to travel abroad. He said he can provide a guarantee letter for me and supporting documents for my requirements.

    • hi there!

      1) a tourist visa is valid for fifteen days, but you do not have to use them all up. when you leave japan after three days however, the remaining twelve unused days on your visa are now null and void.

      2) PhP 100K is the minimum recommended “show-money” amount and this is how much i personally put up whenever i send in a visa application. it’s possible that you can apply with much less in your bank account, but i think (and this is just me, of course) this may negatively affect your chances of being granted a visa.

      3) since this is your first time, it could be slightly problematic because as a rule of thumb, the more immigration stamps and used visas you have in your passport the better your chances are of having your application approved.

      if your cousin is acting as your guarantor, i recommend that you ask him to send all (and i mean all) the required documents outlined in the japanese consul’s website to improve your chances of getting approved despite your blank passport.

      good luck! :)

  36. che says:

    my girlfriend CXXXXXXX RXXXXXXX OXXXXX has seen her application for a tourist visa being denied without clearly give a reason for that. I have acted as her guarantor and consider the decision to deny her entry as an injustice, unless properly explained. Not even further documentation has been requested before denying the tourist visa. I have clearly contacted the telephone number provided in the website just to be told again and again there is no guarantee to have the application approved (I know that) and that the reason for denial cannot be disclosed.

    Cheradee will lodge documents again in the hope a more sensible decision will be taken.

    Even though I am not Japanese, I pay taxes in this country which support your presence there. Hence I expect a personal reply from the Consul in Manila (please forward this email to him/her) even if for just remind me that the reason cannot be disclosed but Given that I act as guarantor for Cheradee, I feel that for Japan my guarantee is useless (and I have lived in several countries before: Italy, UK, Switzerland and HK where a similar thing has never happened) even though the Japanese authorities felt so kind to grant me a working visa here. And even if the decision relates in any way to Cheradee, I wonder what’s the use of a guarantor if that guarantee is not taken into consideration?

    I look forward to your reply.

    • hi che! while i am sympathetic to your plight and understand your frustration, it has been indicated in the japanese consul’s official website that the submission of all necessary documents does not guarantee the approval of your visa application.

      likewise, it has also been written on the consul website that under no circumstances are the the reasons for denial disclosed to the applicant. these are the rules the japanese consuls office have imposed on applicants, and even if we disagree with them we have to abide by them.

      as for your complaints reaching the right persons, i am afraid that because i am neither an employee of or intimately connected with the consulate of japan in the philippines, i am unable to help you with your problem.

      please contact the japanese embassy in manila via their trunkline, or if you are in tokyo send a fax directly to the ministry of foreign affairs at 03-5501-8490 stating the nature of your complaints.

      i hope that your problem is resolved soon. good luck!

  37. esemsipi says:

    would it be easy if my friend who’s a businessman in japan will act as my guarantor? he came to the philippines and i helped him around so he said his company will sponsor me. do i still need proof of income and bank account if i’m sponsored?

    also, is there a chance that even i’ll be just applying for a tourist visa, the interviewer/consul may decide to grant me multiple entry if i am eligible for it?

  38. hi there!

    1) yes, your friend may act as your guarantor.

    2) unless your guarantor submits a document in writing stating that he will be shouldering all your expenses for your trip, you will still need to submit proof of income and a certificate of deposit.

    actually even with a guarantee letter i still recommend submitting the above documents to better your chances of having your application approved :)

    3) multiple entry visas are only granted to diplomats, sports or cultural personalities, and high-level business people with extensive ties to japanese companies, so i’m afraid your chances of getting one are quite slim…

  39. joy says:

    hello po. what if may friend is japanese tapos dun ako magstay? sandali lang naman, kelangan pa ba ng bank account? matagal pa ba ang process? kelangan ko sana makahabol sa promo.

    impossible ba talaga makahabol ako kasi booking is from oct24-27. para makatravel sana ako in between dec’09-feb’10. thanks! paki email na lang din ako or if online ka ngayon much better. thanks

  40. 1) if you are staying with a japanese friend, he or she will have to act as your guarantor and supply all the necessary documents as outlined in the embassy website.

    2) unless your guarantor is paying for all your expenses and has said so in a legal document, you will need a bank certificate with the recommended minimum deposit amount.

    3) applications take three to five business days to process starting from the day you submitted the complete set of requirements to your travel agent.

    lastly, i am not obliged to e-mail you privately about your questions. i am not your personal secretary. if you need to find out the answers to your questions you will have to visit the blog — no ifs or buts.

  41. Mac says:

    Panu po kung may friend ako na may spouse visa..can she still act as my guarantor even if she only has spouse visa?actually, how long does it take before they grant or deny ur visa from date of application?

    • since your friend is on a spouse visa, that means that she herself needs somebody else to act as her guarantor. if she acts as yours it might not sound like such a good idea to the person reviewing the applications and it could be grounds for denying your visa.

      perhaps you could ask her japanese husband to act as your guarantor instead, as letters of invitation from a japanese individual may carry more weight? it will also help immensely if you are able to provide proof of income and proof of return to the philippines.

      applications are processed within three to five business days. if your application has been denied for any reason whatsoever you cannot apply again until six months have passed.

  42. Molly says:

    Hi Rotch! My mom and I are planning to visit my sister who is an exchange student in Tokyo this year. My mom easily can produce a bank cert with more than 100k. I, however have only started working and don’t have that much in my savings account. Is the 100k savings per person or can I tell them my mom will be paying for my entire stay there?

    Thanks~ :)

    • hi there molly :) i understand your concern about your savings account falling short of the recommended amount, as well as your lack of tenure with your new job, but i can see two ways that can help you augment that:

      1) you can have your mother state in her visa application that she will be covering costs for the both of you, and supply a bank certificate with enough cash to back up that claim;


      2) you can ask your sister to talk with her university’s foreign exchange student services to help her with your visas by supplying a letter certifying her status as a foreign exchange student, and that the university is aware that you and your mother are being invited to japan to visit your sister while she is there for her studies. once the letters have been secured, have her courier them to you as fax copies or emailed copies will not be accepted.

      i had a friend who did just that and managed to secure a visa for her sister via this method.

      good luck and i hope that you and your mom have a great time in japan!

  43. rmv says:


    ive been to South Korea, Singapore and Malaysia. Now, my fiance and i want to spend a holiday in Japan. i have all the requirements but do you think having travelled in asian countries i mentioned above would be a good edge to get a visa?

    also, is there any place in Japan that wouln’t require any visa, like in Macau for example filipinos don’t need visa there but if i go to the city like Beijing we definetely need it.

    thank you

    • hi :D since you are well-traveled, it will work in your favor (although i won’t guarantee 100% that you’ll get your visa). and i’m afraid you will need a visa to visit any part of japan, even okinawa which is closer to taiwan than mainland japan :)

  44. maria silva says:

    hello.can i ask a filipina married with half japanese half brasilian.i went in japan before.they can give me visa if i go there in japan alone to work

    • hi there :) i’m so sorry but i am not 100% sure about the process for people looking for work. however, i am pretty positive that your work permit and other legal requirements must be settled by your employer from the japanese side. please talk to your travel agent or give the embassy a call at the numbers given above. thanks!

  45. jes says:

    hi! about korean tourist visa? do you have tips?

  46. ana says:


    My sister is taking her doctoral degree in Tokyo and she wants me to visit her next year. i checked the japanese embassy website and listed the requirements for visiting a relative…she will be sending me the documents i need (the once listed in the website)
    she will be shouldering my expenses for my vacation there….do i still need a 100thou bank cert? i only have 30thou in mine…I am a nurse and is unemployed because I have been managing the family business. the business has just been transferred to my name and i still don’t have a tin number. will the permit to operate by the mayor be enough? i heard it will take long to get the tin number. also, is the maximum days for stay only 15days? I still want to visit some friends working their and my aunts in nagoya…i don’t know if the 15days will be enough…lastly, do i need to book a ticket early? i still do not know if id get to be approved…sayang naman ang bayad sa ticket pag ma deny ako….tnx!

  47. hi ana.

    1) if your sister will sends you all the necessary documents listed here, then the PhP 30K in your bank certificate will suffice.

    2) unfortunately, a FORM 2316 (income tax return) is needed. please ask your travel agent if there can be substitutes made to replace this.

    3) yes, the maximum is 15 days for tourists. only diplomats and businessmen covered by the special exemptions are granted visas for 90 days and above.

    4) i have never experienced applying for a visa without a round-trip ticket in hand, so i can’t say if it’s a good idea to go without one. sorry :(

  48. Mark3 says:

    Hi! Very Informative posts you have there; can you help me with these ones?

    1. how can i obtain the letter of Invitation and letter of guarantee form, for my guarantor in japan?..does the embassy or travel agency have this kind of form?

    2. my friend invited me to attend to his birthday and spend xmas holidays in japan..wer planning to go there december 10 2009,…now it is november 10, can i still be allowed to apply the visa regardless of the date im appliying?

    3. im using my father’s Bank of 500K + enough or will immesley improved my chances of getting visa???.all i need now is a Affidavit of Support since im using the account of my father on behelf that he will support my travel

  49. hi there.

    1) the form can be downloaded from the embassy website.

    2) processing only takes three to five days. you can even apply on the week you’re leaving as long as all your paperwork is in order.

    3)yes, your dad’s certificate of deposit plus an affidavit of support to connect his account to your visa application will better your chances of getting approved.

  50. blecl says:


    After reading everything in this page, my hope in getting a tourist visa starts going down the drain :( My friend and I bought a round trip ticket to Osaka on Cebu Pac’s ticket sale. I didn’t know that getting a tourist visa will be this difficult. We both haven’t traveled outside the Philippines yet — Japan is supposed to be our first time. Anyway, these are the only things we have:
    1) the show money
    2) the round trip ticket
    3) ITRs

    We’re also a part-owner of a very-very-small :) corporation. Will that help in any way? Do you think we’ll have better chances if we just obtain a package tour?

    • @blecl on the safe side, yes — i’d say your chances are much better if you go on a package tour. however, you can also just go ahead and apply for a tourist visa on your own since you already have three of the more crucial factors needed for getting a visa approved. good luck!

  51. kat says:

    hi,your post is very informative. however I have a question regarding the “show money”. If I’m planning to go to Japan as a tourist for just 5 days and don’t have 100k in my bank account, will credit card statements suffice to show proof of financial capability and that my combined credit card limit (3 cards, Php200k+ credit limit)can support my stay in Japan?

    • @kat i think the length of your stay has very little bearing on your approval because no matter how long everybody plans to stay it’s always going to be a fifteen day visa. as for your combined credit card limit taking the place of the bank certificate, AFAIK that won’t suffice. i have four cards with a combined limit of 400K, but i still need to submit a bank certificate nevertheless. good luck with your application!

  52. mary says:

    Hello… Is it ok if all my bank certificates were all in dollar accounts? I am a filipina. And how many percent is the possibility for me and my daughter on a package tour as to grant us a Japanese Visa? PLEASE HELP US…

    • USD accounts are fine as long as they are the equivalent of PHP 100K or more. and generally, people on package tours stand a higher chance of being granted visas than those who are striking it out on their own. good luck!

  53. mary says:

    Is it ok, if I include to submit the ITR of my company? as an additional documents. but still, I have my own ITR. I am one of the stock holder of a small company. Thank you very much for the advice.

  54. angel says:

    my is in law and her friend wants to apply for a tourist visa in japan, her uncle will provide her a show money that she needed, but she dont have ITR yet bocause she just started working a month ago. what are the chances for her to have a visa? please give us some advice.. thanks a lot!

  55. @mary yes you can use that since you own the company :)

    @angel she can forgo submitting her income tax return, but i have to express my doubts about her application being approved because the income tax form is a huge factor in getting approval…

  56. Nego13 says:

    Good afternoon Honorable Consul Officer,

    I have something may i please to inquire about Japanese Visa,

    Question 1:

    what is your advisable amount of money (yen) in the bank of the Guarantor in Japan to to prove and consider by the Japan Embassy about the Financial Statements and Capabilities..??

    Question 2:

    My Japanese guarantor has a only reasonable amount of money in the bank
    however i also pass my bank account which consists of Large amount of money since im going to make most of my expenses for my travel..the guarantor will only provide my stay and some food,

    is it going to prove the eligibility of my travel regarding of the financial requirements.?

    Hoping your kind comply with may inquiry, Thank You and Have a Nice Day

  57. angel says:

    my ate is a Japanese spouse and she already have her permanent visa or citizenship in japan, it is possible for her to take me and my husband to visit her? while my husband is on a vacation to his job in dubai. is there any chances for us to grant a visa??

    • @angel i don’t have the final say in granting visas but as long as your sister submits all the documents needed as your guarantor, the consul’s office may consider your application.

  58. Mitch says:

    I just want to ask something about the show money. What if I have a friend who can make an official declaration that he can cover all my expenses and stay there? Should the show money still be necessary if I don’t have any bank certificates? What could my friend do to help me? Thank u so much.

  59. Molly says:

    Hey Rotch, just wanted to thank you so much for the tips on getting a visa. I’ll be visiting my sister on the 28th!!

    Thank youuuu again! =D

  60. Sad says:

    Ooh Man,, Tourist Visa got denied today, i feel so so bad… i consulted the immigrant officers, people who already went to japan and travel agency give more informations..i completed all the additional supporting documents to prove that i will return back in the Philippines..i mean, why my visa is denied? i just want to visit my girlfriend and his family, i have 2 guarantor’s..i i mean what the f*ck went wrong?i even got a letter from my school and signed by the dean..what wrong with Japan, How can we appreciate there Country and There Countrymen if they are so unreasonable and stubborn..what if there love ones’ is in the Philippines, and the Consul here won’t Let Japanese Nationals to Visit them…

    • sorry but acceptance is on a case-to-case basis, and just because others were able to secure visas via this method it does not mean that everybody else will. the consul’s office must’ve found something remiss with your application, but they will never state the exact reason so you will never know for sure. those are the rules they have imposed on all applicants, and we must abide by those whether we like it or not.

  61. @molly congratulations and have a great holiday!

  62. Mari says:

    Hi! Very informative posts. But I have a few questions. I’ve been to Japan before but my visa was a working visa. Now, I wanted to visit Japan using a tourist visa. What do you think are my chances of getting a tourist visa? Also, I’m not employed but owned a small business. I’m wondering if the business permit can be a substitute document for the ITR since I have only started my business less than a year. Would that be a negative or positive points on my application? Hoping to hear your reply soon. Thanks!

  63. ana says:

    thank you so much for the info, i will be applying for the tin number this year. i have completed all the other requirements. i hope i can get the visa…:)

  64. ana says:

    btw sis, i have travelled taiwan as tourist and since its a visa-requiring country, will it help in my application?tnx

  65. @mari your used work visa will give you a leg up, but i suggest you comply with the recommended “show money” amount to allay misgivings with the consul office that you might attempt to seek employment in japan using a tourist visa. good luck!

    @ana yes, any and all stamps on your passport will help your application. good luck!

  66. celine says:

    hello…i have a friend and she wants to go in japan kasi nasa japan din ang boyfriend niya na may dugong hapon may anak sila pero hindi pa sila kasal at gusto nia mkapunta ng japan kahit ilang months lang at gusto niya mg applyng tourist visa pwede ba yon kahit wala siya income tax return.please help ma i want to help my friend.Thanks hope you can help me

    • hello. i have a friend and she wants to go to japan kasi nasa japan din ang boyfriend niya (na may dugong hapon). may anak sila pero hindi pa sila kasal at gusto niya makapunta ng japan, kahit ilang months lang. gusto niya mag apply ng tourist visa — pwede ba yon kahit wala siya income tax return? please help ma i want to help my friend. thanks, hope you can help me.

      una sa lahat, fifteen days lang ang tourist visa. pangalawa, kasi hindi sila kasal ng boyfriend niya regardless of the fact that they have a child together, hindi siya pwedeng hingan ng spousal visa so regular tourist visa lang ang pwede sa kanya.

      third, to apply for a tourist visa if you are not being issued a guarantee letter (ibig sabihin hindi sasaluhin ng boyfriend niya sa japan ang lahat ng gastusin niya), the ITR is required.

      lastly please learn to use proper punctuation and spell your words out correctly — honestly nahilo ako sa tanong mo :/

  67. celine says:

    thanks….pasensiya na kng nahilo kita sa mga tanong ko ngmamadali kasi ako that time pasensiya na talaga.

  68. no problem — good luck with the visa!

  69. chacha2003 says:

    hi! just want to ask things. gusto ko sanang mag apply for a tourist visa. wala akong guarantor. sarili ko lang ang mag shoulder ng lahat ng expenses. i can provide bank cert, itr and others kasi i own a business. i won’t stay there for long kasi nga may negosyo ako and nag iisa dito ung anak ko kasi my husband is in london. paano ko i-provide yung proof of return and tingin mo ba may chance akong mabigyan ng visa? thanks a lot!

  70. chacha2003 says:

    thanks for your reply. but i have my follow-up question. about po sa proof of return. can you give me any idea kng panu ko gawin yun ayun sa naexplain ko na saung situation. thanks

  71. the most basic proof of return you can supply is your round trip airline ticket. you can also supply photocopies of your business permits, land titles, and other legal documents that tie you to the philippines.

  72. chacha2003 says:

    thank you so much po. more power!!!!!

  73. sam says:

    hi can you help me, iam a wife of a japanese national but a after a month , he abandoned me, no calls ,no letters.. im worried. How will I know if he still alive? And do i have the right to sue him? because of abandonment?

  74. baguio residents, take advantage of this special promo by UHI to secure your visa applications this friday!

  75. ayumi says:

    hello poh may tita po akong nasa japan kinukuha mag tourist sa japan kasi po mangangank sya tanong ko po san kung makkpasa po ba ako sa interview kasi po wala po akong bank account wala rin po akong tin # ang pinanghahawakan kulang yung letter of invitation mula sa tita koh..ano po bang dapat kong gawin para mapprove po ang visa koh?

    • hi, can you help me? i am a wife of a japanese national but after a month, he abandoned me. no calls, no letters — i’m worried. how will i know if he is still alive? and do i have the right to sue him because of abandonment?

      @sam sorry but if you read my blog entry thoroughly then you would have realized that i am simply giving out visa tips, and that i am not the right person to ask for help with your personal problems. i am not a family court lawyer who can help you with your separation problems, nor am i a private investigator who can track down your husband for you. and even if i was, i am not obliged to help you because i am not getting paid to sort out your family problems for you.

      please refrain from spamming my e-mail inbox as well as my blog’s comment box with your repeated attempts at contacting me. i am sorry if you think this is unfair but i will have to be very firm with you, as your actions are already bordering on harassment.

      hello po — may tita po akong nasa japan, kinukuha ako mag tourist sa japan kasi po manganganak sya. tanong ko po sana kung makakpasa po ba ako sa interview kasi po wala po akong bank account wala rin po akong tin no. ang pinanghahawakan ko lang yung letter of invitation mula sa tita ko. ano po bang dapat kong gawin para ma-approve po ang visa ko?

      @ayumi first of all there is no interview since the applications are all document-based. second of all, since you do not have a bank certificate for PhP 100K nor an ITR, your aunt must supply you with not just an invitation letter but a letter of guarantee as well. having said that though, i am highly sceptical of your chances because the two documents missing from you are the most important for your application.

      lastly, please refrain from using TXTSPK or FRIENDSTER POH when commenting on my blog — it’s very distracting and i honestly cannot take your questions seriously when you talk like that. i wish you the best of luck!

  76. Mark Jose says:

    Hello magnetic-rose,

    I just would want to ask if a bank certificate from my parents plus an affidavit of support would suffice if I do not have any bank certificate?

    And regarding to the plane ticket, do I need to have them already when I apply a visa? I mean, what if (and I pray not) my visa application would be denied and I already had a plane ticket?

    My cousin’s aunt-in-law is the one inviting me to stay in Japan. First off, she’s Filipina married to a Japanese. My cousin has invited me to join her and her husband to visit her aunt-in-law, and seeing this as an amazing opportunity, I agreed. I know this might be of common sense but I am not sure: what is her aunt-in-law and mine’s relationship then?

    And lastly, I am still a student. I study in UPLB, and I’m supposed to go to Japan after the classes ended (on the end of March). I am returning of course, but I will resume studying until this June. Will a certificate that I am a student in my university suffice, even if I am not enrolled for, in this case, summer classes?

    I’m so sorry for this long post. Thank you for your answers in advance. :D

    • hi there!

      1) yes, those two documents can take the place of a certificate of deposit made out in your name.

      2) i’ve never attempted applying for a visa without a round-trip ticket at hand, but i suppose if your other documents can make up for it then it should be no problem.

      3) you are your cousin’s husband’s aunt’s nephew-in-law, twice-removed. if you think this is a bit of a stretch, “family friend” also works for most applications, especially if you have solid proof like handwritten letters and postcards or photographs of the two of you together.

      4) yes, your certificate of enrollment is still valid. to support your claim, you can include a copy of your academic calendar to show that march-june are summer vacation months in the philippines (in japan, we had it around june-september).

      good luck with your application!

  77. Stephanie says:

    Hello there,

    I have a few questions I’d like to ask if you don’t mind. You see, I will be getting a Certificate of Eligibility from a company in Japan and i’ll be starting to work there in March. I think having the CoE would make my Visa application much more easier, right?

    But my problem is that I want my Fiance to come along with me. He has never travelled abroad, and i’m pretty scared that his visa application might get rejected. If that happens, i don’t think i wanna push through with the job offer given to me there. (Although that would be a big sacrifice, since it’s a very big opportunity). So we really want it to work out (visa). 

    Is there any way he can get a 3-month, or even just a 1-month visa? My cousin, who is also my Fiance’s friend, can be his guarantor. My contract with the company is 1 year, and i don’t think i can live with a long-distance relationship. As much as possible, i hope that he could stay there with me for the first few months to help me get settled. 

    Or… Do you think that when I go there first, I could invite him over for 3 months? (or is it just really not possible to get a 3-month visa?)

    Please help me think of ways on how he can come with me there. Hoping to hear from you soon. Thank you!

    • hi. i’m afraid that i’ve repeatedly stated in earlier posts that the 90-day visa is only issued under very special circumstances — for example, for cultural exchange ambassadors, high-ranking political figures, and academics on research grants. even if you flew ahead of him to japan and invited him to join you later, or if your cousin acted as a guarantor for him, your fiance can only avail of the standard 15-day tourist visa (which is problematic at best given his blank passport and lack of travel history). best of luck with your application.

  78. lucy-tony says:

    hi,im from philippine may gusto lang po ako malaman,may boyfriend po ako sa japan.brazilian po sya half japanese.resedence na po sya sa japan..nakapunta na din po ako before ng japan,over stay po at illegal entry..npenalty po aq five years..ngayon pu nakaka-isang taon npo ako dito sa pinas,at nag-pplano na po kaming mag-pakasal,at gusto na po nya akong kunin dito sa pilipinas..anong proseso po kaya ang pwede naming gawin para makakuha ako ng visa para makapunta ulit ng japan..pls help me

    • hello, i’m from the philippines. may gusto lang po ako malaman kung may chance pa ako makabalik ng japan. i’ve been there before. pero po over stay at illegal entry. may bf po ako half japanese(brazilian) doon na po sya naninirahan sa japan, resident na po sya roon. may chance kaya na matulungan ako ng bf ko makabalik ng japan? nag-paplano na din po kaming mag-pakasal. pwede nyo po ba akong tulungan para makakuha ng visa sa japan sa tulong na rin ng aking boyfriend. sana po matulungan nyo ako. please help me.

      the five-year ban stays and you cannot enter the country even if your fiance marries you and applies for a visa on your behalf. as far as i know you are now on a visa blacklist and may not be given another japan visa even after your five years are up.

      those are the consequences of your previous actions; you should never have entered the country under false pretenses, overstayed your tourist visa, and then gotten deported in the first place.

      and let me say that i think it’s illegals like you who are the reason the rest of us are having a tough time getting a japan visa in the first place — so no, i’m afraid i will most respectfully decline assisting you with your application.

  79. shaun24 says:

    hi.gusto ko lng itanong kung madali bang magapply ng visa papuntang japan kung ngwo2rk sa ibang bansa.kasi ngwo2rk ako d2 sa dubai,at mayron akong gf na pinay sa japan,kinausap nya ung friend nyang hapon para mainvite ako papunta doon,nasakin na ung invitation letter at letter of guarantee na nakasulat sa wikang hapon,kailangan ko pa rin bang humingi sa kanya ng income tax return na binabayaran nung hapon as a proof,at ano po ba ang mga requirements na dapat kong ipasa. malaki ba ang tyansa kong makakuha ng visa?Sana matulungan mo ko.


    • hi. gusto ko lng itanong kung madali bang magapply ng visa papuntang japan kung nagtatrabaho sa ibang bansa. kasi nagtratrabaho ako dito sa dubai, at mayron akong gf na pinay sa japan. kinausap nya yung friend nyang hapon para ma-invite ako papunta doon, nasakin na yung invitation letter at letter of guarantee na nakasulat sa wikang hapon. kailangan ko pa rin bang humingi sa kanya ng income tax return na binabayaran nung hapon as a proof, at ano po ba ang mga requirements na dapat kong ipasa. malaki ba ang tyansa kong makakuha ng visa? sana matulungan mo ko. thanks.

      since you have a letter of guarantee, then yes — your japanese contact has to furnish the rest of the requirements listed here. also, approval of applications lies squarely with the consul’s office, so i have no say on how good or bad your chances will be.

  80. Friend says:


    My friend wants to study in Japan. How can he enroll there/how can he get a student visa?

    -Is it legal to enroll in a Japanese school with a tourist visa? (He plans to enroll in a school in Japan during his 15days of stay there on a tourist visa)

    -What will happen if he enrolls there on a tourist visa? Will the visa be converted to Student visa or does he need to come back to the Philippines first and go back again to Japan?

    -Is there a way he can get a student visa before going to Japan?

    -If he gets a tourist visa (15 days), what other ways can he get a student visa in Japan?

    – He plans to either study Masters program (Economics), or enroll in a Japanese language school.


    • hi! as far as i know your friend cannot enroll with just a tourist visa while in japan — the school will decline him outright.

      he can, however contact the school and initiate enrollment from here in the philippines via the internet. once he has been accepted, he can ask them to assist him with his student visa by sending an application for a certificate of eligibility to the japanese ministry of education on his behalf.

      once all documents have been issued they need to be couriered to him. both his admission forms and his certificate of eligibility from the japanese ministry of education must be on hand before he can apply for a student visa at the embassy of japan in manila.

      he does not need to go through a travel agent unlike the tourists, since the consul’s office will honor his certificate of eligibility. the visa approval rate for holders of certificates of eligibility from the ministry of education is 100% so he really needs to have one of those if he hopes to study in japan for extended periods :)

  81. mjting says:


    I’m submitting my requirements to Rajah today at 8 am. i have the following.

    bank cert stating 123k in amount

    form 1700

    form 2316
    application form

    passport birth certificate

    photocopy of two way airline ticket

    employment certificate

    do i REALLY need the hotel booking confirmation? rajah told me i dont need to anymore-and i also want to ask, since i;m shouldering my expenses, should i still bother with the guarantor/reference person in the application form? also, do you think these are good enough? my only disadvantage is that this is my first ever attempt to go abroad…domo arigatou gozaimasu.

    • hi! it looks like your documents are in order so there is no real need to supply a hotel voucher or reservation. if pressed, you can simply name any hotel offhand to satisfy any questions. and no, it is not necessary to supply a guarantee letter since you are covering your own costs; the letter is only for applicants who have all or part of their expenses covered by their japanese contact. however i do express a small amount of concern with the fact that this will be your first trip abroad. the history of travel does carry a certain weight with the visa screening committee. anyway, i wish you the best of luck.

  82. mjting says:

    yeah that’s my problem….but i cant really do anything abt it anymore now can i?

  83. Roel says:

    hello po. ask ko lang regarding “show money”. meron akong bank account (2yrs na) pero madalas laging ZERO balanced kaka-withdraw. dahil sa ang recommended show money ay at least php100,000 pwede ba akong mangutang sa kakilala para mgkaron ng ganung halaga ang bank account ko. at pagka deposit ko ng hiniram kong 100k eh mag-pagawa ako agad ng bank certificate sa banko (mga 2 days lang ata yung process nun) at pagka-kuha ko ng bank certificate, iwi-withdraw ko na yung 100k ng kaibigan ko at isosoli ko na din agad sa kanya.

    pwede po ba yun, para magkaron ng bank certificate na matino ang deposit amount. o masyadong mahigpit ang embassy at baka pagka-submit ng application ko eh, tatawagan nila ang bank ko para i-check kung anu talaga status ng depositing habit ko, at kung anu ang average deposit ko monthly for one whole year o simula ng i-open ko ung account ko na yon.

    • yes, that balance has to be maintained while the application is being reviewed. and it does not matter how long you’ve had your account , it is how much that’s still in it that counts.

  84. mjting says:

    hello again! just something to ask, about the hotel details, it doenst need to be THAT detailed right? and for the itinerary?

  85. at the very least you should have the exact street address of the hotel you intend to stay at, even if you end up going to a different one once you’re there.

  86. mjting says:

    ah yeah! got the exact one. hehe! hope it goes well though. applied with rajah last sat. why are they better?

  87. who — rajah and UHI? i just find their service more efficient and convenient since i live and work in the makati area.

  88. mjting says:


    Weird things happened lately. Yesterday while I was at work, someone random just called my house and was asking for me. After my brother told me about it through ym, I got a call in the office for someone looking for me as well. when I got to talk to the person, the moment she confirmed my name, she hung up. Coincidentally, my friend who applied for a jap visa with me at the same time got calls just now with the same pattern. Could this possibly be the embassy confirming our info? If yes, what a weird (and rude) way of doing it. I don’t really mind though.

  89. i have no idea what’s up with that — i’ve personally never been on the receiving end of such “confirmation calls” so i have no idea if that was from the consul or your travel agent.

  90. mjting says:


    Visa application successful! Thank you very much rose-san!

  91. sherah says:

    Good Day,

    I applied tourist visa last January 29,2010. The husband of my sister in law is my guarantor.February 2, the agency call me to pass some documents, The NSO Birth of my Husband and my sister in law to prove that they are real Children.Feb 10, The agency call me and inform that my visa was denied.
    My question,: What do you think is one of the reason that I’m Denied.The Documents I submit are the following:(INVITATION LETTER/GUARANTEE LETTER/OUR PHOTOS/AND THE NSO BIRTH OF MY HUSBAND AND SISTER IN LAW AND THEIR KOSEKITOHON)

  92. @mjting congratulations and have a great holiday!

    @sherah sorry but i am not privy to the selection process so i have no idea why the consul chose to deny your application.

  93. Guarantor says:


    I’m applying for a tourist visa. I saw in your previous post that “proof of return” is needed, therefore a return ticket is necessary. What if I already bought the roundtrip ticket but my Visa doesn’t get approved? :(

    And also, my father is going to be the one paying for all of my expenses, and I also have an inviting person in Japan who is my friend. Do I still need to submit the Guarantor’s letter? What are the only things that I should ask my friend (inviting person) in Japan to send me, and what are the only things that my father needs to prepare?

    Thank you!

    • i’m afraid you will just have to ask a refund on your airline ticket. as for your japanese contact, since you (or rather, your father) will be covering all your expenses, all he is required to issue is a letter of invitation, but the letter of guarantee and all the other documents like income tax returns are optional. i do however still suggest that he sends them, in order to better your chances at getting approved.

  94. Hoping says:

    Hello… Is it true na mas complicated at mas strict for an OFW or mga naging OFW ang pag-apply ng Japanese tourist visa? Dahil sa may experience na sila at sanay na sila mag-trabaho outside the philippines, so baka ma-mislead ang consul na baka once makapunta cla ng japan using tourist visa eh mag overstay cla at maghanap ng trabaho dun?
    Kaya it is strongly recomended for an OFW to show the japanese embassy proper documents, especially your bank certificate containing large amount of cash na savings mo for a long time at hindi palaging nawi-withdraw (does bank statement of at least 6mos will be a big help din po ba) at prove the japanese embassy that you no longer needed to go abroad to work, but you are already capable to go as “tourist”.

    • hi — sorry but i have no experience as an OFW so i have no idea if the application process is more difficult. please consult with a proper travel agent for your queries. thanks!

  95. sutashi says:

    so need pala ng round trip ticket?
    pwede ba ko kumuha ng visa pero hindi pa ko aalis?

    • yes, you need a return trip ticket for your application. when granted, the visa is only valid for ninety days — after which it becomes expired and you need to apply for a new one.

  96. ANNA says:

    hi po and a blessed day! ill go directly na po sa mga tanong ko. Currently my husband is in yokohama japan, hes employed under japanese company here in manila for 11 yrs at ang mother company nga po nila eh in yokohama, pinadala po sya der for engineering dun sa project nila na gagawin dito sa phils. At gusto nga po nmin itake yng opportunities na mkapunta din ako jan. nung nag inquire po kmi sa travel agency maganda po yng rate na nbigay samin, so wat we did eh ginarab n nga po nmin yng rate. kso po yng napareserve po nmin eh May 1 po ang alis dto sa mla at ang balik po ay May 31, ksi nga rin po May 31 din po ang balik ng asawako dito sa mla. so para po sabay na kmi pabalik. at nbasa ko nga po na ang standard tourist visa nga lang po ay for 15 days, pano po kaya yun, malabo po bang ma approve yng visa ko for 1 month? at kailangan din po ba naming idetalyado ang itenerary namin everyday? i hope you can find time to answer this…God bless po

    • hi po and a blessed day! ill go directly na po sa mga tanong ko. Currently my husband is in yokohama japan, he’s employed under japanese company here in manila for 11 years at ang mother company nga po nila eh in yokohama, pinadala po sya there for engineering dun sa project nila na gagawin dito sa phils. At gusto nga po namin itake yung opportunities na makapunta din ako jan.

      nung nag inquire po kami sa travel agency maganda po yng rate na nabigay samin, so what we did eh ginarab na nga po namin yung rate. kaso po yung napareserve po namin eh May 1 po ang alis dito sa manila at ang balik po ay May 31, kasi nga rin po May 31 din po ang balik ng asawa ko dito sa manila. so para po sabay na kami pabalik.

      at nabasa ko nga po na ang standard tourist visa nga lang po ay for 15 days, pano po kaya yun, malabo po bang ma approve yung visa ko for 1 month? at kailangan din po ba naming idetalyado ang itenerary namin everyday? i hope you can find time to answer this…God bless po

      hi. i’m afraid that i’ve repeatedly stated earlier (over four times now, including this reply) that the 90-day visa is only issued under very special circumstances — for example, for cultural exchange ambassadors, high-ranking political figures, and academics on research grants.

      regular tourists can only avail of the standard 15-day visa, regardless of their circumstances. sorry but that’s just the way it is. if you like you can ask your travel agent to make arrangements for you, but i doubt it will be succesful.

  97. ANNA says:

    ok po iniisip lng po ksi namin mag asawa na baka bgyan ng consideration yng 1month, so dapat ko na po bang ipa-rebook yng booking ko? na instead na May 31 pa ang return ko eh May 15 na…pra po malinaw tlaga sa embassy. thanks for the immediate response.

  98. i’m sorry i have no other info that can help you. good luck with your application!

  99. haide says:

    hi..ask ko lang po nagtourist aq sa japan my sister invited me once..kaya lang i got overstay just for only 1day..mahirapan pa kaya ko bumalik sa japan? yoroshiku..

    • i can’t say for sure, but i believe that all persons who entered the country illegally and/or overstayed their visas are put on a visa blacklist that prevents them from receiving another visa in the near future.

  100. haide says:

    may boyfriend po ako sa japan and he want me 2 marry him pero hindi po sya nihonjin..his mom married a japanese man..amf…step father nya japanese… kaya po nya q bigyan ng visa pag nagpakasal po kami?pro philippine passport yun boyfriend ko..

    • may boyfriend po ako sa japan and he wants me to marry him pero hindi po sya nihonjin. his mom married a japanese man, step father nya japanese. kaya po nya ako bigyan ng visa pag nagpakasal po kami? pero philippine passport yun boyfriend ko.

      it does not matter of your fiance wants to marry you and issue you a letter of invitation (your boyfriend cannot issue you a visa, only the japanese embassy can) — as i said earlier you are on a visa blacklist because of your previous case of overstaying so any application made by you will be automatically denied. please do not insist on getting your way because the consuls office can and will reject your claims.

      also, since this is your second time commenting, i would appreciate it if you read and followed my rules. no SMS shortcuts please — you are not on your cellphone. you have a full-sized keyboard in front of you so use it. thanks.

  101. jep says:

    Hello! My visa had just denied last week and my agecy(Reli Tour) instructed me the least that I could do for my visa to be reaplied earlier than 6 months. My japanese brother-in-law who served as my guarantor should make a querry on the reason of denial and the clear instructions for reapplication and its another chance. My concern is, do the accredited agencies have nothing to do or to back up and secure for the visa not to be denied to the fact that the clients are paying handling fee which is higher to the amount which will suppose to pay when we personally apply to the Japanese embassy? Another thing is…they told me that they couldn’t give me any guarantee that it would not be denied once it would reapply. Do you think Rajah and Universal will do a difference to the reapplication? ‘Am really planning to reapply it to other agency. Do you think the agencies that you mentioned can do something about it?

    By the way, I am a teacher. I had been in Japan in 2006 and had a very honest record that caused me into great frustration because I was so confident that that would be enough for them to approve my application. I will just go there at this time to see my sister and her family who are not coming home for 20years. My company gave me a 90-day vacation in ordder to stay longer there but unfortunately, the embassy didn’t give an opportunity. Thank you for forum.

    • hi there.

      1) The Japanese Embassy will never disclose the reasons for denial, no matter who (Japanese national or otherwise) follows up the inquiry.

      2) The decision to deny or approve visas lies solely on the consul’s office; travel agencies have no say in the results.

      3) Personal applications are no longer accepted at the embassy; all applicants must apply via an accredited travel agency.

      4) I recommended the above agencies not based on the chances of getting an application approved, but based on the speed and efficiency of their service.

      Approval is based mainly on the quality of documentation you can provide with your application, and not the name or reputation of the travel agency you are applying with.

      5) Lastly, please note that all your questions have already been clearly answered in the above blog entry.

      No amount of clarification on your part will change the guidelines followed by the consul’s office of Japan and grant you a visa when you have already been denied with your current application. Please wait the prerequisite six months before trying again.

      Good luck.

  102. mika says:

    hi — how can i give a longterm visa for my sister? i want her to stay here. please help thanks

  103. anne says:

    FYI for those who are invited by a guarantor in Japan,
    I applied for my tourist visa last month, and even though i had complete docs, and with a guarantor in Japan with their ITR and all, they still asked for a bank certificate from my side. I’m still a student by the way.

    I sort of panicked but managed to get another sponsor from my family. The bank account has some thousand dollars in it. I am awaiting the reply from the agency now, as I submitted the addl docs just yesterday.

    I’ll update regarding what becomes of my application, and share my complete experience here, for the benefit of everyone. :)

    Wish me luck guys.

  104. Cafekun says:

    I plan to visit Tokyo this coming 2011 and this may come in handy. Gonna see l’arc en ciel live people!

    • @ cafekun have fun at the gig! btw — grats on the new site. however, i noticed that your entries had no commenting functionality? you may want to look into that if you want your readers to interact with you and help the site grow :) cheers!

  105. Hoping says:

    Hi po. May i ask what happened to Anne’s application? Is there any update po? Para mabuhayan naman ako ng loob once she’s granted. Thanks so much.

  106. i have said in my previous reply to you @Hoping that i do not have any details on the applications of former OFWs. once again i strongly suggest that you consult with a professional travel agent for that. thanks!

  107. iyah says:

    Hello! :)

    I’m so much delighted to see a blog like this, very informative.

    I’m currently processing my VISA. I got 2 bank accounts I only submitted one bank certificate from my other account which stated an amount less than 100k last week. Universal holidays advised me to provide my other bank certificate to boost my chance of getting the VISA. I’ll be submitting the bank cert from my original account tomorrow. Do you have any idea if they check the bank for the current balance present on your account? I paid my monthly bills using the account I first submitted to the agency.

    Goodluck to me.:)

    Thanks! Kudos! this is really a nice blog.:)

    • yes, they will be checking your account’s balance; it is SOP to confirm the amounts indicated in your certificate of deposit with your bank. i wouldn’t be too worried about it since, as you have stated, you have two bank accounts — which will be beneficial to your application. good luck!

  108. may says:

    my question is, two times na ako na denied for my tourist visa application but its been 2 years na nakalipas, i dont know the reason because they dont even told me, complete naman yung requirements na sinubmit ko coming from my boyfriend in Japan, what if i will show also bank cert together with my boyfriend documents possible kaya ma grant or mabigyan ako ulit? naka vist na rin ako once for 3 mos. same guarantor?

    • sorry but the embassy is clear that they will never disclose the reasons for denial — that’s just the way it is. if you need for your applications to be approved, you have to submit as many of the requirements as you can and hope for the best. good luck.

  109. Traveller says:

    Hello. I just wanted to confirm. You said in your earlier posts that approval of the visa does not rest alone on the reputation of the travel agency. Does this mean that I can apply for a tourist visa through any travel agency that accepts processing of visa to Japan? There’s a nearby travel agency who also processes travel requirements for the company I’m working with and I plan to go to them for my personal travel arrangements. Do you think it would suffice?
    My main purpose is to travel as a tourist and so far, I’ve only been to Hongkong, Bangkok,Thailand and Guangzhou,China–which warranted a visa. Technically, I only have one approved visa in my passport.The bank certificates are ok amounts to Php100++ plus I have additional monetary certificates–placements, etc. and I work in one of the two reputable and known media networks in the country. What do you think are the chances that my application would be approved?

    Also, I plan to apply for my visa this month of April. However, I plan to travel by November for the Autumn season and for honeymoon after the wedding. Our proposed stay is only for only 4 days since we only want to travel as a tourist. Do you think with the span of time it is permissible? Should we push through with our application as early as April?

    • hi there — yes you may apply with any of the accredited travel agents that the embassy recognizes; the list can be found here. a visa, once granted is only valid for three months, so if you intend to leave in november it would be better to apply a little closer to your departure date. you can even apply on the same month you intend to leave since processing is only three days — but this is if your documents are all in order (which, from what you described earlier, should pose no problem). good luck!

  110. ma-an de ocampo says:

    How long does the visa application/approval process take? The earliest I can submit complete documents would be April 6. I will be leaving the country and need my passport by April 17. Is this enough time? If not, is there a way to fast track it?

    • please read the entry above and the comments following it. but to reiterate, visa processing takes three business days at least and is released immediately, provided that the embassy finds your documents to be in good order. afaik, there is no expedited service since the speed of the application being approved is dependent on the quality of supporting documents you submit (if may take up to six months if the embassy requires you to send additional documentation).

  111. OMG says:

    Whew, i just heard from the news that even Sarah Geronimo’s (the singer-actress)Japan Visa got denied! And they really never found out the reasons why.. She’s so upset about the issue..
    It only shows that getting Japanese Visa is really not that easy, ughh.. =(

  112. oh lol and here i thought that john lloyd cruz being deported for using a tourist visa to enter japan to supposedly do a series of shows and appearances was the biggest scandal to involve local artistas and japanese immigration officials~

  113. mika says:

    hi! thanks for the info. just a couple of questions…

    – will my chances of obtaining a japanese visa increase if i have a multiple entry visa to the us and have traveled quite extensively in the last few years?
    – if i send in my application with a group, will they approve or reject our application as a group or will they evaluate our application individually?

    thanks so much for your help! have a good day!

    • hi! first of all i am not connected with the embassy so i cannot guarantee this 100%, but i think you have a good chance of getting approved barring issues with your other submitted documents. as for groups, they go over each application individually so not all of you may get the same results after the application process.

  114. zomg wtfhbbq… Rotch 100k? (100k pa utang ko sa card ko!) :P matagal na ipunan to!

  115. lol it’s not a hard and fast rule, but you will end up spending that much for a fifteen-day trip — especially if you want to hit akihabara and a bunch of other places :D

  116. Crizzy says:

    Hi Rotch, I enjoyed reading your post :) I have a question please, my US national bf and I are planning to visit Japan in July, we are planning to just meet there since he will be flying all the way from illinois.. Do you think I will still need to show bank statements that I have 100,000 or more even if my bf will be paying for the trip? if so, I have 2 banks totalling a little bit more than 100,000 do you think that is okay?

    I look forward to your reply.

    Many thanks!!

    • hi crizzy! yes, it would help your application if you submit your two account’s certificates of deposit. as a US passport holder your boyfriend enjoys visa-free entry to japan for ninety days, but he can issue a letter stating that he will be covering for both your expenses, and then supply proof like his own bank certificates, photocopies of his credit cards, etc. to help with your visa application. good luck and have a great holiday!

  117. yuki says:

    Hi. Based on the Immigration site of Japan it says that “A valid visa and passport from the Japanese embassy is necessary to enter Japan. A Japanese visa however, does not guarantee landing permission in Japan. Landing permission is stamped on a foreigner’s passport by immigration officials while the person arrives at the airport or seaport. It is landing permission which acts as the legal basis for the person’s stay in Japan. ”

    Landing permission or length of stay depends on your reason of going to Japan — I have a cousin and her visa is for 15 days, but she went there to take care of her pregnant sister. When she got to Japan her landing permission was up to 3 months. Since you always go to Japan I would like to know if your landing permission is also 15days or up to 3 months? My bf was stamped 90 days as well, thanks and kudos to your blog.its really informative.

    • hi — sorry but I only have informration on how to apply for a visa, and none on the lenght of stay as approved by the immigration bureau of japan as i am not officially connected to them or even the consulate. as far as i know the length allowed is on a case to case basis, although as a general rule you can only stay for as long as your visa allows you to.

  118. mina says:

    Hello! Your tips are really helpful, thank you~ :) I’d just like to ask a few questions. I don’t know anyone with firsthand experience in getting a Japanese visa, so I’d like to ask for some advice. I want to apply for a tourist visa. I’ll be graduating from college this April, and so they would most probably think that my aim would be getting a job in Japan (of course, I have no plans of working there). I think my chances are really slim, but I’d still really like to try.

    Firstly, for proof of good financial standing, would it be acceptable if I still present my parents’ bank certificates and ITRs and then just make them write some kind of letter, even if I’m not a student anymore (since I’m still unemployed and they would be financing all of my expenses)? Or should I have the 100K in my OWN bank account? Also, I wouldn’t need a Guarantee Letter, but do I need to have a Letter of Invitation? We have a family friend in Japan, but I don’t have pictures or postcards that can directly prove our relationship. Also, what other documents do you think I could present, just to have better chances of proving financial capability (like credit cards)? Or would my parents’ bank certificates and ITRs suffice?

    As for history of travel, I guess I can’t do anything about my blank passport. I know it would be a huge disadvantage, but do you know any people whose applications still got approved even with this problem? :( And as for proof of return, I honestly have no intention of staying in Japan for more than 15 days, but even though I could get roundtrip tickets, I won’t be able to present a Certificate of Enrollment or a Certificate of Employment. I’m also not interested in joining a package tour. Do you know of other documents that can help prove my intent to return to the Philippines or prove my ties with it? I think it’s my biggest problem, me being a new graduate and most probably looking for a job. :( Okay, so I asked a lot of questions, sorry. XD If you have time, I hope you could answer them. Thank you :)

    • hi mina! i can foresee two major stumbling blocks in your application: 1) your in-between status (in between university and employment, that is); and 2) your lack of travel history. unfortunately, unless you join a package tour, i don’t think your chances of being granted a visa are very good precisely for the reasons you have stated above. i’m afraid you’ll have to consult with an experienced travel agent to try to sort out your application and try to get around your blank passport and lack of ITR. good luck!

  119. steven says:

    hi, would you know how long (maximum number of days) it would take for a Japanese visa to be approved (or denied) for a Filipino citizen?


    and sorry for the very complicated question :)

    • the maximum length of stay granted for tourists is ninety days, although it is quite rare that you are issued one. the most common tourist visa given to filipinos is just fifteen days long.

  120. steven says:

    sorry, i meant how long would it take till I get my visa after applying..

  121. if all your documents are in order it will take at least three business days.

  122. lei chang says:

    i’m a filipina married to a japanese national. i’m waiting for my COE which is by the the way re-applied by husband because it got expired (december last year). im planning to apply for a tourist visa to go to japan this it possible? or should i just wait for my COE to apply forsSpouse visa? would it complicate things if i pursue my tourist visa application while having my COE applied in japan? i can provide most of the documents needed except for the ITR (no job). would it help that i traveled to singapore last month and planning to go to hong kong next month? so sorry. too many questions :) god bless! :)

    • sorry but i’ve said repeatedly in this post (please read all the previous comments to see what i mean) that i have no idea how to go about applying for a spousal visa since i’ve never needed one. please consult with an accredited travel agent for your concerns. thanks and good luck.

  123. Paolo says:

    Among the 2 ways of getting a tourist visa, can it be a combination of the two? Meaning you purchase your own tickets (e.g. if you want to redeem mileage/award tickets) but go to a travel agency to arrange the details for the rest of the tour (e.g. hotel, guided day tours, etc.) as well as have your visa application facilitated?

  124. jonjon says:

    hello po,ano po ang mga kailangan kong ilabas na documents para sa pag tour ko sa japan?ini-invite po kasi ako ng sister ko na may husband na japanese,pumunta po doon kahit ilang days or weeks depende po sa ibibigay sakin na pag stay.

    salamat po,,,god bless

    • hello po,ano po ang mga kailangan kong ilabas na documents para sa pag tour ko sa japan?ini-invite po kasi ako ng sister ko na may husband na japanese,pumunta po doon kahit ilang days or weeks depende po sa ibibigay sakin na pag stay.

      salamat po,,,god bless

      all the necessary documents have been listed above. please take the time to read through the entire post and click all the pertinent links.

  125. lon says:

    im planning to apply a tourist visa pero hongkong pa lang napuntahan ko it is possible ba na mabigyan ako ng visa kasi diba kailangan ng travel history.

    • im planning to apply a tourist visa pero hongkong pa lang napuntahan ko it is possible ba na mabigyan ako ng visa kasi diba kailangan ng travel history.

      yes, your travel history is a major consideration. however, you can still apply if you like, it’s just that there is a very small chance of your application going through compared to — say, more well-traveled people with several immigration stamps to their name.

  126. LEILA DIAZ says:



      una sa lahat wag po kayong mag-type ng ALL-CAPS kasi sa internet, parang kang sumisigaw at medyo nakakabastos. pangalawa, wala po akong experience sa pag-apply ng visa para sa mga bata kasi wala po akong anak (o asawang hapon — sa mga mahilig magtanong tungkol sa mga may mister na hapon). kung apply niyo muna sila ng tourist para lang itakas sila sa loob ng bansa tapos ipasok sa eskwela baka mahuli lang kayo ng ministry of immigration sa japan at malalagay sa black list — lalo lang kayong di makakakuha ng visa niyan. ang pinakamainam e makipagusap po kayo sa travel agent or immigration specialist para ayusin ang adoption at citizenship ng mga bata bago dalhin sa japan. salamat po.

  127. Among the 2 ways of getting a tourist visa, can it be a combination of the two? Meaning you purchase your own tickets (e.g. if you want to redeem mileage/award tickets) but go to a travel agency to arrange the details for the rest of the tour (e.g. hotel, guided day tours, etc.) as well as have your visa application facilitated?

    yes, that’s possible — but you’ll have to consult with your travel agent as most of them prefer that you purchase your ticket through them before you can book a tour.

    as for the visa, all agencies are obliged to process your application once you have paid for the service, regardless of whether you book a tour through them or not.

  128. rizelle says:

    Hi, my family’s anxious to go to Japan this summer:)
    My mom’s Bank Certificate states that we’re financially capable. Yet, my dad’s retired. Will it weaken the chances of our visas’ approval? Thanks!

    • as long as your mum’s finances are enough to support the entire family during the trip, that should be no problem. also, if you are traveling together, you can opt to apply for a family/group visa since you guys are touring together — that usually has a very good chance of getting approved. good luck!

  129. lon says:

    hello ask ko lang po kung saan pwede magreport ng imitation na kasal sa hapon. kasi sister ko nagpakasal sa hapon dito sa philippines na hindi namin alam and nasa japan na siya ngayon at hindi po sila talaga nagsasama,ginawa lang po nya stepping stone para makapunta ng japan, nagaalala lang po kami ng parents ko and visit ko yung website ng japan immigration pero wala sila kung saan pwede magreport baka po meron kayo alam na kahit email address ng japan immigration para po mapadeport na po namin kapatid ko nagaalala lang po kasi kami thank you po! i hope you can help us!

  130. samantha says:

    hello po.I just want to ask lang po if pano makakuha ng japan tourist visa. My bf based in Tokyo Japan and he worked in Military Isa siyang US navy. Ang gusto niya kasing mangyari pupunta me ng japan either december or january to visit him. Siya na po ang bahala sa akin sa japan yong mga gastusin doon at ang pag stay ko po doon siya na rin po lahat ang bahala. And gusto ko kasing malaman ay kung ano po ba ang dapat kong gawin at ano ang mga requirements na kakailanganin ko.Ilang months po rin ba pwede akong makapag stay don?

    Salamat po.

    • please read the entry above and all the suceeding comments — all the answers that you need are already there since somebody else with the same situation asked the very same question months earlier. wag po sana tayo maging tamad magbasa — maraming salamat po :)

  131. mary jane montejo says:

    hi , 18 years old palang po ako student. may boyfriend po ako sa japan taga fukuoka 3 beses na po syang pabalik balik dito sa pinas .

    ang gusto nya ako na daw po ang pumunta sa japan para ma meet ko din po ang pamilya nya.

    sya na daw ang bahala tutulungan nya akong makakuha ng japan visa. ang problema wala akong mga income tax return or any included sa job. wala kasi akong trabaho. student pa po ako.

    may posibilidad po bang maka punta ako sa japan? thanks.

    • hi , 18 years old palang po ako student. may boyfriend po ako sa japan taga fukuoka 3 beses na po syang pabalik balik dito sa pinas .

      ang gusto nya ako na daw po ang pumunta sa japan para ma meet ko din po ang pamilya nya.

      sya na daw ang bahala tutulungan nya akong makakuha ng japan visa. ang problema wala akong mga income tax return or any included sa job. wala kasi akong trabaho. student pa po ako.

      may posibilidad po bang maka punta ako sa japan? thanks.

      you can get your boyfriend to help you get a tourist visa via the means described in the links included in the post. he just needs to issue some documents guaranteeing that he will cover your costs. you can click here for a list of documents and other details. good luck!

  132. yan says:

    i have a japan visa as a visitor “(v)visiting relative”.
    is it sure that i can enter japan now?

    • i have a japan visa as a visitor “(v)visiting relative”.
      is it sure that i can enter japan now?

      you can enter the country but it is stilll up to the immigration officer at the airport if he will let you stay for the lenght of your visa or kick you back into the next waiting flight for manila. good luck!

  133. shawie says:

    I’m planning of visiting Japan this july since my husband work in a Japanese company based in japan and they invite spouse to visit as tourist in japan.
    How is that possible that the visa will be approve immediately as soon as they filed it?

    • hi there! kindly read the post and all the comments above; your question has already been tackled previously. your visa may be approved fairly quickly provided that you have submitted all required documentation to your accredited travel agent.

  134. TK says:

    Hi, i am a philippine passport holder, but i never traveled abroard before therefore the visa pages are blank. However I do have PHP 100,000 in the bank and I have a full-time job. How likely would my visa application be accepted? I am hoping to go there this december. Thank you for your time.

    • i can’t really say how good your chances are since the history of travel carries a lot of weight. you can still go ahead and lodge an application, but if you want to better your chances of getting approved i suggest you join a packaged tour instead of striking out on your own. good luck!

  135. Sam says:

    Umm meron po bang scholarship na pwedeng mag-aral sa Japan ng Japanese Language nila po? Parang Japanese Major po. Snce Im in college I’m hoping to get a sholarshp for undergraduate. Thank you po! really really Love japan! Someday I’ll be going there. Or if I can study there…. ts a dream come true! Thank you po!!! :)

    • please consult with your school’s exchange student program; they may be able to help you acquire an undergraduate scholarship for japan.

  136. Mari says:

    Thanks for answering my inquiries via Facebook! Unfortunately, my visa application got denied (but luckily, the management decided to move the trip before that happened).

  137. Woo says:

    Hello Rose

    First of all, to all those wondering students like me…
    I’ve been to Japan twice already
    making both of those great voyages my first and second experiences outside the country
    I’m just a university student at the moment
    Thus, even without travel history, it is still possible that you’ll be granted a visa to get to Japan :D

    Now, to my question
    My previous visits to Japan have been arranged for me and I have not had the idea of what documents I needed then
    After this post, now I got to see a clearer picture of how huge of a hassle it is to arrange everything just to see this great country

    What I want to know is…

    1. Having previously visited Japan, does it make it any easier for anyone to acquire yet another Japan Visa the next time he applies?

    2. For group/family visas, could you tell me more about it?
    What makes the application of a group visa a better option to assure a Japanese visa acquisition?

    Thanks and I hope you can clear these out for me :D
    I hope to be back to Japan again and it seems that I’m in charge of making the arrangements… hopefully this time, I get to tag my family along :D

    • 1) yes, holders of used japan visas who have never been deported or black listed have a bigger chance of being granted a new one over other applicants as long as all the required documents are in order;

      2) a group or family visa can be applied for by groups or families going on a package tour together. please consult with an accredited travel agent since i’ve had no experience with applying for a group visa.

  138. Neillo says:

    Hello, I love your site. I just had a few questions concerning getting a visa. I am trying to get a friend to visit me in Japan (actually a distant relative, third cousin I think). I am currently in the US Military. So far, we almost have all our documents ready. We followed the requirements of “Visit Relatives/Friends Invited By US Military Personnel (SOFA Status).”

    I was wondering how the application process works. I know she will have to go through an accredited agency in the PI. Since we cannot purchase a ticket until her visa gets approved (hopefully), how do we write her daily schedule in Japan without knowing what dates she will be here? Also, how long does an approval/denial response take?

    Thanks in advance. And keep up the great work!!!

    • hi there — your cousin will still have to go through an accredited travel agent to get his visa processed since the japanese embassy in manila no longer accepts personal applications. for his itinerary, if you are targeting a specific week for him to be there you can create a schedule around that, give or take a few days since all tourist visas are valid for fifteen days. applications are processed within three to five business days, and your visa can be released immediately if all your documents are in order. good luck!

  139. yen says:

    Hi magnetic rose.

    Tried to read all the comments first before asking you sana pero sobrang dami ng comments …. tinamad na ko. Hehehe. Hope hindi paulit-ulit na question sa’yo tong tanong ko.

    I plan to apply for visas for me, my mom and sister on June 24. Our Japan trip is scheduled on July 6.

    1. Aabot kaya ang visa application namin?
    2. I have been granted visas to Australia and Ireland so I’m thinking I have a bigger chance of being granted Japanese visa. Have traveled with my family to visa free SEA countries also. Do you think these are enough for my mom and sis to be granted visas?
    3. Is the show money 100K pesos per person? So if I’m traveling with my family, I should have 300K pesos?


    • hi yen. as long as your documents are in order, approval can be given in as little as three days. foreign visas granted to you previously will help your application, especially if they are north american, european, or australian in origin. and yes, the ideal amount is PhP 100K per head. good luck with your application!

  140. shaira says:

    hi magnetic ask ko lang po,f ma buntis ako posible ba na makuha ako ng boyfriend ko?khit d pa xa annuled doon?posible ba na mangyri yan?10 yrs na sila naghiwalay.pero ngyon po process plang po annulment nya…natagalan lng po kasi yung wife nya before daming hiningi,halos lahat nlng kunin..pls i need your advice po.salamat

    • hi shaira. sorry but i am unable to help you — i only give visa advise for tourists; it looks like what you need is a family court lawyer and an immigration expert to sort out your problems.

  141. cloax says:

    Hi! My case is somewhat similar to an earlier post but I wanted to clarify nonetheless.

    I’ll be graduating in October and will be going to Japan to celebrate.
    As for the 3 requirements you mentioned in your post, I have a valid US visa and a used Chinese visa and several stamps as proof of my travel history and that’s probably the only one I’m not so worried about.

    As for the financials, my bank account is a little bit below the 100k show money but I’m not really the one paying for my trip but rather my parents will be financing it.
    Also, I don’t think I’ll be able to get an ITR since I just would’ve started working in our family business by then.
    So for my question, is it okay if I supplement my bank certificate with my parents’ certificates and ITRs?

    Also, would a return ticket suffice as proof of return? I won’t be able to get a certificate of enrollment since by then, I would have already graduated from college. Are there any other documents that I can use?

    Thank you very much!

    • hi cloax. since you’ve just been recently employed and have not yet been issued an ITR, plus your folks will be covering your expenses, it’s alright for you to submit your parents’ financial documents alongside yours. just have them make out a letter stating that they are your parents and that they will be paying for your travel expenses, as signified by their bank certificates and other papers. good luck with the application!

  142. Kat says:

    Hi! 15 days lang talaga? Multiple entry ba?
    nagbabalak ako sanang magbackpack.. 1 month sana, pero ang budget ko lang for 10-15 days yung the rest, magwowork ako to sustain my stay? advisable ba?

    • the fifteen day visa is for single entry only. if you wish to work part-time while on holiday, you may need to apply for a working holiday visa. i am unsure if they grant those to filipinos, since as far as i know they are offered to EU, AU, US, and Canada passport holders only. please consult with an accredited travel agent if you would like to stay in japan longer than fifteen days.

  143. shaira says:

    hi magnetic,may alam kba same as your site na mka pag leave comment tau?about sa problem ko…thanks

  144. sorry — your case is too complicated for just forums or websites. you really need to talk to a lawyer for that.

  145. josevillaflores says:

    Im a filipino working in korea in EPS. I manage to save some money after 2 years working here. my sister wants me to be there and her husband will be my guarantor. What are the requirements….

  146. shaira says:

    hi magnetic may alam u ba na anong visa na 3 months?kasi 15 days very short tym lng po…salamat

    • hi shaira — please read the above post. tourist visas are fifteen days only. only diplomats, high ranking politicians, and influential business people are given the special ninety day visa. sorry if you think that is too short but that is the way the rules have been set.

  147. alex says:

    Im a filipino man, 22 yrs old married to a japanese national..dito kami kinasal sa pinas. gusto ko sanang pumunta sa japan kaso fresh graduate pa lang ako.. walang trabaho.. then siya naman ay nagwowork sa japan..complete na kami sa papers/documents pero first time travel ko palang(so blank pa ung passport ko)and I don’t have 100,000 php in my bank account..ask ko lang kung kaya nya kaya ako makuha sa Japan applying for spouse visa?


    • as long as your japanese wife submits all the documents needed like a letter of guarantee, her income tax returns, etc. you stand a fairly good chance of being granted a visa — although i will not deny that a blank passport could be a significant handicap…

  148. Kat says:

    hi magnetic…my USNavy gf based in japan is inviting me to come over for a month…all expenses will be shouldered by her.sabi nya, for sure i will be given a interviews..the travel agent will be handling my documents to the embassy. My questions are 1) what are the requirements to be submitted? 2)if i dont have an ITR,can i just present a bank certificate? 3)15 days lang ba ibibigay and how much monet will i bring? 4)tatanungin pa ba ng japanese immigration kung magkano dala kong pera?

  149. Kat says:

    by the way pala, my gf will act as my guarantor…and she will get me a traveller’s insurance…so i need to know kailangan ko pa ba mag provide ng bank certificate?

    • hi kat — there is a different procedure for applying for a tourist visa for applicants with guarantors who are connected with the us navy. please consult with an accredited travel agent to sort it out. yes, a bank certificate may take the place of an income tax return as long as the amount in the account is fairly large. all tourist visas are for 15 days only, no exemptions. the immigration officer who interviews you when in japan may ask how much money you have with you — it is perfectly legal and within their authority to do so.

  150. yvaughne says:

    hi im planning to bring my kids to japan before christmas what are the requirements needed for applying a visa? where can we lodge our application? and since my husband can’t join us on the said trip i’m planning to bring our yaya with us can you please help us with this kind of situation thanks

  151. Erica says:

    Hi! I am a Filipina currently working here in Oman in a Real Estate company.I am planning my one-month vacation to the Phils. early next year. I have a cousin in Japan who is inviting me to visit him. He will also act as my guarantor. I just want to know how I can apply for my visa while I am here so by the time of my vacation, I can at least use my two weeks to visit Japan before I get back here to work again. I have bank accounts in the Phils as well as here in Oman that will suffice my travel expenses. Maybe you can advised me of the documents needed and the procedures I need to undertake considering my current situation.

    Thank you and hoping to hear from you soon. =)

    • hi erica — as far as i know you can apply for a japanese tourist visa from the japanese embassy in oman :) you do not have to be an oman citizen to avail of consul services from your local japan embassy. good luck!

  152. jeeanna says:

    Hello! it could be possible for a tourist visa holder to book a one way ticket? She is 13yrs old and the consul gave her 9Odays visa because i wasn`t able to send the cert. of eligibility. The consul asked that document so that she will be given a long term. She will continue her studies here in japan and as soon as she will arrive here, we will apply for her long term visa. Hoping to hear your reply here. Thank you so much

    • hi! yes, in order for your daughter to receive a student visa (which can last from one to five years), you need to submit a certificate of eligibility as given by her school and the ministry of education. this type of visa has been outlined in the beginning of the post. please get in touch with her school’s student services division to start the paperwork on her school visa.

      as for leaving with just a one-way ticket, it is not advisable because the immigration office prefers that you have a return ticket when you land in tokyo (some officers even believe that the lack of return ticket is the surest sign that the person intends to uhm go TNT, if you know hwat i mean).

      try purchasing a ticket that has a rebooking option from large airlines such as PAL, Northwest/Delta, Cathay Pacific, etc. instead of budget airlines like Cebu Pacific — that way, if you need to extend your stay in japan or if your daughter has been allowed to stay long term, you can either rebook the return flight to manila on a different day or refund the return ticket altogether.

      good luck!

  153. amhuirnin says:


    thanks for putting this post up as it is really quite helpful^^

    (also, the “uh my mom’s rich” was soooo classic and epic, hehe)

    ummm, im planning an osaka-kyoto-nara trip; just want to know what do you think my chances are of getting approved given that:

    -i’ve been with my present company for 3 years and is
    under a contract with them for the next 2 years with
    options to renew;
    -i don’t own any real estate/significant properties
    -am currently enrolled in grad school
    -im financing the trip and will (hopefully) have at least
    100k to show after much begging and panhandling XD
    -i have VUL insurance
    -will have my 1st international travel (vietnam/cambodia)
    before i apply for the Jap visa
    -i’ll backpack alone; don’t like packaged tours (but if
    this would cinch my getting the visa, im thinking to go
    for it. heh:P)

    re:credit cards, would the photocopies of the cards be enough or should i include the statements as well?

    i’d also like to ask for your take on this: when i made a query to one of the accredited agencies, i was told that i should reserve accommodations in posh and pricey hotels rather than the backpacker hostels i cited on my IT (which were recommended by the JNTO) to increase my chances on getting approved.

    pardon the numerous queries.

    thanks again for taking time reading all the comments and for your replies

    a good day to you and yours :)

    • hi amhuirnin! let’s try to work out your queries one by one~

      1) seems like everything is in order so i do not foresee any insurmountable obstacles that will hamper your application

      2) yes, you may photocopy just the front of your cards (and for security reasons, if you need to photocopy the back always black out the security numbers)

      3) yes, unfortunately where you stay can affect your chances of getting approved. i suggest you pick a mid-priced hotel near the place you intend to stay and write down their name and address for your application, but still book at the hostel.

      you can always claim that your hotel room was doublebooked so you opted to stay at the hostel close by — these things happen so you are not exactly lying, if you know what i mean :)

      good luck with your application!

  154. amhuirn says:

    good thing i asked you about the accommodation thing :P

    thanks for such quick response magnetic-rose! really appreciate it.

    hope you wont mind if i pop in again paminsan minsan to ask a question or two ulit :)

  155. yuriko says:

    I just want to know what do you think my chances are of getting approved, here’s my qualifications

    – Plan to travel to Osaka-Nara-Kyoto only. 4D/5N…Maybe next year July 2011 ( So when is the right time for me to apply?)
    -I’m a regular employee, and I’ve been to the company for 2 years and 6 months, 13K-15K monthly salary but I have 100K money in the bank (Savings). Have 3 CC (all of them are in good credit standing)
    -I don’t have Japanese Guarantor therefore I don’t have Invitation Letter ( What travel agency can you recommend? How much is there visa assistance fee?)
    -Previous Travel: Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos, HK, Macau and China. I’ll be traveling to South Korea on September, Indonesia/Brunei on October, India/Sri Lanka on January and Myanmar on April
    -I travel alone, backpacking style


    • looks like all your stuff is in order so i don’t think you’ll run into trouble. but like amhuirnin who plans to go back packing, i suggest make a reservation at a mid-priced hotel near the place you intend to stay just you have something to write down in your application, and then cancel that when your visa clears. afterward, you are free to stay at any hostel that you choose. good luck!

  156. Tehcila says:

    Good day!

    My husband and I are planning to travel to Japan this October (hubby’s birth month and our anniversary). This will be our first travel abroad. I’m the only one who’s currently employed. Salary ranges from 16k-20k/month. Hubby runs an aviary (small) business. But no business permit since it’s not a big business naman.I have an ITR, bank record (joint acct) of P200k. Do you think it will be enough to present?

    Also, what will be our first step in applying for a visa?

    • hi tehcila. i’m not 100 percent sure but at best you have a fifty-fifty percent chance of getting a visa. the factors that may negatively affect your application are the lack of travel history for both your husband and you, and the lack of documentation for your husband’s income — which could appear very suspicious to the consul. i suggest you consult with an accredited travel agent to see what else you can do to improve your chances of getting approved, as well as start the application process.

  157. eloisa says:

    hi..tanong ko lang po dati na po akong galing ng japan, balak po akong kunin ng ate ko na kasal na sa japanese pero hiwalay na sila … hindi po kaya maapektohan ang dati kong pagpunta sa japan kung kukunin ako ngayon as tourist sa japan ng ate ko? sa club or omise po sya nag work ngayon. thanks po

    • hi eloisa! kung ang dati mong pagpunta ay bilang tourist at hindi ka nagkaproblema, mataas ang posibilidad na bigyan ka uli ng tourist visa lalu na kung ang ate mo ang guarantor mo.

      ang tagilid kasi sa sitwasyon mo e: (sa hapon kita sasagutin para tayo lang nagkakaintindihan, romaji naman so okay lang :) ) oneesan no shigoto wa consul no kata ni totte sukoshi ayashii de, eloisa-san mo tourist visa dake o motte, souyuu shigoto o suru tsumori da sou desu. sorry kung medyo ganun sila mag isip pero di din natin sila masisisi, diba?

      ang magandang gawin para siguradong maganda ang kalabasan ng application mo e siguraduhin mo na maganda ang nilalaman ng certificate of deposit mo, at meron kang proof of return tulad ng return airline ticket. maganda din kung meron kang certificate of employment galing sa boss mo dito sa pilipinas at ITR — para di ka pahirapan ng consul.

      good luck!

  158. Jason says:

    Inquire lang po.

    Punta po ako China this year, bakasyon lang for 7 days. First time traveler ako, backpacking style sa China kasama mga officemates ko. Next year, I plan to visit naman ang Japan pero ako na lang. I’m a permanent government employee. 6 years in service. My bank account have only 30k in them pero sa cooperative namin, may share ako na 100k+. Pwede ba gamitin yun? Mag-tour lang ako sa Japan for 7 days. I’m planning to stay in Tokyo para malapit lang sa kansai airport. When I got the hang of it na, siguro I’ll travel farther inland. Will I be denied Visa? Thanks.

    • since you are a government employee, this will work work in your favor when lodging a visa application. i still recommend that you have at least PhP 100K in your bank account. if that is difficult, try to get a certificate showing your savings with your cooperative — maybe that will help.

      just a quick clarification: tokyo’s airport is narita international airport, while osaka’s airport is kansai international airport, and the two completely different airports are one hour apart by plane, six by bus. make sure you purchase tickets with the correct flight to get off the correct airport.

  159. eloisa says:

    hi po..pano po ba wala akong trabaho dito mula ng nag japan ako kung kumuha po ako ng ITR pwede po b yun kahit wala akong trabaho dito? bale nung nagjapan ako as talent nuon wala na po akong naging trabaho dito nung nahinto ang japan… pro meron po akong account sa bank tulad ng payo nyo! ano po kaya ang magandang reason para maaprubahan o mabigyan ako ng visa..salamat po! God Bless You po!

  160. gladys says:

    hello. matanong ko lng po kasi i’m only 17 years old and i really want to travel to Japan. i have cash nman and i can support my expenses there..i can have at least 200,000.pwede kaya un e minor plng po ako..turning 18 this coming december.thanks…

    • age is not an issue as long as you have written permission from your parents to travel alone, and that your parents have a document signifying that they will be taking care of your travel expenses (unless the PhP 200,000 you said you have actually belongs to you). good luck and have fun!

  161. yam faith keith says:

    hi po.tanong ko lang po kung pano mg apply ng student visa?tnx po.

    • hi po.tanong ko lang po kung pano mg apply ng student visa?tnx po.

      the procedure has already been described above. please read all pertinent texts before asking questions. thanks.

  162. eloisa dalida says:

    hi ask ko lang po kung mag aaply po ako ng visit relatives visa ilang days or months po ba yung dapat ko ilagay sa return airline ticket? 15days po b or 90days? balak po kasi akong kunin ng ate 150k po ako pero wala po akong ITR kasi wala po akong trabaho dito, nagtitinda lang po ako ng fireworks once a year every dec. lang po! sa omise lang po nagwowork ate ko at wala po syang income tax return wala din po sya mkukuha bank cert. kung ako po ang mag gagarantor sa sarili ko hindi po kaya yun magiging problema sa pagbigay nila sakin ng visa?dati rin po akong nanggaling sa japan as entertainer last n byahe ko po nung 2004 pa! tnx po…

    • tourist visas are for fifteen days only. the special ninety day visa is for government officials, etc. only. the ITR is a requirement — the only ones exempt from it are students and minors. if your sister wants to be your guarantor she needs to submit all her documents as well (income tax return, bank certificate, family register, etc.). given the fact that both you and your sister lack some of the most important documents needed to apply for a visa, even if you are able to fulfill the minimum show money amount your chances of being granted a visa are very low. good luck!

  163. Tehcila says:

    hi ms. rose,

    I am just curious why is the visa fee in Friendship tours much cheaper than of Universal & Rajah?

    • I am just curious why is the visa fee in Friendship tours much cheaper than of Universal & Rajah?

      the fees charged for facilitating applications by the travel agency is at their discretion, because the consuls office of japan actually does not charge any fees for processing visa applications.

  164. Shane says:

    hi, does the itr have to be original or just a photocopy?

    • hi, does the itr have to be original or just a photocopy?

      it has to be the original. please keep a photocopy for yourself in case you need it later.

  165. joan says:

    hello, just want to ask: yung tagal ba ng processing (5days) ng passport ko ay may kaugnayan sa resulta kung approve or hindi ang visa?

    • delays in your passport processing have absolutely nothing to do with your visa application. it’s the documents submitted that determines if you get a visa or not. good luck!

  166. jolas suarez says:

    Hi Sir,

    My wife and I are currently working here in singapore, we decided to visit osaka, japan.. herewith is my query:

    1. How to secure visit visa, we will visit japan for 5 days only. And we will book ticket from the philippines coz the airplane fare is promo,(we plan to visit philippines first then after we go to japan) and also we will book hotel thru online. is this possible? or do we need agent from the philippines to stand as guarantor for us?

    2. If they need bank certificate, can I present my bank accounts instead?(I will use Singapore bank).

    3. Maybe can I just go to japan embassy in singapore and ask for the requirements?

    Thank you sir and best regards,


    • first of all, i am not a “sir”; it is clearly indicated in the ABOUT page that i am female ^^;; second of all, if you book your manila to osaka airline tickets and accommodations, there is no need for a philippine go-between especially if you are making the arrangements online.

      lastly — yes, you may approach the local japanese embassy in singapore to apply for a visa. all guidelines that apply to philippine passports (financial document submission, airline tickets, hotel vouchers, etc.) will apply to you as well. please consult with them for specifics because they may be some differences (for example, singapore PRC holders are allowed certain privileges).

      good luck and have a good holiday!

  167. jolas suarez says:

    Hi Ma’am,

    Thank you for immediate response.



  168. ricdonel salazar says:

    hello po..tanong ko lang po my gf ako ngayon na nasa japan at hiwalay n sila ng asawa nyang hapon,balak nmin magpakasal dito sa pinas..permanent n sya sa japan 1year n syang naaprobahan…pwede nya b ako mkuha kung sakaling kasal n kami at dun n sa japan tumira? salamat po…ric!

    • if she is a japanese national, yes it is possible. however if she is also a filipino, it is a completely different matter altogether. anyway, please consult with an immigration expert since your question is not about getting a tourist visa but about moving there. thanks!

  169. amhuirnin says:

    i’ve been meaning to ask, nalilimutan ko lang, lol
    when i inquired re: requirements with one of the accredt’d agencies (friendship ata), i was told that i shouldn’t buy a ticket until my visa gets approved so as to avoid possibly wasting the said ticket; so im a tad torn about the ticket thing. maybe i should get a refundable one just to be on the safe side, no?

    also, if say we put it in percentages (anal much?haha), how much would joining a tour increase my chances of getting approved vs. going off alone? 50%90%? hehehe ambisyosa na naman ako. btw, baka lang you’d know, if for example i join a tour, can i go ditch the IT they have and wander alone if im willing to bear the expenses? or will the guide be after me? XD

    pardon my always, you have my thanks! (“,)

  170. yes, getting a ticket that you can rebook to a different time would be advisable. some people say you shouldn’t book a ticket until after your visa is approved, but i find that having a return ticket beforehand helps your chances since the consuls office can see that you do intend to return to the philippines when your holiday is over.

    getting on a tour package can imporove your chances of approval by as much as 30% to 50% because the tour company acts as your visa guarantor. the only problem with that is you cannot divert from the tour’s set itinerary since the tour company will be held responsible and lose their license to conduct tours if they “lose” you (ie. you go off on your own).

    hope that helps :D

  171. amhuirnin says:

    thanks ms roch, at least i have more info and i can weigh my chances better. but i think when desperation sets in, ill bite the bullet and join a tour (the horror!!!) if itd get me to japan. the sacrifices i make for my love of the land of the rising sun…. bow (blog title na un no? haha)

  172. mybroco says:

    thanks… this will help me alot….. how about australian visa… do you have any idea how to get a tourist visa going to australia… Or do you know any agency who can fix it for me..

  173. jolene says:

    hi, it’s me again. my visa was denied last april, but since the embassy is very clear that they will not divulge why it was denied, what my fiance did was he just visited me this august for his vacation. now he is back in japan and i really can’t wait to be with him again. i’ll be applying for tourist visa again by november because he wants me to spend christmas with him in japan.

    he’s an american english teacher — he’s not rich, he just has enough money since we don’t really plan on spending too much. he has his own apartment where i can stay, but his financial documents are not really that good. he can provide a bank account that would have 200,000 yen (so thats 100,000pesos) but i know that the more money in the bank the better. i also have bank account worth 120,000 since jan 2010 and i can ask my mom if she can put more money on it.

    i’m just wondering would it be better if i won’t use my fiance as guarantor since he doesn’t have enough money? he can just send me an invitation letter and i have my own financial documents or even get support from my parents from their financial documents? or is it fine that i’ll have him as guarantor and then my parents as additional guarantors? any suggestions?

    i really want to get the visa so i can be with him. if my visa is approved we will get married in japan by december and they said once i’m there they can easily adjust my status to dependent but if not hes gonna come here again. please help thanks.

    • okay, i see two problems with what you plan to do:

      1) since your fiance is issuing the letter of invitation, he is already your guarantor. and as your guarantor, he must have large sums of money in his bank account to prove that he can support your stay. he can’t issue an invitation but not become your guarantor — that’s not how it works.

      2) having a large amount of money in your own account helps, especially if you are applying for a tourist visa. however, in your case i think — and i may be wrong, that it will not make a difference. why? because you are not a tourist. tourists go home before their fifteen day visa expires, while you intend to go there to marry your fiance and stay indefinitely.

      as far as i know, that is already “immigration” — so i think the best thing you should do is consult an immigration expert on what you need to do to go there and marry your fiancee. i’m afraid that i won’t be able to help you any longer — sorry.

  174. jolene says:

    its ok..yeah initially what we plan is for me to get to Japan if i will be issued with tourist visa thats the start i just really want to go there to see him soon..then check with the immigration on what to do next but if we cant get extension i have no choice but to go back to the phils..we’re just desperate he hates to fly ive witnessed that everytime we go to if i can only easily get tourist visa wherein i can go there for 15 days go back to phils then go there again anytime i want to..till we get married and fix my US spousal visa where i can travel to japan visa free..haay im sorry he just left yesterday so everything’s still fresh but thanks for the advice :-)

  175. princesz says:


  176. abhegail says:

    hello.. gusto po ako kunin ng friend ko n nasa japan balak po kasi nya magpa opera bale po walang time yung asawa nya para mabantayan sya after ng opera. my mga pic. po ako ng friend ko n babae pero ang kukuha sakin as my guarantor eh yung aswa nya my proof po ako ng mga ems nila sa akin at picture nung kasal nila..mabibigyan po kaya ako ng visa khit friend ko lang sya? dati na rin po akong nakarating sa japan as entertainer hindi po kaya makaapekto yun? tnx po…godbless!

    • hindi po mga larawan ang batayan para ma-aprubahan ang visa application ninyo — ang importante po ay kung maayos ang mga documents na nasumite mo. pwedeng maging guarantor ang kaibigan basta’t kumpleto din ang papeles na sinumite niya. tungkol naman sa pagiging entertainer mo dati, maaring may epekto yun pero siyempre di natin sigurado kasi hindi naman ako ang consul. kung medyo alanganin ka mabuti pa e makipagusap ka nalang sa travel agent at mas makakatulong sila sa yo.

  177. nada says:

    hi,magnetic rose!
    i just got my visa,in which thank you by the way for the advice that you gave me…
    i just have a follow-up question…
    if i got my visa on aug 17,is it a strict compliance to board the plane right away few days after i have your visa approved?I’m planning to go there on Sept 24 pa…
    and also,i wrote on my itenerary that i’ll be staying in japan for 9 days only…shall i stretch it to 15days just to make out of it?
    thank you for your straight and informative responses.
    guys,just read magnetic_rose’s information on the Tips for Obtaining a Japanese visa carefully.I followed what is written there exactly on the website,and i got my visa without any problems…Just be honest with all of your information or documentations.
    Good Luck!

  178. hi nada! congratulations on receiving your visa.

    now for your two questions:

    1) once granted, your visa is effective for three months. you can leave whenever you like as long as it is within the three month validity period.

    2) you may use up all fifteen days granted in your visa. just make sure you leave the country on the fifteenth day, otherwise you will be charged with overstaying even if you go over for just a single day.

    have a great holiday in japan!

  179. pichie says:

    just want to asko if ITR and the bank statement are both require in visa processing for tourist visa in japan??? and also if the consuls call for verification of the submit documents???

    thanks… hope for your response… have a good day! God Bless…

  180. pichie says:

    ok, thanks a lot…

  181. no problem — good luck with your application.

  182. amhuirnin says:

    ms roch, another question :P just would like to ask your opinion whether or not getting a packaged tour with (just the tour w/out accommodation) carry the same weight as getting a packaged tour with the local agencies (eg. tour+accomadation or free and easy)? basically i guess, im asking if any sort of packaged tour would do?

    again thanks po!:)

    • you are free to book tours from overseas providers online, you but will have to take care of your visa arrangements yourself in the philippines because afaik they do not include visa services in their tour packages (some countries, after all — do not require a visa).

  183. anj says:

    Hi! Thanks very much for posting this, it was very helpful. Would like to share what I did for my (and my cousins’) visa application.

    Purpose: visit distant relative (1st cousin)
    I. Documents from Applicant – required
    1. Passport
    2. Visa Application Form
    3. Photo
    4. Birth certificate
    5. Bank Certificate
    6. Income Tax Return (Original and Photocopy)
    7. Itinerary
    8. Photos together

    II. Documents from Applicant – supplementary
    1. Copy of roundtrip airline ticket
    2. Certificate of employment
    3. Photocopy of company ID
    4. Previous passport attached to current passport (for history of travel – 2 of us had existing US visas, 1 had a used Japan visa)

    III. Documents from Japan Side
    1. Letter of Reason for Invitation
    2. Letter of Guarantee
    3. Foreign Registration Certificate
    4. Income Certificate

    Submitted via Reli Tours (Megamall). They submitted the docs to the embassy August 31 (Tuesday), by Sept 1 (Wed) the agency informed us that our passports with visas are ready for pick-up. :) again, thank you for this very helpful post!

  184. yesh says:

    hi ms. rose,ive been a lurker on this site and read 90% of all the comments posted.i still have a few questions though. lemme give you a history about myself conerning japan visa application.this may be long so please bear with me kasi im so frustrated na.T-T.anyways here it is:

    year 2005 or 2006 ata: my mom and i applied for a japan visa.reason before was actually for my mom to accompany two japanese children who are both minors as a favor to her friend who’s a PR there and whose husband is a jap national, to come back in japan because none of her friend’s relatives are available. my mom grabbed that oppurtunity to tag me along since she knows i want to visit japan. i was 18 or 19 years old then and was a nursing college student. unfortunately i got denied but my mom was granted where she spent 14 days in tokyo.i was so jealous T-T.

    year 2009: i applied again and was sponsored by my boyfriend who’s a PR there in okinawa japan and a mechanical engr. I was unemployed but was in a bond with a review school since i was reviewing for my nclex and ielts. i think my mistake and well my bf insisted was i put a month in my itinerary as the duartion on how long i stay tehre. again of course denied.

    present: SIGH.hehe. im currently am enrolled as a full time 1st year grad student in baguio city. has 100k+ in my bank account, has 1.4+$ in my dollar account and has a contract with the condo(13k/mo) im renting here till march with post dated checks already( renewable till i’ll graduate) . Now, my mom who’s a PR in the US will shoulder my expenses during my 10day stay lng in okinawa japan. this time though my boyfriend’s father will be the guarantor since we think he has a better standing. ive been with my boyfriend and his family just last christmas in a tour in HK and macau so pics are covered. my travel history are: been to malaysia, SG, China(beijing and shanghai)thailand, cambodia, twice to Hk, twice to macau. in short i just want japan para matapos na asia

    > do u think this time that i will present documents from my mom’s side(unlike before w/c i didnt since i thought my boyfriend’s documents were enough) would increase my chance. as well as having my bf’s father as guarantor?
    > do you think a written explanation from my mom saying that this is a gift from her since i jsut passed my Nclex this year and she bearing all travel expenses etc. is necessary?
    > my mom’s last name is different from mine since she is divorced already for more than 15 years na.thats why she doesnt use my father;s last name anymore for a lont time na din. do i have to provide her divorce paper etc?
    > my mother filed me a petition, i know in the US this doesnt guarantee immigrant visa pa, but im thinking to provide that too para isipin nila wala naman talaga ako gagawin sa japan kundi TOur lng and visit my bf and family.
    > right now this time i wanna make it right.i just want to visit my bf too and see japan kahit okinawa lng which is more budget friendly.
    > will i also provide the condo contract with the postdated checks i had issued because i had those photocopied along with the contract? it has been notarized too.
    >phew. i know this is the longest but please understand me since a frustrated you and i highly appreciate your blog. youre one of the most patient bloggers i know.thanks much)

  185. yesh says:

    additional: im planning to go there oct 13-23 .sicne i have to go back after sem break.:)

  186. hi anj! thanks and have a great holiday!

    hi yesh!

    do u think this time that i will present documents from my mom’s side(unlike before w/c i didnt since i thought my boyfriend’s documents were enough) would increase my chance. as well as having my bf’s father as guarantor?

    it should better your chances, although i cannot guarantee it 100% since i am not the japan consul.

    do you think a written explanation from my mom saying that this is a gift from her since i jsut passed my Nclex this year and she bearing all travel expenses etc. is necessary?

    if she is covering your expenses and you are presenting her financial documentation for your application then yes, she should also write a letter specifying that.

    my mom’s last name is different from mine since she is divorced already for more than 15 years na. thats why she doesnt use my father’s last name anymore for a long time na din. do i have to provide her divorce paper etc?

    yes, you must submit a document that justifies why her last name is different from yours even if you are her daughter.

    my mother filed me a petition, i know in the US this doesnt guarantee immigrant visa pa, but i’m thinking to provide that too para isipin nila wala naman talaga ako gagawin sa japan kundi Tour lng and visit my bf and family.

    this is not necessary since your petition has not yet been accepted and you do not carry a green card yet.

    will i also provide the condo contract with the postdated checks i had issued because i had those photocopied along with the contract? it has been notarized too.

    if you can provide a deed to the condo you own, that’s fine — you do not need to submit copies of the postdated checks.

    good luck with your application!

  187. janjan says:

    good afternoon magnetic rose,

    i really appreciate your site… it helps a lot of people like me…

    i have a japanese boyfriend but is still married with his japanese wife.. we have two children. the older one (4years old) has japanese passport but living here in the Phils. the younger one doesn’t have japanese passport… we have been in Japan as temporary visitor last month for 30 days. i want my older son to study in Japan by next year…

    Is it possible? what kind of visa will i apply? please help…

    thank you and God bless for helping people….

    • hi janjan. i’m afraid you will have to talk to an immigration expert since what you would like to do is outside of the scope of short-term tourist visas.

  188. janjan says:

    thanks for the response…

  189. yesh says:

    thanks for your response sis, i lodge in my application through reli.and medyo i got a bad experience. biruin mo, andaming tinanggal sa paperrs ko.saying they dont need my mom’s finances, and! they dont need my confimred RT ticket!tama ba yun?ako i kept my cmoposure and clamly explained.but was that right?saying di na daw kailangan yung ticket and kung anu lng requirement sa website and needed?i almost lost it.but really , i ctayed im just sooo nervous.i have a sinking feeling and darn.malas ko sa agent tlg.

  190. hi there yesh! you were right to demand your visa service provider to include all your presented documents. i have been hearing rumours that some agencies (and i am not giving specifics like company names) deliberately mislead applicants with the application requirements so that they get rejected and then have to lodge another visa request — making the applicant pay twice or even thrice just to get a single visa >.>

    and like i always say — better give too much information (too many documents) than too little. good luck with your application!

  191. yesh says:

    hi ms.rose! you are God-sent to me!my visa was approved already just got it last thurs.thanks so much!i find this site of yours really helpful!now i cant wait!been longing for this for so long.:D

  192. no worries yesh — congratulations and have a great holiday!

  193. trishia says:

    hi magnetic rose! seaman po yung husband ko,, dadaan po cila ng japan. since may priviledge po clang magsama ng asawat anak.. isasama po nya kami sa cruise. kailangan ko pa po ba ng visa? & kailangan po ba talga ng ‘show money’.. kaze 70k lng po un pera namin sa bank… pwede na po ba un? tnx po

    • hi trishia! lahat po ng pilipinong gustong pumasok ng japan mapa-eroplano man o mapa-bapor kelangan po ng visa. makipagugnayan po kayo sa travel agent ninyo para maayos po ang visa ninyo. salamat!

  194. Angelie Bonto says:

    Hi, good morning. I am Angelie and I am planning to visit a friend of mine in Japan by April. He currently holds student visa but very much wiling to finance all the expenses of my visit in Japan but is he allowed to provide guarantee letter knowing that he is not a citizen yet? I am a private employee connected to an international Non-government organization operating here in the Philippines. I am a field worker and seldom I have access to internet even landline phone, only when I’m back in the city.

    Anyway what are the procedures and requirements so I could start with my visa application? I started inquiring Universal Holidays about this one through e-mail because I dont have access to landline phones. Anyway I also would like to solicit your view on my case to enlighten me. Thank you very much, will appreciate much your reply.

    God bless…

    • Hi Angelie. Let’s tackle your concerns one by one:

      1) Your friend holds a student visa, which may be enough to allow him to invite you as a guarantor. However, I suggest that he get in touch with his school’s student services office to ask for assistance in making out the paperwork needed for your visa application. There has been a similar case to yours already so just read the comments above for specifics.

      2) All the paperwork and steps needed to be accomplished to secure a visa has already been posted here. Please take some time to read through the entire post plus the comments; you will find that your questions have been answered previously.

      3) Unfortunately, you will need an easily accessible contact point since most follow-up queries from your travel agent and the embassy are sent via e-mail or made through phone calls. There is no getting around this, so I suggest you try to find ways to secure a solid line of communication between yourself and your travel agent before proceeding with your application.

      Good luck with your application!

  195. diks says:

    hi..tanong ko lang kung maximum na ba talaga 15 days sa tourist visa? nakapunta na ko Japan noong 2005, 30 days yung tourist visa ko tapos nakapag extend pa ko ng 15 days noon. gusto ko sana pumunta ulit, may pagasa ba na makakuha ulit ako ng 30 days, or more? Permanent visa na ung mother at sister ko dun, sila ung magiging sponsor/guarantor ko.. Thanks

    • things have changed since 2005 and fifteen days is bow the standard. for extended visas, so far only diplomats and other high ranking officials are granted that. you can try applying for a ninety day visa, but the chances of being granted one are slim. please consult with your travel agent to explore your options. good luck!

  196. yagui says:

    question. :)

    my twin is married to a pinoy US navy, and they’re now based in japan. they’re both us citizens already.

    next year, my twinnie and i are planning to spend our birthday together and she invited me to visit japan next year. i’ll be staying in their home, and she’ll be paying for my expenses there, i just need to buy my own round trip ticket.

    do i still need to secure that amount in my bank account? oh and by the way this is also the first time that i’ll be going out of the country.. how long does it usually take to process a passport and a japan visa?

    • if your sister is supplying you with a letter of guarantee then a certificate of deposit is optional (but still recommended).

      a japanese visa can be issued in as little as three days. as for your passport inquiries, please consult with the department of foreign affairs.

  197. hello po
    im melissa may boyfriend japannesse nag overstay po ako sa japan ng limang taon at mag iisang taon na po ako dito sa pilipinas, gusto na po akong pakasalan ng boyfriend ko at makasama na kami araw araw po sa skype lang kami ng uusap.. tanong ko lang po pag nagpakasal na po ba kami dito sa pilipinas mabibigyan po ba kaya ako ng visa at makabalik sa japan, kasi po yun nahuli po ako dati sinayban po ako dun ng staf ng immigration ang sabi po ang penalty ko daw limang taon tapos kung mapakakasalan daw po ako ng boyfriend ko maaring mapapaikli daw po ang limang taon totoo po ba yun..kasi po yun nahuli ako kasama ko po ang boyfriend ko at kinuha din po ng immigration ang pangalan nya…sana po masagot nyo po ang tanong ko at marami pong salamat…….

    • sorry but your question is about immigration and not about getting a tourist visa. mas maigi po e sa abogado o sa immigration expert nalang po kayo makipagusap. salamat!

  198. hkitty_02 says:

    hi..i read all the messages posted here and it gave me a lot of insights regarding japan visa. in addition, i just want to ask if it’s really necessary to have at least P100K? or its just a recommendation?..because my fiancee and I want to go there for a 5-DAY tour only(for example). is it ok if the savings doesn’t reach the said amount yet?..but both of us are currently employed and can submit all the said documents. Also, we already had history of travel to Singapore and Indonesia.

    P.S. I also have an aunt & 2 cousins living in Japan (She was able to marry a Japanese). I want to add her as a sponsoring person but I think there is a slight chance of approval because she doesn’t earn enough salary there to be a good sponsor since they were already separated.(but I can visit them once I get to go to Japan) So, is it better if we’ll just go to a travel agency? Hope you can help me with these. I really like to go back to Nippon(I had already visited japan with my family but that was many years ago!I was 3yrs old..(^_^)


    • it is the recommended amount; you may submit less, but your application is more likely to be rejected if that were the case (even if you submit a proper ITR and a passport bearing stamps).

      everybody has to go through a travel agency regardless of whether they have a letter of guarantee or not. and yes, the one issuing a letter of guarantee must have good income to prove that he or she can finance your stay (whether or not he/she actually does).

      good luck with your application!

  199. gabriel says:

    Good Day Ma’am,
    I just want to ask kung may chance po ako na mabigyan ng visa
    kung isasama ako ng lola ko who is a U.S. citizen? gusto nya kasi ako ipa check up sa Japan since i’m a cancer patient.i also have a half sister doon na permanent resident na kaya lang wala siyang income tax cert.i have my bank cert, medical cert and nakapunta na rin ako ng hongkong nung 2007 but i dnt have itr. Ano pa po ba ang mga documents na dapat kong i provide?
    Thank You & God Bless…

    • hi gabriel! you may be issued a temporary visa for medical purposes — even without an ITR, as long as you are able to provide ample documentation of financial capability, and your complete medical documents like pathology results, blood work, doctor’s reports, etc. good luck and i hope you get well soon.

  200. Hitomi says:


    I would like to ask if I would still need an invitation letter from friends if I’ll be the one shouldering my expenses? Although I did state in my application form that my purpose for going is I will be visiting friends/leisure.

    And does the birth cert have to be original?

    Thanks so much.

    • no, you do not need an invitation letter or guarantee letter if you are paying your own way. and yes, the birth certificate has to be an original printed on SECPA (security paper). the only exception to the birth certificate requirement is if you possess a used japanese visa attached to an expired or valid passport.

  201. Hitomi says:

    Hi magnetic_rose,

    Thanks so much.I did have 1 used japan student visa and 1 unused tourist visa. Do you think my chances of getting a tourist visa again will be okay? Unused visas won’t have any bearing right?

    Thanks again and have a nice day.(^v^)

  202. hi there, hitomi. the used student visa will work in your favor, however the unused tourist visa could be a liability because they prefer that all visas issued be used for the purpose intended. anyway — i wouldn’t sweat it too much; the fact that you were issued two visas previously should work in your favor. good luck!

  203. yesh says:

    hi ms.rose, remember me?i just got back from japan and i like my tour there so much. now im planning to spend x-mas there again with my bf and his family, do u think i could get a better chance to get approved again?i just want to spend the holidays there and come back once break is over since i still have class.thanks so much for ur help:)

  204. yesh says:

    thanks ms.rose.another thing, when i next apply again do i still need to provide a birth cert? japan embassy website said that if you have a previous attached used visa u need not to send a birth cert again next time you apply?i just want to confirm this.thanks much:)

  205. you’re right, you do not need a SECPA birth certificate if you have been issued a japanese visa previously.

  206. yesh says:

    thanks ms.rose.youeve been a great help to me:) Godbless and happy halloween:D

  207. yesh says:

    hi again.sorry just an additional ms.rose. medyo concern ko lng.kasi i know when u get denied of a visa u will have like a sticker of a series of number at the back of ur passport. now just last sep i was issued a visa but i noticed pala may naka stciker padin na number series at the back of my passport.anu kaya yun?thanks just worried.thanks much:)

    • that is just the tracking sticker and bar code the airline uses to identify that your passport has already passed the initial inspection by your airline’s ground staff :) or, at least it was, the last time i flew to tokyo via delta / northwest airlines :)

  208. yesh says:

    no, its like the stciker ul get pagkabalik ng passport mo when ur visa is denied. when i applied sa agency and got my passport.i have a visa attached and may stciker din nakadikit sa likod passport that normal?thanks ms.rose:)

  209. sorry, i’ve never gotten a visa application denied ever before in my entire life, so i really have no idea what you’re talking about ^^;;

  210. yesh says:

    well thanks again ms.rose. i guess most important thing is i got issued one already and i hope i can get one again just for the holidays. it would be nice to spend christmas in japan. many thanks!:)

  211. mat says:

    hi again magnetic-rose! i consulted you about the visa application on your other page, and thanks to your advice, i finally submitted my docs! and visa was approved! thank you again! ^_^

    i read from your reply above that you went to tokyo via Delta. I would just like to know your opinion, between PAL and Delta, which is better? Based on their prices stated on their websites, Delta is more expensive by around 2000 and it flies back to manila at night but it arrives in Tokyo in the afternoon. PAL, on the other hand, returns to manila in the morning but arrives in Tokyo at nighttime. I’m having a hard time deciding which airline to take. Also, is the plane (itself) and the service of Delta staff okay? Thanks again!

    • hi mat — i’ve never flown the PAL tokyo route so i have no opinion on their service. the DELTA flight was pretty standard — nothing to rave about but nothing to complain about either.

  212. mat says:

    then Delta it is..^_^ thanks for all the help!

  213. yesh says:

    hi ms.rose, just wanna make something clear again coz i read in a forum that when u were granted a visa and used it then you want to reapply again to visit japan anytime soon you have to wait 3mos pa before you can apply? thanks really for you help:)

    • i’m not aware of any limits for applications — the only one i know of is you cannot apply for a new visa for another six months if your previous application was denied. i guess you have to talk to an accredited travel again for your question.

  214. Ali says:

    hi ms. rose,

    matagal nang plano namin ng wife kong mag Tokyo tour (6-8 days). we’ve set the date when to go. Problem is, yung 5th day tatapat sa seminar ko sa trabaho dito sa Phils.

    my question is, can I leave my wife alone there so she could finish the 6-8 days tour? (she’s really hard headed na ituloy yung planned date at willing din siya to roam alone)

    will there be a problem w/ the immigration if I go home alone?

    hope you could help me. TIA

    • your wife may stay on and use up the rest of the days on her tourist visa even without a traveling companion, as long as you are not on a group ticket which requires two passengers (or more) to check-in at the airport at the same time. have a nice holiday!

  215. Kat says:

    Hi Ms. Rose,

    I am a filipina. My filipino husband is working in Japan for 4 years now. We intend to live together in Japan by next year already. I understand that a certificate of eligibility is needed in the application of my spouse visa same as with his proof of income and bank certificate to prove that he can support me there. My question is how much should he save or the amount of money that he should have in his bank account to ensure that he can be issued cert of eligibility.

    Will be earnestly waiting for your reply.



    • hi kat — unfortunately your problem is related to immigration and i will be unable to help you. i suggest to speak with an immigration expert instead to sort out your concerns. thanks and good luck.

  216. Kat says:

    thanks for the reply anyway.

  217. Ali says:

    thanks ms.rose

  218. Jhaps says:

    Hi! I intend to have a 4-day vacation/trip in Tokyo next year.

    I have had some experiences in securing visas from other countries but I’ve heard that it is quite difficult to obtain a Japan visa. And so, I would want to ask your opinion regarding my chances of getting a visa before I apply. Just like anybody else, nobody would want to experience refusal of entry or a denied visa.

    I have been working in my present company for 6 years as an officer. My money in the bank is relatively ok (more than 100k somehow :-), and have obtained tourist visas in the past like Canada, Australia, South Korea and Schengen. I don’t have any guarantor from Japan so I guess I would not be able to present any letter of invitation to accommodate me. The only proof that I intend to present, in lieu of this, is a hotel booking.

    Your opinion would be of big help to me. I really do hope that I could visit the land of the rising as this is one of my dreams, being the person who loves to travel. Thanks a lot!

  219. hi jhaps — looks like you’re in pretty good shape for your visa application, and unless something really drastic pops up you have a very good chance of getting approved. good luck!

  220. Jhaps says:

    Thanks for the encouragement, Rose! I’ll keep you posted once I have lodged my application. Have a nice day!

  221. janei says:

    hi ms. rose. i am preparing all the documents needed now for japan visit visa. i want to apply for 90-day tour. and im thinking to use the service of Rajah. :)

    how big is my chance at these days to get my visa approved? and do i really need to have the proof of return (round trip plane ticket)?

    i really need to get a visa so i want to know all the needed and possible requirements to make my chance of getting the visa higher. please help me. :(

    i have a japanese fiancé and he is guaranteeing everything. is my chance higher in this sense?

    and one more, how long would the embassy review everything? what’s the maximum number of days? thank you so much and im really sorry for asking you too much questions. :)

  222. nina says:

    hi, my husband and I were planning to get a tourist visa going japan.He is a canadian immigrant and will be home here on december. I am not working here but my husband financially supports me. Would that be easily for us to get visa in japan? thank you

    • hi janei — please take the time to read the entire post and all the subsequent comments. all of your questions have already been answered.

      hi nina — if your husband already has a canadian passport he will no longer be needing a japanese visa. as for you, just fulfill the financial documentation requirements and indicate that all your expenses are being taken care of by your husband so that the consuls office takes that into consideration.

  223. jamir says:

    hi i have an auntie in japan i want to visit there.i got denied 2 times.can you gve me a tip? i want to apply again.

    • if you’ve been denied before i’m afraid i cannot help since the consuls office never discusses its decision for denying you.

      as for applying again, you can only lodge a new application six months after your denied application.

  224. alla says:

    First of all, thank you for this very helpful post! :) May I ask what happened to “rich ang mom ko” na girl? Was she denied or approved? XD

    I want to go to Japan by winter of next year but like Batangbatugan, I might have a problem with ITR. I do have TIN but I quit my job last year so I have nothing to show for this year. But I have more than enough savings in the bank. Do you think I might be called for an interview? I only have one Singapore trip in my passport.

    I also plan on bringing my sister, she’s still in college and her passport is empty. Will she be denied even if I say that I’ll pay for her? We only plan to go there for a week for winter. Thank you!

    • hi alla! if i remember correctly, her visa was granted — her mom must’ve been really rich :D

      as for your concerns, an ITR is really important — even the consul’s office instructions provide no substitutes or alternates in case the document cannot be presented. there may be ways of circumventing that, but i am not aware of them, so you’ll have to ask an accredited travel agent about that.

      as for your sister, if your certificate of deposit confirms that your savings can cover both you and your sister’s expenses while in japan, they may choose to overlook her empty passport. but i have to say, more stamps in your passport mean slightly better chances of getting approved.

      good luck!

  225. alla says:

    Wow, I refreshed the page and there’s already a reply! Thank you for being so fast! :D

    Follow-up questions (sorry!), what if I just say that my parents’ are paying for the trip? And show their ITR and bank certificates instead? Although, will that appear weird since I’m already 26? Wow, I think I might just file for a self-imposed tax just to be able to visit Japan and see snow. :'(

    Also, I can’t see properly the itinerary sample in the Japan embassy site. Should the itinerary be specific and detailed like should I put time? And is Japan Rail Pass available in the agencies? (Haha! Advanced, parang sure na!)

    Maraming salamat! :3

  226. you *can* ask your parents to provide a certificate of deposit and letter of support (basically just a letter saying “these are our kids! we’re paying for their trip!”) — and then augment that with your own certificate of deposit. this could improve your chances slightly since you can claim that you are not employed because you do not need to be.

    your itinerary can be on a day-to-day basis without a breakdown per hour of what you intend to do at a certain location. and yes, there are rail passes available here: ask at UNIVERSAL HOLIDAYS or at JAPAN AIRLINES MANILA OFFICE. good luck!

  227. alla says:

    Thank you, thank you, thank you! You’re a huge help, I can now see the light! ┐(´▽`)┌

  228. sa says:

    kailangan bang bumili na ako ng ticket papuntang japan para mas magkaroon ako ng chance na mabigyan ng visa?. my grandmother had been to japan 3 times but when we tried to apply for a visa this time we were denied to times already.. ty

  229. getting a round trip airline ticket beforehand is recommended since this can be used as proof of return to the philippines.

  230. Keiko says:

    Good Afternoon po Ma’am Rose. Ung mother ko po permanent visa iinvite niya po ung bf ko ngayong christmas po. to celebrate with him tsaka introduce sa step father ko po na Japanese bago po ung kasal namin. si mommy po mag shoulder ng expenses niya po lahat. invitation letter pati ung ibang papers po ibibigay niya din. ung bank acct din po ni mommy ang ipapasa niya. nagaaral papo si bf kaya magpapasa din po sya ng certificate na nakaenroll siya. okay lang po ba na wala po sya bank account? ung kay mommy lang po? pero ang laman po ng acct ni mommy is 250K+ kung iconvert po sa peso. tsaka nakapunta na din po sya sa singapore ang HK po. tingin niyo po kaya may chance si bf? SALAMAT PO NG MADAMI.. GOD BLESS PO!

  231. Mary says:

    hi i just wanna ask – i have an american military boyfriend in japan who is based there. what is the best way to apply for a visa there. he can give me an invitation letter but i read something like we need proof that we really are a couple but the problem is we nver really met yet and we need like pictures to prove that. help!

  232. sa says:

    thanks for the reply. can i ask questions again?. what reasons should my guarantor write in the invitation letter and letter of guarantee?. is there any formats for writing the letters? thanks in advance.

  233. nolspogs says:

    Merry Christmas po,
    have a question po, inalagaan ko po ang anak na dalawa ng pinsan ko na nagtratrabaho sa japan as in 10 years ko po alaga, ngaun po paalis na po sila sa dec. 29 papunta ng japan, kc naayos na po ang over stay nila dito, gusto po ng mother nila sumunod po ako and mag apply ng visiting visa, patulong sana po ako gawa ng sobra ko po sila ma mimiss, 10 years po sila sakin, ask ko lng po may pag-asa po kaya ma approve visa ko and what is the best way ng reason para ma approve. tnx!

  234. tenshi says:


    i’m a newly licensed doctor and i plan to go to japan to stay with my friend (a filipino national who’s been working there for a few years) sometime this summer as sort of a “graduation gift.” my friend’s already familiar with the process so there’s no problem getting the guarantor documents in order. this is the first time i’ll be going to a country that needs a visa.

    now here come the questions (sorry if they’re long, i’m planning to apply for visa this month already!):

    1) i’m currently not employed at any hospital (am doing freelance work as of the moment) and, while i do have enough money to spend for the 1-2 week trip, i don’t have 100k in my account. if i “borrow” from my parents or whomever and they deposit that lump sum right before i apply for visa, will the embassy find that suspicious? or, if i just say that my parents are shouldering my expenses (which they are to an extent, but it’s mostly my money i’ll be using), would that increase my chances of being approved despite the fact that i’m already technically a “professional”?

    2) i’m not sure what “certificate of deposit” is exactly — i know it’s a bank cert, but does it refer only to your own account (atm), or does it also apply to credit cards? i have my own atm account but my credit cards are just extensions so i don’t really know how they figure in my visa application, hope you could enlighten me on how to go about this! (sorry for sounding ignorant, but i’ve basically lived as a student all my life so i’m still learning about finances and stuff :) )

    3) i’ve already inquired at a local travel agency and they said i still need to submit a bank cert, even though it says on the jap embassy website that both ITR and bank cert are waived for those eligible for multiple-entry (diplomats, lawyers, doctors, etc). since technically i’m eligible for that by virtue of my profession, but applying only for a tourist visa, does that mean i still need to submit a bank cert due to the nature of the type of visa i’m applying for, or is the bank cert/ITR waived in my case for all types of visas?

    4) i’ve just renewed my passport so it doesn’t have any stamps on it yet. i don’t think i’ll be going abroad before summer vacation starts, and you’ve mentioned previously that it helps a lot if you’ve travelled before. my old passports only contain a few stamps, just around asia, with no visas required for any of the countries i’ve visited. will it help my application if i submit/photocopy my old passports?

    that’s it for now. hope you could shed some light on this, am really desperate to go this summer and it would just break my heart if my visa app would be denied for some reason! thanks so much, and more power to your helpful blog! happy new year! :)

  235. justin says:

    im kind of confused. some say that you have to undergo an interview before you can get a visa. do you have to undergo an interview first or not?

  236. brix says:


    My family are planning to have a short trip (4-5days) to Toyama by October or November of this year just in time for the autumn. I’ve been to Japan last 2000 as a youth delegate under JICA program. My wife happened to be a delegate too but under a different program. I still have constant communication with my foster family in Toyama and invited us to visit them again. They will arrange our accommodation and food when we get there.

    Now that we have kids to join us, do we still need to ask my foster family a guarantee letter and their ITR to support our documents on hand. My wife and I have been travelling quite a lot already. What do u think are our chances to grant a visa? Please help.

    Thank you!

  237. Lav says:

    Hey there! great blog!

    I was once an exchange student myself. I was granted 2 japanese visas, one student, and one for business. All along, I’m quite confident I’ll get the visa coz we are planning a reunion with all the other exchange students this May 2011, then I read this blog, damn, I really forgot about the 100,000 show money..haha! I dont even have a savings account coz i spend it all to travelling! =(

    I will try to gather 100k to open a bank account, I hope they don’t ask me how I was able to save that big amount in a very short time since I am earning more than 700,000 according to my ITR.

  238. Elai says:

    Hello!! I hope you have a wonderful New Year!

    I have been reading this topic since last year.. and I was trying to find a solution to my problem because im afraid if i asked you, you might say that it has been answered already.. :) but i give up, i couldnt find it so i will have to bother you with my questions.. hehehe ^^

    My parents lives in Japan. My mom is filipina, My father is japanese and i was born here in philippines. they got married six years after I was born.

    I have a stamp of a granted japanese tourist visa when I was 7 years old in my old passport. and after that I didn’t applied anymore. I also had been to UK when i was 19 yrs old. And now my parents wants me to go to visit them in japan, now that I am 24 years old. I am a post graduate student in an international school here in philippines. I have all my documents and my dad is sponsoring me.

    Should i still give a copy of my bank certificate? I have more than 100,000php in my time deposit. and should i also submit a certificate of enrollment? And do i have to include letter to the consul saying im a student and i dont intend to over stay..etc. ? Do you think i have a high chance of getting a visa?

    thank you so much for taking the time to read this. I am looking forward to hear you answers. thank you.

  239. eli says:

    Hi Ms. Rose,

    Hi. Ask ko lang sana kung what are my chances to get a tourist visa. I am planning kc to visit my bf this april for his birthday. He is a Japanese citizen. He will provide all the documents needed for me.

    On my side. I am working a surgical assistant doing Hair Transplant and a registered nurse as well. I also have an income pero yung boss ko ang nag pa2y saken, we don’t have ITR.kc per case basis kami, pero per case is BIG amount naman. Also in my bank account I have more 200K pesos savings and regarding my travel history, I’ve been to all ASEAN countries, (10 countries) plus, HKG, MFM and China,I go back and forth, but I never applied for a visa.

    Thanks for the time. :)

  240. bhona says:

    Hi po!!
    ask ko lang kung paano b ang process para makakuha me ng visa from my daughter n japanese sya but only 3years old kung mag divorce n kmi ng asawa ko….
    thanks po!!!pease i need some advice….

  241. Marcus says:

    This is so helpful.

  242. cindy says:

    I am not married to a japanese citizen but we have a child, she’s 7yrs old. She has his fathers surname. I will just ask if we can go to japan and get a visa? Thanks

  243. Joel says:

    Hi miss rose,

    here’s ,my situation, my wife is currently living in japan with his mother and stepfather which is a japanese, my wife is securing a visa i believe that is for three years stay in japan. She is planning to invite me together with our daughter through her stepfather’s aid by sending us invitation letter because her stepfather’s record is far more better than her plus the tax status is great as well as the job… Is there any reason that i could get denied for a tourist visa and do i need to materialize the 100k saving account for the assurance of having a visa? I am a call center agent and previously employed and my company is the number 1 most admired company in Forbes magazine do you think that it is a plus that i am in a good company.

    sorry for the long query, thanks a LOT

  244. shieng14 says:

    hi po im planning to get a tourist visa with my son and daughter my kids are both japanese but not yet a citizen we are planning to visit there for a tour i have been there before so many times na using my working visa just got stop last 2005,,,now i want to show my kids how beautiful and wonderful japan is i want them to experience the fantasy world of tokyo disneyland…but then i only have this requirements with me bank certificate stating a 100k on it me and my kids passport, birth certificate,a house and lot land title of my own,,visa application form ok lang po ba kahit wala akong income tax return,housewife lang po kc ako i only received remittance from my husband…i handle all the expences po…i know gurantee letter is not needed di poba!

  245. Gtampy says:

    Rotch! I’m going to Japan this year. Kailangan ba talaga ng 100k na show money? Do you know of cheap places to stay if ever? :)

    [Ecchi queen noon na hindi na ngayon. hehehe]

    • LOL OH HAI G :D kung lamierda galore, oo kelangan ng show money :( and yes, i can recommend good places to stay — try the SAKURA HOSTEL AND HOTEL chain, they have one place in IKEBUKURO and another one in ASAKUSA :)

  246. che says:

    hi Ms.Rose,
    i just want to ask po kung pde aq kumuha ng japan tourist visa kahit wala aq bank american boyfriend works there as united states navy,and his willing to shoulder all my expenses and even my plane gusto ko lng pong malaman mga requirements..
    please i need your answer ma’am..

  247. cheBa says:

    helo..Mam.. just want to ask.. wat if i was denied last nov 3 2010.. my guarantor was my husband(permanent resident) ,, and now my sister in law invited me to accompany her minor children(3 y/o and 7 y/o), becoz no one is readily available to accompany the kids just for this summer vacation.. as i was reading the website”-” When visa is not granted, the reasons of denial will not be disclosed. Applicants may apply again after six (6) month with the same purpose, unless there are emergency / humanitarian reasons, or application for different purpose.” it is Ok to reapply even if is not yet 6 months?? since it is different purpose of going there??tnx… need ur advice mam rose.. ASAP

  248. bitig says:

    hi ms rose,

    i just want to ask if visa applicants can be process
    walk in or thru accredited travel agency by jap embassy??

  249. Lei says:


    It’s my bad I didn’t check for tips online prior to applying for a visa in Japan. I applied for a Visiting-Relatives visa and submitted my documents yesterday. I have complete requirements except that my passport will be expiring this August. The travel agent already told me about it but having it renewed now would take 2 months at least and it would pe past my scheduled travel when done. The Japanese in the embassy has seen it too but I asked if we can give it a try since I will only be staying for two weeks. Anyone here who have the same experience? I have been in the US and other Asian countries, do you think it will increase my chances of having my visa application approved? Thanks!

  250. irene says:

    pls i need advice kau na lng ang magpapalaks ng loob sakin…nagpakasal ako sa asawa ko hapon pero bakit mag ddlawang taon na dpa din ako mabgyan ng visa sabi ng asawa ko ang tokyo japan embassy dw ang my kasalanan…dko lam sino ba ang dapt sisihin ko nagtiwala at nagmahal lng naman ako ng isang hapon…ngaun pag sa pangatlo pagkakataon d ako mabbgyan ulit ng visa baka hindi ko na kayanin…mas gusto ko pang magpakamatay na lng kaysa ganito nag asawa nga ako pero hindi ko naman makasama dahil sa kung ano ano mga dahilan ng tokyo japan em.dw una deny ko dahil lng my maling fill up asawa ko pangalawang deny ko dahil hindi naniniwala asawa ako talaga bakit ganon….ganon ba un sa kanila sabihin samantalang buhay ko pagkatao ko kahihiyan ko nakasalalay sakin nagmahal lng ako ng hapon…my32 now hindi ako bata para magdisisyon ng isang kalokohan lng sa buhay na may asawa ako.pls napakarami ko pa po gusto sabhn kaso ang sakit na ng puso ko puro luha pumapatak dhil hirap na hirap na ako..buo pamilya ko lahat ng nakasaksi sa pagmamahalan namn at ng kasal ko lht ngayon nagtataka bkt hindi ko man lng maksam asawa ko.d ako mbgyan ng visa…bakit bakit pls help me kayo na lng makkapg save ng life ko….i wanna die tnx

  251. irene says:

    sa lahat po ng makakabasa nito tulungan nio ako…maghihintay po ako ng reply asap mahalga po sakin ang bawat minuto kaya umaasa po ako sa inyo responce my name is irene shimizu 32yrs old pls reply sent my e mail add.. tnx a lot

  252. hi irene — nagbasa po ba kayo ng post? eto po uulitin ko lang ang sinabi sa taas:

    Under no circumstances will the visa office explain why your application has been denied, so there is really no point in pursuing the argument further.

    Starting 31st December 2010, I may no longer be able to regularly reply to queries posted on this thread.

    sa madaling salita: 1) kung denied po kayo, denied po kayo — wala na po tayong magagawa; at 2) hindi ko po kayo matutulungan kahit na iwan niyo po ang email address niyo sa akin.

    maraming salamat po.

  253. maika ueta says:

    ohayo,magnetic-rose, sis pacnxa na ha, me gusto po sana ko ilapit sayo eh, my situation is, im married d2 sa pinas sa isang japanese national year 2005, pero bago kmi ikasal buntis na ko nun, di lng kmi nakapgpakasal agad kc namatay father ko so we have to wait for 1 yr po, sa madaling salita pinanganak yung baby namin di pa kmi kasal but he aknowlegde nmn our baby sa birth cert nito with his hanko and now she’s 6 yrs old,unfortunately, we were abandoned by his father for 4yrs now. wla n kming communication, i just want to ask po if pde ako makakuha ng visa or japanese passport para sa anak ko? i just want to have the right para sa anak ko, gusto ko sana mamuhay sa japan para sa future niya, dun siya makapagaral at the same time po makapgwork din ako. is it possible na mabigyan siya ng visa and ako rin kahit walang consent ng father niya? ano po ba ang maganda kong gawin for us na makarating sa japan legally po?thank you so much, and i would really appreciate your response mam…

  254. bebe ken suico says:

    good day.former ex trainee po ako ng isang japanese company for 3 years.after that umuwi ako ng pinas.just last wk my boss told me tha he is willing to sponsor me go back to japan but not a trainee.but hes gettng hard to process my documents specially the certificate of makatutulong po ba sa kanya sa pag process ng coe sa japan?

  255. lovelyheart says:

    hi!!dear, my friend invite me to go in japan..and i just awnt to know how to get visa?as a working visa?

  256. amir says:

    hello,my japan tourist visa was refuse last month,i was ready my all documents,i was done some mistake i am student but i tell him visa officer i am a shopekepper,and my bank statement was very low,so please anwes my messege,what can i do affter six month,?visa officer was refuse stamp on my passport,next time what i am change the passport? I am student of garduate what i ready paper for college holidays?

  257. ian says:

    good day po…just wanna have some info bout may situation…isa rin po aq sa nag aasam na makabalik sa japan.this is may father is us navy(retired na yta) and i havent met him my entire life.this past yrs nalaman ko nasa japan xa nagsstay..ask ko lng sana kung may rights ba ang isang US NAVY na kunin ang anak nya or pwede ba nya ako mabgyan ng visa para makapunta sa 30 yrs old right now.married. yun lng po i appreciate any advise that yo can give.thanks.

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